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  1. Just because it was a cameo, not a full appearance. Doesn't really matter either way, though. And FWIW, DOFP is my favourite X-Men film to watch, although I think X2 might be the superior film technically.
  2. The DPS is one of my favourite stories, but I just don't think it's filmable. I desperately hope I'm proved wrong, though, when the MCU inevitably does its own version of it. I also found it funny running the numbers after watching it. So we've got 7 main X-Men films. Jean stars in 5 (I'm ignoring her cameo in DOFP). She dies in 3 of her 5 primary appearances. Yikes.
  3. BTW, 'Internet Trolling' was a link to this:
  4. They really are showing their true colours. This email has been edited, as it contains words not appropriate for this forum, so I've had to censor them. You'll see what I mean. That's the only editing that has been done. It's a real piece of work. It's from Berkbridge Foundation, is the first one to be signed, finally, and as per format, is in Bold. -------- October 4, 2019, 11:29 AM First of all, you smug piece of s**t, we don't owe you anything so be thankful that we've entertained your annoying messages so far. Perhaps, you should spent a little time reviewing your country's laws on Internet Trolling instead of bothering honest Americans trying to do some good in the World. Second of all, we're not obligated to provide any information to you or your Forum cronies since we've been the subject of a harassment campaign (page 81 ). Since you're too stupid or incompetent to access our documents through the IRS web site, you may want to contact an attorney to decipher the rules in the aforementioned publication for you. Now kindly f**k off! Michael Dawson ps: Please cut and paste this message in your thread, it will only strengthen our legal case against you --------
  5. Nice stuff, man! Always a great feeling to fill in a grail slot. Nothing like it. Grats on getting it done.
  6. He's asking if you mean Dark Horse the company, or a dark horse, as in an unexpected choice, you know, the general meaning of the actual term 'dark horse'. Holly, he means the company, publisher of series' like Hellboy, Sin City, former Star Wars and Conan, etc.
  7. Quoting myself so the full chain is here for those who don't want to have to search back. With this new batch: first there was shock, then fury. When you see the latest email by Berkbridge, I think you'll understand why. When we left off, it had been over a week with no communication, after being told I was being cut off. Days after posting the transcripts however, I received a surprise, a new email from Berkbridge. Here's the short exchange to date. As before, emails from me are in Italics. Emails from The Berkbridge Foundation are in Bold. No editing has been done, other than to remove my surname, which I've replaced with *Mecha Fantastic*. Once more, at no stage have they identified themselves. ------- October 2, 2019, 11:55 AM Mr *Mecha Fantastic*, You are welcome to send us either an electronic message or a written request along with a cashier's check or money order in the amount of $6.00 payable to: Berkbridge Foundation and mailed to: 401 Ryland St., STE 200-A Reno, NV 89502 Please specify which documents you would like to inspect, provide a name and address for mailing and allow up to 30 days for receipt of requested documents. Alternatively, you can contact the IRS for assistance in accessing the documents through the IRS web site. We may also have certain documents posted online once our web site is launched in the near future. Thank you -------- October 3, 2019, 9:42 PM Okay, I'm going to attempt to itemise this so we are clear and there is no confusion: By raising the price to $6.00US, I am assuming that this increase would be to cover the postage to Australia, my original preferred destination. Is this indeed the case? If not, why the increase in price? And can we please drop the pretence that the documents are available on the IRS website. We both know that is not the case, and this continued insistence is counter-productive. I do appreciate that documentation may be made available easily in the future, that will certainly make it easier for everyone involved, and I look forward to that day. Yours Sincerely. -------- October 3, 2019, 9:47 PM Please send your US address details and we'll mail the documents at our cost. Please just send us a copy of your ID or the ID of the recipient. -------- October 4, 2019, 8:06 AM Right, well, first of all, can you please explain why the cost had risen since last quoted less than two weeks ago? Secondly, and this is a huge issue, asking for copies of identification is a major violation in so many ways, I'm literally flabbergasted that you even had the gall to write that. No such thing shall be provided, as you well knew would be the response. I take this and the entire chain of emails as proof of hostility and pure refusal to cooperate in providing legally required documentation as first requested on September 10th, 2019, and continually delayed since then by stalling tactics on your behalf. We're done here. --------- I don't even know where to begin on a summary, but here goes: documents were first requested September 10th, stalling and delaying has taken place since then, from their side. Any and every question I have about their legitimacy has been answered in full by their sheer evasiveness and unwillingness to cooperate in legally required means of documentation. I see no legit reason for a legitimate charity to act this way. It's that simple. My view is that I'm flabbergasted at the sheer gall of The Berkbridge Foundation, and their apparent belief they are above the law of the land and that they may twist the good works of charities for the probable personal gain of its founder, Robert S Jalali. The arrogance is something else, and I commend @Sweet Lou 14 and everyone else involved in bringing The Berkbridge Foundation to light. The next step is bringing them to the attention of the proper authorities. This is far from over.
  8. I don't see how some digital comics will persuade anyone, regardless of them being 'out-of-print'. And ooh, it comes with an exclusive digital cover? Nice! A super-expensive jpg! But I guess the plan was more to get the project a few new headlines in the press, which worked. PS those comics weren't great when they came out, and I somehow doubt they've aged better.
  9. I don't know what 'mizzled' means, but I know I like it as a word.
  10. Got a cheap new addition today, but a great one, the Black Hammer Library Edition HC, only $46AU, which is super cheap. A great add to the collection, which hasn't had much added to it all year (I'm at a point where much of what I want has already been collected, I've been collecting the Marvel omni's since day one).
  11. Maybe someone should contact them and let them kn.... oh right....
  12. It's pretty early, but in 10 years I think Black Hammer might appear on these sort of lists. If Conan counts, then by that same logic you'd have to consider Usagi.