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  1. It's a always a possibility, and I mentioned that to the buyer (which caused her to get defensive). My personal thought is she somehow managed to damage the book, then sent it back. She followed ebay's return procedures for using the same packing material and it was sent back in a secure fashion. I don't believe it was a switcheroo either.
  2. I had my first ever return recently. Feel free to do what you will with rv71_81 how you wish. Sold a GI Joe #34 red Cobra foil variant to the buyer on 9/14. The item arrives on 9/17, with a return case opened on 9/24. Ebay approved the return with the reason of "changed my mind" because it isn't what the buyer needs at this time. Ok, cool. Book arrives over the weekend and is damaged. No damaged mentioned in the return request. I contact the buyer to explain they may have to wait while I sort this one out with ebay because the item is damaged. I don't accuse the buyer of anything and the response is a defensive tirade about how they never even looked at the book out of the bag and board and how they want their money back. Here is the original listing and the below pics are what I got back. That name again is rv71_81.
  3. I don't usually use auto decline since I like to personalize my rejections to lowball offers. It's only fair since they took the time out their day to ask what's the best I can do, or how low I can go by sending me what they perceive as a reasonable offer.
  4. I think it is also later in the run of GI Joe CPVs so there could have been less of them produced. I don't know too many people kicking down the door for Scrap-Iron's first appearance. I want to say it ended at 50 + or - a few issues either way. It's still really cool to see them in high grade.
  5. I'll have to find a 9.8 newsstand of War Zone 1 but this'll do for now.
  6. This has 9.8 written all over it. Not literally. It was in such nice condition that I couldn't pass it up, plus it was dirt cheap.
  7. My 100 from my youth was a beat to hell DE, so I found this runmaging through the back issue bins.
  8. Like a #21 CPV? Any key CPV that I got a 9.8 or even 9.6 on, I would price higher but, like you, I struggle with pricing them. I have three 9.8 CPVs, and the only one I could price accurately would be Thing #1 CGC 9.8, which goes for roughly $100-$150 more for a CPV over a US priced copy. The other two are a Dazzler #23 which I would probably have to pay someone to take it because for the life of me, I don't know anyone other than myself who owns Dazzler comics and Uncanny X-Men #191. I assume you looked at other listings or sales for ideas on values, but it can really be hard to determine some values as it's kind of a niche market. I buy CPV and UKPV books and pricing is all over the place. However, I would say that if you have books that don't have other high grade copies for sale, aim for the stars and see what happens. I'm just shooting from the hip, so hopefully someone has better insight than my ramblings. Good luck to you and I hope that you get high grades on whatever you submit.
  9. Did JJ Abrams ever finish that Spider-Man story he was writing? Been what, 10 or 11 months and it's been stuck at issue 3?
  10. I would also love to have the OA for UXM 268, and PWJ 6 & 7. I like his cover to Transformers #67. I would like to see the OA for that.
  11. I came home from school. Kindergarten or first grade, not really sure when. There was a shoebox of comics that someone had brought over. I assume my dad knew someone with a newsstand while he was working for the post office. Anyways, there were quite a few books in there. Most I read until they fell apart and I never picked up any to be continued stories. But I read the heck out of two in particular and that got me going. Still have both in mylars and fullbacks.
  12. Dreamwave comes to mind in the early 2000s. They had the Transformers license from Hasbro and put out Transformers stuff until 2004 or so when Pat Lee ran the business right into the ground. Some of the series that ended abruptly had scripts (Simon Furman had a few for some issues) but ultimately they were never completed and IDW hasn't finished them out of principle due to Dreamwave's inability to pay the talent that was involved in the books. So, the books I have just sit in a box.
  13. I can see that. It would work a little better as a virgin set. I like that Soundwave has his toy Shockwave ready to go. It is. The covers are wraparound. The back covers are a little more trippy. Sayger has an interesting style with this. Here's the backs. I just took the pics from the internet.
  14. You're amongst friends here. I too know this struggle all too well
  15. Received the Stuart Sayger/Bell Book exclusive. Originally supposed to be solicited for issue #1 as a Gem City Comic Con exclusive.
  16. Most of the other complete series are stuffed away. I might dig a few more of the shorter series out.
  17. It's up and down. I liked that she didn't really want to be a superhero and wanted to focus on the singing career but reluctantly would go help someone. The first few issues had a bunch of team ups and strong villains like Dr Doom pop up. I assume to get readers. It's at its best when they explore her personality and family relationships. She kinda faded into the background when paired with the X-Men. I am an unabashed fan of Marvel from this period though so I may be biased