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  1. ive emailed him to ask more questions but he is very slow in responding so it might take a while. Lets for arguments sake say this IS the page in question what do OA collectors think the value of this page would be?
  2. Thanks Jay. The term ' a pilot called Rick who is fighting to keep control of the plane' certainly fits the bill so most likely this is the page in question.
  3. Yes you are right it is the first suicide squad but nothing like the team we see today. The person who owns it is an elderly gentleman who has had it for years but does not know how to take a pic and load up to a pc for me to have a look. l have bought from him before about 3 years ago so he is legit. I asked him to describe the page to me and he said 'its a page containing all 4 members and a pilot called Rick who is fighting to keep control of the plane.' So its not exactly an exciting page but like you i have not found any sales of B&B #25 pages anywhere so dont even have a ballpark figure. Does anybody else have any ideas.
  4. Hi All, Ive been offered a Ross Andru page from Brave & Bold #25 but having looked on many sites i cannot find any sales to get some idea of what these pages are worth before beginning negotiations on a price. does anybody have any info or links for any sales of these pages please.
  5. Some strange maneuvers going on here. Eyeoncomics reported 'The eBay seller in question is “rah-4224,” listed as being in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.' However his location has now changed to New York. Maybe he is a wanted man in Canada?
  6. O.K having looked again it actually says Journey Into Mystery $30-$40K. There is no mention of Kirby 60's Thor in the list so i assumed it included early Thor(in his own title) as well. Seeing as Thor #126 is the first issue after the title changed i would assume that a lot of the pages are 2x up and most are battle pages. So what are you saying? Are you saying ONLY Kirby Journey Into Mystery pages should be valued at $30-$40K or the actual price range itself is incorrect because there are various factors to consider.
  7. Yes that is most likely the one. It lists Kirby Thor pages between $30-$40K. Would everyone concur with that.
  8. I thought with so many Kirby fans out there i would have gotten more responses by now so thank you for yours. Anybody else like to chime in here. Does anybody here have any pages or know somebody who does. Does anybody know of any recorded private sales. Also told me someone posted a 'mini art guide' that was pinned to the first page was isnt there anymore. It basically had details of the top artists and what you would expect to pay for certain pages depending on the title i.e Avengers,Thor etc and page type i.e splash, battle etc etc. Regardless what do people thing a Thor v Hercules battle page from Thor #126 is likely to command.
  9. Any Kirby fans or knowledgeable Original Art collectors who could answer what i wrote in my post
  10. I was hoping to buy a stellar Kirby battle page and have focused my attention on Thor #126 seeing as that whole issue is practically a battle between Thor and Hercules. However having checked both Heritage and Comicartfans websites it has shown just 2 pages in total. I did hear/read years ago that when Marvel gave over 2000 pages back to Jack Kirby that most of them were JIM/Thor pages and it leaves me wondering if pages for this particular issue are readily available. Is there anybody else who has heard the same thing regarding the former and if these pages are available what sort of prices are they likely to be sold at.
  11. The first one. Is/are there things that when you look at a piece of original art you say to yourself i know thats 100% genuine.
  12. Thats a bit unfair. There have been threads in the past where people have put up pics of original art where collectors have asked the same thing which for all the world looked like an original. Some were genuine and some werent.
  13. To be fair the seller does actually say 'production art' in their listing rather than original art so cant actually see anything wrong in the listing. By the way how come the link still works for something that was sold about a year ago.
  14. I do have a story to tell from about 5 years ago which might take a while which i will go into when i have more time but for now is there anything that collectors look out for that determines for them anyway wether a cover is genuine and not a copy.
  15. Well you certainly make a good case for why this cover should command more money. Just out of interest do you actually own this cover?