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  1. Complete runs of: (Uncanny) X-Men vol 1 X-Men vol 2 X-Factor New Mutants X-Force Alpha Flight Excalibur Punisher (multiple volumes) Transformers (Marvel, Dreamwave, and IDW) GI Joe (Marvel) Moved towards collecting storylines or significant runs in the last few years. I knocked out Miller's DD run, McFarlane's ASM run, etc. I also have a weird thing for 1980s Marvel mini series. I'm limited on space, so I have to be picky on what I decide to start buying.
  2. I would call it a VF 8.0 range. The bottom corner on the spine is a little rounded and there are enough ticks on the back to bring it down. Front looks good though.
  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Get well soon. Back injuries are no joke.
  4. After I completed the entire Uncanny run, I started acquiring pence books for random other runs, so I decided to try that. It's really no different from the people who get hard for newsstands. I'm just looking at a different printed price, so that's been it for me lately. I have most of the X-Men pence copies (that exist) from 97 on up, and a handful from before that. So instead of investing in real estate, gold, or my retirement accounts, I invest in paper that no one but me usually sees. It's a great time to be alive ๐Ÿ˜†
  5. Thank you! I think I'm going to put together the 30 and 35 cent variants in addition to the pence price variants for X-Men. That should be an admirable goal to occupy my collecting time.
  6. A few more random ones. I really like the faux 3D effect the picture frame provides. It helps the images pop when it comes outside of the frame.