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  1. Alf looks like he's going pretty deep on his own.
  2. Have you noticed any dip in paper quality or is it pretty comparable to US produced comics at that time frame? I have an Italian edition of ASM 299/300 (reprints both issues in one), and I was surprised that the cover was a heavy card stock, and the Italians didn't skimp on the paper or coloring, unlike their crappy Spider-Man film.
  3. Totally agree. I just bought some SA and BA X-Men pence books yesterday from a European seller. Go figure, right? I've been lazy about working on my X-Men pence run lately, so it's time to get back on it.
  4. This is probably why I wouldn't do it. While I have plenty of shops in my region that carry high quality back issues in terms of grade and selection, I don't know how I could justify trying to find X amount issues of a title to in order to slab 40+ issues of something. It could be personally rewarding, but unless they're all 9.8, I feel like I'd be carrying a lot of extra weight around knowing I couldn't get rid of slabbed comics that people wouldn't even want raw. The bold part it true. I swear I'm one of the few people who slabs IDW Transformers books. It was a goal to slab the retailer incentives from the various mini series they published, but it's a train wreck to always find the right copy to send in. If I try to get rid of it, no one else wants it.
  5. I've slabbed a few storylines but never a series that was more than five issues. X-Men 129-137 comes to mind since I still have a couple of those books to submit. Other than that, the only full run I have would be Punisher 1-5 of the limited series, and slabbed runs of retailer incentives from some of IDW's Transformers series, but I wouldn't consider those especially impressive. I have recently thought about doing it with Canadian price variant runs of X-Factor (seven issues) and Punisher (5 issues). If I do that, I'd like them all in 9.6 at least. I have thought about doing it with a cheap, fun series. Something like Thing or Dazzler would easier from a cost perspective (cheap raw prices). I haven't found a full on series I would want to slab though. I did see pictures of a person's CGC 9.8 run of Transformers #1-80 and about crapped my Optimus Prime underwear. It was pretty cool to see.
  6. Arrived from the Link today.
  7. I'll give you $500 in cash right now! I kid. Those are very nice books. I'm sorry about your brother.
  8. A handful arrived today. Some more should arrive in the next few days.
  9. 2 comics for $1.49. One cent off the combined cover price. I'm sold!
  10. Complete runs: Alpha Flight v1 + annuals Excalibur v1 +annuals GI Joe (Marvel) Transformers (Marvel/Dreamwave/IDW) Wolverine v2 + annuals New Mutants v1 + annuals X-Force v1 + annuals X-Factor v1 + annuals (Uncanny) X-Men v1 + annuals X-Men/New X-Men/Legacy/X-Men + annuals X-Men Unlimited v1 Punisher multiple volumes including Marvel Knights & Max series Punisher War Journal v1 & 2 Punisher War Zone v1 Dazzler The Thing Star Wars (2015 series) Darth Vader v1 and 2 Doctor Aphra I think that is it. Currently working on Canadian price variant runs of Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, Punisher, and Transformers. Also working on X-Men UK price variant run. Edit: I didn't add in the tons of mini series from the 1980s-2000s or short run indy series (ie. Human Torch 1-8, Drifter, Invisible Republic, etc.)
  11. The more current phrasing of "Freshly Graded/Slabbed" or some bullcrap along those lines. It sounds like they're trying to sell fruits and vegetables on the roadside. "I picked this 9.8 fresh off the vine!"
  12. This one irritates me more than it probably should. As a veteran, it really bugs me when people try to get discounts for their service like it's some sort of entitlement from the VA. On another note, Over Christmas time I had someone send me a message asking if they could have a 1/2 off price because a slabbed book was for his children. He got upset because I wouldn't accept his $250 offer on a $500 book. I must have forgot that it was my fault he didn't pull & pray hard enough with his wife and ended up with two kids.
  13. Thanks! It's a chore. As far as X-Men goes, I have #96-152 minus the gaps due to there not being pence issues. I have a sprinkling of issues before #96 with the earliest pence in my run being #13. I'm sort of saving for a lower grade #1 but realistically, I'l be buying another GSX #1 to fill that hole. I have some smaller series, but not many. More of a Copper Age Marvel mini series collector too. So, in addition to my X-Men pence run, I'm working on a Canadian newsstand run of Uncanny X-Men, Punisher limited series, with Transformers and X-Factor about to be added to that list as well. I'm halfway through the UXM portion, but I guess I've taken a shine to some of the price variants that were still first prints for the UK and Canadian markets. It's always nice to see fellow run collectors. It seems like the keys have been all the rage last 13 years or so ever since the whole MCU thing came about.
  14. She didn't like the clutter once I got past a five long boxes, but she never discouraged it. I think she was happy I was reading.
  15. I'm currently working on a complete X-Men pence run, and I really have to give a shout out to @Get Marwood & I for his work on compiling tons of pence copies and all of his research. So, thank you. Moving along, I ended up with a pence copy of a Daredevil #163 a couple years ago and thought it was kind of neat. I actively go out of my way to find pence copies first for any books I'm looking for. If it does, I'll hop on it. I dig them, and will buy them if the condition is reasonable. I have several Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil and Fantastic Four pence copies but working on X-Men is my pence focus right now. For me, it was something different to look at after I completed my full run of X-Men. I have two 35 cent variants to track down as well. I know quite a few collectors who won't touch pence books for whatever reason, and others who have no problem because they can be a little less expensive even when factoring in shipping from the UK.