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  1. I trust that my application to the club is in order.
  2. Mylites2 914M2 Legal size from E Gerber.
  3. I didn't have a choice when I deployed to Afghanistan but to use a storage unit. But, I would recommend not using one.
  4. I think this is the only American price variant I own. Everything else is CAN or UK.
  5. @Bookery, I'll be in after work.
  6. I sold a Bob Lefevre retailer incentive copy of Transformers Infiltration #6 to a guy by the same name on ebay a few years back. I assume it was the same guy because it didn't strike me as a common name.
  7. I would have been neck deep in pie if this stuff was popular and mainstream while I was in high school.
  8. Hello, Looking to purchase a copy of Marvel Team Up #65. I'm looking for a NM- or better copy, complete, raw, no signatures, no restoration, and a UK price variant. I know it isn't required but I'm looking to spend in the $60 range plus shipping. I'm always open to discuss based on the book's condition. Picture included for reference.
  9. I discovered this in my GI Joe run. It's the only Canadian priced book that I know of in my collection.
  10. Mostly focused on an X-Men pence run, but I have notated on my list which has a pence equivalent for other books I'm looking for. Definitely enjoy looking for high grade pence copies.