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  1. Yep. Solitude Aeturnus, While Heaven Wept, Candlemass, Electric Wizard, Warning, Abdullah, and the others you mentioned.
  2. Anyone like to keep it low and slow with the doom metal?
  3. This one I remember being confusing when I read it. It kept referencing things that were happening in the current issues of GI Joe and Transformers and I know damn well I didn't have the issues that were going on. I got into the comic game late for these titles. I'd probably have to pull it back out and read it along with the issues that it references to understand everything. I do love 80s and early to mid 90s Marvel, and have been trying to collect as many of the mini series as I can (especially from the 80s). I should read them all at some point, but of the ones I've sat down to read I would also go with Punisher or Wolverine.
  4. Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Falconer, Primal Fear, Persuader, Artension, Overkill, etc.
  5. Very cool. When the MAX line started, I thought it was only meant for the direct market and not the newsstand. Learn something new every day.
  6. I believe it may have had a sticker at one point. There is a faint circle with some light residue over the 8p.
  7. Some pickups from 30th Century and Close Encounters.
  8. That's that attention to detail Marvel was famous for!