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  1. I sold a 9.8 of variant a couple years ago when it was still in the $230ish range. Saw some of those going for around $1k. Pretty cool. Be even more cool had i held onto it for a bit.
  2. That 2000 mini got me back into comics when I was in high school. "Welcome Back, Frank" might be one of my favorite Punisher stories.
  3. Polished off my UXM CPV with these. Working on a Dazzler CPV run which is proving a little more difficult than I previously thought it would.
  4. Thank you, sir. I also just noticed this thread was moved to the SA section.
  5. Finally got around to acquiring some more UKPVs. I missed seeing the packages with the customs forms arrive.
  6. Figured I'd try a bump for Christmas/Festivus/secular non-denominational, winter solstice holiday
  7. It's been a while. My apologies. Real life gets in the way sometimes. TF vs Terminator and '84 Secrets & Lies series both wrapped up. The TF vs Terminator series was surprisingly fun to me. I read the first issue not expecting much, but it offered a fun take on the Terminator being sent back in time to go after Cybertronians. I'd like to see more of the '84 line as well. TF Galaxies has been my favorite of the 2019 rebooted continuity thus far. The new story arc features Ultra Magnus searching for Alpha Trion. It's almost a call back to the old Spotlight series, so the focus is on
  8. It's a always a possibility, and I mentioned that to the buyer (which caused her to get defensive). My personal thought is she somehow managed to damage the book, then sent it back. She followed ebay's return procedures for using the same packing material and it was sent back in a secure fashion. I don't believe it was a switcheroo either.
  9. I had my first ever return recently. Feel free to do what you will with rv71_81 how you wish. Sold a GI Joe #34 red Cobra foil variant to the buyer on 9/14. The item arrives on 9/17, with a return case opened on 9/24. Ebay approved the return with the reason of "changed my mind" because it isn't what the buyer needs at this time. Ok, cool. Book arrives over the weekend and is damaged. No damaged mentioned in the return request. I contact the buyer to explain they may have to wait while I sort this one out with ebay because the item is damaged. I don't accuse the buyer of anything and
  10. I don't usually use auto decline since I like to personalize my rejections to lowball offers. It's only fair since they took the time out their day to ask what's the best I can do, or how low I can go by sending me what they perceive as a reasonable offer.