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  1. I cant find this anywhere. I'm not sure of a price since I haven't seen any sold. Drew Moss posted that he had some for sale on his twitter, but I don't have a twitter account. I did send him an email, but he never replied. This apparently came from the Stan Lee box subscription service.
  2. 1x Raw- Old Man Hawkeye regular title treatment exclusive 1x Raw- Old Man Hawkeye virgin exclusive.
  3. Bought a book from Ben and it was in great condition and packaged unbelievably well.
  4. I have found very little info on this but I do know it exists because I saw that a CGC 9.6 SS sold on eBay. The Celebrity Authentics website has none listed for sale. I am looking for a raw unsigned 9.8 or a CGC blue label 9.8. I have no idea on price because there is no real sales to compare it to.
  5. Looking for a raw Wolverine 68 3rd print in the 9.4-9.8 range. This is the last cover/printing I need to have a full high grade master set. I think around $20 is a fair price, but, of course, we can negotiate
  6. There are some listings on eBay for an Old Man Logan #25 600 print run Deodato Virgin cover, a sketch cover of the 1:10 variant and a sketch cover of the regular cover. Does anyone know what store is doing these or who might be releasing them?
  7. I hope I'm not too late, but I would really like a Black Eyed Kids # 11......
  8. JSC, newer Frank Miller, Tim Sale (Rebirth Batman covers are horrendous) JRJR (ruined the first arc of All-Star Batman) Ramos, and Bachalo
  9. The adhesive on the back of these particular labels just doesn't seem to stick very well to the texture of the ultra pro dividers that I use. The plastic labels that bighulkfan is describing is probably much better quality with stronger adhesive