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  1. There was supposed to be some appearance in a film or TV show. I bought one a few years ago and saw a few recently that were much higher than what I remember paying.
  2. Cigarettes were amazing.
  3. I'd prefer to save the extra $5 per book.
  4. @Hollywood1892, don't mind him. Some of the members here get worked up about things like kids playing on their lawns, 8 track tapes, and rock n' roll.
  5. There is a store owner in Cincinnati who tried that a few years ago. He used different color labels to denote condition, then encased the books in a comic skin-style case, shrink wrapped the case and slapped a silly price on it. For all intents and purposes, no collector with a halfway functioning brain thought these were legitimately graded books. Some examples that I can remember. X-Factor #6 for $400, X-Factor #24 for $250, and New Mutants #16 for $175. Some of these books may have graded out to a 9.4 but most were not. As Kav stated, just because something has a high price tag on it does not mean it will sell.
  6. I did. It's a blessing and a curse to live 10 minutes from it.
  7. LCS in Ohio had this over the summer and I couldn't pass it up. Die Spinne #130, German reprint of ASM #129.
  8. Well, that was my intention all along. . I was just glad to inadvertently catch that for you.
  9. Was there a rhyme or reason to why some books did not have "Marvel All Colour Comics" in the banner but still retained the "Marvel Comics Group" banner? FF 233 for sure keeps that. Wasn't sure if it was just a money saver or the printers got lazy and didn't swap out the plates. On a side note, I've been having a blast picking up some pence copies of issues that are on my list. Condition is always key, but VF or better, and I have no problem buying pence copies, especially because I can get them a little cheaper than the cents copies. I have a few on their way from across the pond. I'll post pics after they arrive. I absolutely love this thread. The information has been amazing and so well researched.