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  1. Hello Im looking to buy Low Grade Restored Key books/Incomplete of the following: Amazing fantasy 15 Journey Into mystery 83 Xmen 1 Daredevil 1 Fantastic Four 1 Hulk 1 FF5 Tales Of Suspense 39 Tales To astonish 27 Detective Comics 38 Ace Comics 11 And any other cool key books. Please send me dms. Thanks Ray
  2. bump, open to any main silver age keys, coverless or incomplete
  3. Hello, Im open to marvel silver age key books coverless, covers, or pages. Looking for any major 1st appearance silver age. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys so far for the leads. I bought the .5 from wayne-tec. Im still willing to pick up more af15s or any other marvel silver age keys, journey 83, tales 39, ff1 etc. Im opened to restored, coverless, incomplete or just parts. Let me know Thanks
  5. Good luck with the sale my friend, great return copy
  6. bump, price drop to $1650, last sale $2000 on gpa and that copy wasn't signed
  7. Purchased an af15 from Ryan. His customer service is amazing, he kept me updated the whole time and shipped overnight. The transaction was perfect. Thank you so much
  8. Hello everyone, Im looking for a low grade af15. It can be restored or incomplete as long as the price is right. Please dm me with pics and prices Thanks
  9. Alright guys, last bump and last price drop before going back to the safe. Im open to low grade or restored af15s if someone wants to upgrade their copy and do cash and trade
  10. Glwts Ralph. Hes a great guy to deal with and very honest and open to trades
  11. Hasn't been pressed, I don't have notes. Thanks
  12. The af15 note is small amount of dried glue on staples and cover detached. the ff1 note is 1 piece of tape on interior.
  13. Thanks, also check out the modern thread I listed a walking dead #1