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  1. I mostly remember reading ASM 328 as it was the first comic I ever read. I read the heck out of it as a kid. I still have it.
  2. The Canadian Edition was what CGC used to call the Canadian Price Variants. They switched over to calling them price variants a few years ago.
  3. I can't speak for others, only myself. For me, when I completed my Uncanny X-Men run I decided to start working on something different. So I thought why not put together a run of Canadian and UK price variants for it as well. In a way, it's just something different to look for. I don't consider it any different than the people who only like to buy newsstand copies. It's just something different for me to focus on, while still staying fairly engaged in the hobby from a collecting standpoint. I completed the UXM CPV run (still working on the UK run), and am working on a few other little ru
  4. Beauty and the Beast and Iceman were decent reads. Iceman seemed a little disjointed, but a lot of the Marvel mini series from that time frame seem that way like they were rushed. Going off memory, I would think Wolverine and Punisher were both solid reads. Some of the other fun ones I can remember would be Hawkeye, Hercules, and Falcon. Have four short boxes of Marvel minis to work my way through reading.
  5. As corny as it may be, I like some of the Bill Sienkiewicz covers for Dazzler. The Thriller homage of #33 seems to sell for more than a lot of others in the series, and I don't believe there are any/many keys in Dazzler.
  6. I think these are the only two Whitman copies I own. The LCS has a slabbed copy of Sgt Rock #329 Whitman. I don't remember the grade or the price, but it's been there a bit.
  7. I sold a 9.8 of variant a couple years ago when it was still in the $230ish range. Saw some of those going for around $1k. Pretty cool. Be even more cool had i held onto it for a bit.
  8. That 2000 mini got me back into comics when I was in high school. "Welcome Back, Frank" might be one of my favorite Punisher stories.