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  1. Hi Folks, here some items for sale: 100 bullets - #17 page 3 / Eduardo Risso - 500$ Ex machina #25 page 17 / Tony Harris - 250$
  2. New Sienk art:
  3. Looking for A Preacher page with Jesse and God. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, i'm looking for a 2000ad Judge Dredd (cover, title or internal page), from these artists: Ron Smith Brian Bolland Carlos Ezquerra Brett Ewins Mike McMAHOn Ian Gibson Thanks
  5. Hi all I'm looking to sell these two pages: Black Science #6 page 17 - Ebay Auction (starting 1$) 100 bullets #17 page 3 - 600$
  6. Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix Bill Sienkiewicz free image hosting
  7. Hi, Does Anyone conctacted him in the last week? I bidded and won a comic art during last Auction, i paid and sended a few mails for some infos but i didn't received any answer... Thank you
  8. My new Eisner art:
  9. Thank you... Denis is the only reference i found. I'm looking for something else... On caf, ebay or auction websites I didn't found transaction records about Eisner graphic novels (excluding Contract with God)...
  10. Thank you guys... And what's a good price for those, in your opinion ?