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  1. It was mentioned, back on page 7 My bad missed that one somehow
  2. Can't believe this hasn't beem mentioned
  3. loved this film and definitely reminds me of halloween
  4. Brilliant seller, very tight grading, super secure packaging and good and pleasant communication.
  5. Thanks for stopping by for my batman adventures 12 $340 I am based in the UK but price is in $ and includes shipping to the US No hosers or probies Returns accepted if I have missed something big Timestamp on in thread or pm wins Paypal please More pictures available on request Please ask any questions you may have My kudos not a lot YET!!!
  6. I have thought this many times and still can't figure it out? If both are identical and both sellers have substantial 100% feedback why on earth would you opt for the more expensive one?
  7. By a fair margin. What an absolute , trying to dropship without permission.