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  1. It’s going to be a great old school show, let’s post some previews of what to expect 🔥🔥🔥
  2. Hello guys and gals, looking to buy precode books from the following list. I’m open to any condition also incomplete etc. the books are the thing 15, Venus 19, chamber of chills 19, web of evil 5, marvel tales 94, amazing mysteries 32, chamber of chills 23, tales of horror 8 thanks
  3. @lizards2 Im open to time payment dm me about it
  4. @SpideyFeinthanks brother, happy thanksgiving
  5. Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving and heres a black friday deal Shipping in usa only 1st gets it Please add $15 for shipping and handling Payment accepted by paypal for books $1000 or under, books above $1000 by check or money order. No probation or Hos members No Returns
  6. Hello, Im looking to buy a Daredevil 1 6.5 or Avengers 4 6.5. Im also open to the idea of restored copies.
  7. ec crime shock 22, exciting comics 39 Hello, Im looking for ec crime shock 22, exciting comics 39, startling comics 49, funnies 30, and older detective comics. I don't mind incomplete or restored. Also open to any other big keys. DM me please Thanks
  8. WTB Funnies #30 Hello, looking for a funnies comics #30 in any shape. Thanks
  9. Hello Guys, looking for a low grade restored or possibly incomplete superman 1. I have a budget of about 20k, dm me Thanks
  10. Wow congrats Yaniv on the amazing pick up. Im on the market for one and hopefully will come across one soon.
  11. responding to the dms and already sealed some deals. Keep them coming, thanks