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  1. Anyone else still reading this? Love the art and story. Glad I picked up all the #1s. Cover 1a is going for a steady $40+!
  2. Cover art from #4 out... Also has an Alternate cover...
  3. There's now a McFarlane variant... VENOM #1 (SEP160951) TOP SECRET ARTIST VARIANT (AUG168725) Written by MIKE COSTA Art & Cover by GERARDO SANDOVAL FOC – 10/31/16, On-Sale – 11/23/16 Just need to know where to get this one now...
  4. I grabbed all 4 covers and have the 2nd printing on the way to my box from my LCS. Enjoyed this one!
  5. I asked on the Facebook page and it's an Ongoing and not a mini....
  6. Anyone looking forward to this new series?
  7. Almost bought this a few weeks ago for $5. Not for spec, but to get more Venom in my collection. Missed that boat...
  8. Extrodinary X-Men #8....last few panels of new 4 Horsemen....I'm excited....
  9. I was a lurker from before I even joined, and I never took part in the claiming, but I come back daily wishing it were alive...
  10. Walking Dead Huck The Discipline Batman Carnage Venom Space Knight
  11. This may be the time us noobs hope aboard the hot seat since those offers aren't really offers...hmmm