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  1. Mike is awesome. He pressed about 20 books for me from Silver to Modern. Super pleasant to deal with, and packs the books very well when he sent them back to me. Hero Restoration is good to go in my book.
  2. He ain't wrong. "But, it's for my personal collection!" is a nice line I always like hearing.
  3. I know it wouldn't be uncommon for a book to switch off from both distribution methods. I believe Moon Knight went direct only after a certain issue number in the 1980s, and Alpha Flight had some issues that were direct only (despite having bar codes). So, there is precedent for it. I'll keep a look out. Thanks for the insight!
  4. Thanks. I've been looking for about a year, but never seem to find any. #1-7 were fairly easy to come across but these last 5 are proving tough. I'll keep up the search.
  5. Would any of you happen to know if Transformers Generation 2 from Marvel has newsstand copies for issues 8-12? I know 1-7 have NS copies, but can't seem to find any of the others above that in NS format. Is it possible print runs play into that? I remember reading an interview with Simon Furman who said that the series was going to be cancelled by Marvel after 12 issues.
  6. The reviews seem solid so far for this film. I love the 1933 version, as it is a classic of film making, and it still holds up surprisingly well. It seems like some of the basic element of the story is held onto and given a new twist. I'm looking forward to checking this one out.
  7. Some might say that it is a key. If it has some staying power down the line, then sure. It looks like there is a cover price difference of $1 between the direct and newsstand. I think the newsstand copy I picked up may be in the 9.2-9.4 range.
  8. It happened in the States too. There is a local bookstore that places their gigantic Bonnett's store stamp right on the front cover. I present to you a TOS 39 with a well-placed stamp on Iron Man's head.
  9. Not as many as I'd like. I do search for pence copies if there is an equivalent first. If I find an acceptable copy (that fluctuates a lot), then I'll buy it before others. Mostly working on an X-Men pence run but focusing on 96 on up right now. I've been acquiring more Avengers and Captain Marvel pence copies in addition to X-Men. I'm trying with Daredevil to go as much pence as possible with the issues I'm looking for. It's slow and steady right now. If I had to guess, I would say maybe 50-70 pence books. I'd have to dig through the boxes to count, but that should be a fair estimate.
  10. Been a little light on picking up pence copies lately, but here they are. Still waiting on a few from across the pond.
  11. @Get Marwood & I, your devotion to the hobby is incredible. My hat goes off to you and the others who have been contributing to research like this.
  12. Generally, UK price variants sell for 15%-30% less than their cents counterparts. However, high grade pence copies of key issues can bring a premium. Edit: gorgeous pence copy by the way.
  13. I know a few people who crapped on it, but I actually enjoyed it. I'm not a big Superman reader, so maybe that has something to do with it. I liked Red Son, and that might be the only Superman story I've read all the way through, and it might not count because it was Elseworlds.