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  1. This is very cool ... would love to see the actual page(s) from the book that connect to the -script!
  2. Cross-posted from the Crime thread, a Superior, reprinting issue 5 in this series ...
  3. I think those are comics on his back ...
  4. Hope this fits here, spanning both Western and Crime genres ... the Superior reprint (1949) of issue 5 (1948)
  5. Empress of Crime to Western True Crime
  6. Or, you fulfil what Joost only realized in the film after they had started ... "You can do this on a bike?"
  7. Precisely 42 days from today, I retire (at 55) ... I'm looking forward to spending more time hunting for GA books, as that rabbit hole seems to have no end! I think around age 65 (God willing), I'll begin the process of selling, and using the monies for my wife and I to travel a little more, and some toward my 2 two kids. I want that wrapped up before the 'day' ... and if that happens sooner than later, my son knows who to sell my collection to ...
  8. Carrying a few long boxes strapped to your back while you walk the Camino could be considered one hell of a penance, a collector's version of self-flagellation ... I would love to do "The Way" as well ...
  9. Updated issue list: 124, 127, 129-132, 137, 140-143, 146, 147
  10. Updated issue list: 124, 127, 129-133, 137, 140-143, 146, 147