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  1. cosmic-spider-man

    Double Inserts

    Has anyone ever seen a note of Double Insert on a CGC slabbed comic? I have not, you might want to mention that when you send it in for grading.
  2. cosmic-spider-man

    Double Inserts

    It is pretty rare to find a book with a Double Insert, I have had hundreds of Mark Jewellers comics and I have only ever found one that had a Double Mark Jewellers Insert and I have only ever heard of one more that another board member had.
  3. cosmic-spider-man

    X-Men 1 Double Cover

    Very Cool Book I think 2 more of those are known to exist right now. As for Keys I have seen a CGC 5.5 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 with a Double Cover sell on ebay many years ago and a cool note the guy who sold it back then posted about it here just this year. I am a big ASM Double Cover guy so I have seen a lot of key issues and I even have a few like first Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, the Rhino, the Prowler, Morbius, The Punisher & Carnage come to mind. I would guess almost all older comics before 1980's had Double Cover copies printed the question is how many still exist.
  4. cosmic-spider-man

    Amazing Spider-man 129 question

    No please do not remove the outer cover it is kind of rare that way, to my knowledge there was only 6 known copies of #129 with Double Covers and yours would make the 7th one it would be a shame to change that. Would you post a picture?
  5. cosmic-spider-man


    That was a cool comic book comicjel hope it does resurfaces some day. Here is a cool Double Cover / Manufacturing Error I recently got.
  6. cosmic-spider-man


    I seen one sell on ebay that was CGC graded 5.5 with off-White pages was thinking the outside cover was a 4.5 and it sold in maybe 2002 for a little over 5K "might be wrong on some points it was a long time ago" was this your book? Really wish I had bought it but back then the most I had ever spent on a comic was just a few hundred and I thought the price was crazy, boy was I ever wrong. You would not happen to have any pictures of it would you, I did save pictures but my old computer crashed and I lost all data on it. I have never seen the book since hope it still has the Double Cover and was not dismantled or worked on. :-)
  7. cosmic-spider-man


    Congratulations it is a great set to complete and some very nice copies.
  8. cosmic-spider-man

    Printing plate size

    Printing plates only transfer ink to paper and in the same size as the plate so if it is a plate it was probably made for a mini comic reprint of WW2 if that exist.
  9. cosmic-spider-man

    Mark Jewelers inserts...

    I got in a small lot of ASM's today in the mail and while looking though them hopping to score a Double Covers. I was surprised that many of them did have Mark Jewelers Inserts and I got something Interesting the #324 had a Double MJI first one of these I have ever come across.
  10. cosmic-spider-man


    That Purple top ASM #44 is Cool I have never seen that before.
  11. cosmic-spider-man


    Amazing Spider-Man #179 and it appears to be missing some of the lines in the bar code.
  12. cosmic-spider-man

    Price Variant Club

    Now that is quite cool. I think Shieldagent also has one of those, very cool book.
  13. cosmic-spider-man

    When you are searching for your grail...

    you'll find it some day...unless its an action comic # 1.....then...... i try to wait...but if i do find one that suits me and i like the price i will try to negotiate...but if i have the money i will buy it. hopefully time payments are involved...haha It may not exist! is your grail X-Men #1 with a Double Cover? if so it does exist. It is an X-Men double cover, but not #1. Then my second guess would be #137? it probably does exist but I have not seen one yet.
  14. cosmic-spider-man


    Anyone have a nice Triple Cover Silver Age Spidey they would like to trade.