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  1. Has anyone ever seen a note of Double Insert on a CGC slabbed comic? I have not, you might want to mention that when you send it in for grading.
  2. It is pretty rare to find a book with a Double Insert, I have had hundreds of Mark Jewellers comics and I have only ever found one that had a Double Mark Jewellers Insert and I have only ever heard of one more that another board member had.
  3. Very Cool Book I think 2 more of those are known to exist right now. As for Keys I have seen a CGC 5.5 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 with a Double Cover sell on ebay many years ago and a cool note the guy who sold it back then posted about it here just this year. I am a big ASM Double Cover guy so I have seen a lot of key issues and I even have a few like first Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, the Rhino, the Prowler, Morbius, The Punisher & Carnage come to mind. I would guess almost all older comics before 1980's had Double Cover copies printed the question is how many still exist.
  4. No please do not remove the outer cover it is kind of rare that way, to my knowledge there was only 6 known copies of #129 with Double Covers and yours would make the 7th one it would be a shame to change that. Would you post a picture?
  5. That was a cool comic book comicjel hope it does resurfaces some day. Here is a cool Double Cover / Manufacturing Error I recently got.
  6. I seen one sell on ebay that was CGC graded 5.5 with off-White pages was thinking the outside cover was a 4.5 and it sold in maybe 2002 for a little over 5K "might be wrong on some points it was a long time ago" was this your book? Really wish I had bought it but back then the most I had ever spent on a comic was just a few hundred and I thought the price was crazy, boy was I ever wrong. You would not happen to have any pictures of it would you, I did save pictures but my old computer crashed and I lost all data on it. I have never seen the book since hope it still has the Double Cover and was not dismantled or worked on. :-)
  7. Congratulations it is a great set to complete and some very nice copies.
  8. Printing plates only transfer ink to paper and in the same size as the plate so if it is a plate it was probably made for a mini comic reprint of WW2 if that exist.
  9. I got in a small lot of ASM's today in the mail and while looking though them hopping to score a Double Covers. I was surprised that many of them did have Mark Jewelers Inserts and I got something Interesting the #324 had a Double MJI first one of these I have ever come across.
  10. That Purple top ASM #44 is Cool I have never seen that before.
  11. Amazing Spider-Man #179 and it appears to be missing some of the lines in the bar code.
  12. Now that is quite cool. I think Shieldagent also has one of those, very cool book.
  13. you'll find it some day...unless its an action comic # 1.....then...... i try to wait...but if i do find one that suits me and i like the price i will try to negotiate...but if i have the money i will buy it. hopefully time payments are involved...haha It may not exist! is your grail X-Men #1 with a Double Cover? if so it does exist. It is an X-Men double cover, but not #1. Then my second guess would be #137? it probably does exist but I have not seen one yet.
  14. Anyone have a nice Triple Cover Silver Age Spidey they would like to trade.