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  1. Halfway through this thread some people have mentioned the Detroit trolley collection with some pics of the comics they purchased. Does anybody still have a copy of the price list that Marnin had/sent out for the comics from this collection. I am particularly interested in the More Fun's he had for sale.
  2. Well seeing as some people are still asking about dupcaks past and im feeling a bit bored i thought i would post this oldie:- It doesnt take long to work out who comic-keys/dupcak is even though he pathetically continues to deny it.
  3. I think you are right but being such a pathetic excuse for a human being nobody should have expected anything else from this conceited, conniving, immoral, low-life sack of squirrel s#*!#.
  4. Yep we do and i am sure i have some of them saved. I will look later on this evening and put the best ones up. In the meantime what did happen about this one. I know Esquirecomics is a good guy but i thought even back then the title was a bit misleading.
  5. Is it true that dupcaks dad was actually a Cop. Did he not realise what his crooked son was up to?
  6. Wow! Its when i read things like this that i wonder if there is a God. From what i have heard Cantie was a good guy and when he found out that dupcak was selling restored books as unrestored he wanted nothing more to do with him. Also like many others dupcak owed him money as well. So Cantie is gone and dupcak is still around to keep conning people out of their hard earned money. The world we live in.
  7. Yep well found. I love the line ' Why he is continuing this charade? That is how his mind works. Deny until the end.' That has been his M.O from the day he joined his boards.
  8. There was a thread where a guy called Cante? who use to restore dannys books came on the boards. He said that once danny learnt enough from him he told Cante to get lost and started to perform the restoration on his books himself. I cant find it but below is a thread about dannys practices and how he tried to outwit a board member but came off a very poor 2nd.
  9. His Ex clobbered him? Good on her. I know lots of other people who would like to clobber him as well
  10. Yes well done how did you manage to work out that was him? I cant actually believe this is still going on. Wasnt there a lawyer on his case trying to stop him and what was the outcome?
  11. So where are the books on Amazon?
  12. Seriously doubt this was an apparent 9.6 as even his restored(non-disclosed of course) was always overgraded. Every time i see i book that has slight colour touch/trimmed for sale i always wonder if that was his book. Dont forget he use to have a shop called Fantazia in the 90's and IF he is not around anymore he has probably managed to off load them all on to unsuspecting collectors. I remember 1 forum member leaving negative feedback for him and he got absolutely bombarded with obscene emails that in the end he decided to retract it. I know a lot of people who lost a lot of money dealing with him. He is definitely the WORST scumbag to have existed in this hobby we all love.
  13. Incidentally does anyone know what did actually happen to ebay seller robojo
  14. Yep that was him and he was a forum member until one day the pressure got too much and he imploded. Some members said he's new I.D on ebay was robojo but im not sure what it is now or even if he is still selling, hopefully not.
  15. Im not sure what he paid for it but he use to have a comic shop back in the day under the name of Fantazia. Back then he had a reputation of selling restored books as unrestored as he had trouble understanding the meaning 'guaranteed unrestored.' Its a pity some of the old forum members arent around because somehow they use to find out who the winning bidders were and warn them and 10 times out of 10 the books would come back as restored. Hope the winning bidder of this book didnt get burned.
  16. To be honest i dont really know who Ted Latner is so i emailed the person who sent me a PM asking him if by any chance he asked Ted who he sold it to and from his recollection he said Ted sold it to a collector from Canada which may explain why it hasnt showed up anywhere.
  17. I doubt Ted would have records that would go as far back as 2006.
  18. Just had a PM from someone who said he emailed Ted back in January 2006 after he saw it on his website but it had just sold it. If it was sold that long ago i would think that whoever he sold it to it has probably moved on since then.
  19. Its been just over a year since i started this thread and i have been looking everywhere for this splash page and i mean everywhere. Ive even got friends on the lookout when they go to conventions to the point where even if i am on vacation and they see it they are to contact me. Ive asked the main original art dealers to contact me and ive even got alerts set up to receive emails if this ever does show up. So if anybody out there does own this page or knows of anybody who owns this page i am willing to offer $20K for it.
  20. ive emailed him to ask more questions but he is very slow in responding so it might take a while. Lets for arguments sake say this IS the page in question what do OA collectors think the value of this page would be?
  21. Thanks Jay. The term ' a pilot called Rick who is fighting to keep control of the plane' certainly fits the bill so most likely this is the page in question.
  22. Yes you are right it is the first suicide squad but nothing like the team we see today. The person who owns it is an elderly gentleman who has had it for years but does not know how to take a pic and load up to a pc for me to have a look. l have bought from him before about 3 years ago so he is legit. I asked him to describe the page to me and he said 'its a page containing all 4 members and a pilot called Rick who is fighting to keep control of the plane.' So its not exactly an exciting page but like you i have not found any sales of B&B #25 pages anywhere so dont even have a ballpark figure. Does anybody else have any ideas.
  23. Hi All, Ive been offered a Ross Andru page from Brave & Bold #25 but having looked on many sites i cannot find any sales to get some idea of what these pages are worth before beginning negotiations on a price. does anybody have any info or links for any sales of these pages please.
  24. Some strange maneuvers going on here. Eyeoncomics reported 'The eBay seller in question is “rah-4224,” listed as being in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.' However his location has now changed to New York. Maybe he is a wanted man in Canada?