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  1. Hey everyone looking for low grade copies of the following (raw or Cgc) - contact comics 12 - captain flight 11 - captain aero 26 - blue bolt 108, 110,114 -ghostly weird stories 122 No brittle pages, foxing or staple rust please! Also looking for journey into mystery 83 1.8-3.0 range, no marvel chipping, staple rust or foxing Thank you
  2. Jerry purchased my Ff1 (side note - I want it back! HA)! He paid lightning quick. Can’t recommend Jerry enough!
  3. Going to close this thread and try a couple other avenues. Feel free to pm me if still interested
  4. I’ll give this a bump and figure I’ll keep the thread up another day or so, then look to other avenues
  5. Hey everyone listing some books, will not be sad if these don’t sell. Nobody on the naughty lists no returns on Cgc graded books, unless there is something done incorrectly on my part payments in US dollars via Cheque/draft or wire. PayPal is ok too, but will result in an increased price due to exchange rates books will be packaged well in a box with bubble wrap Fantastic four 1 CGC 3.5 - sold! Showcase 22 CGC 3.0 - $2600 Brave and the Bold 28 Cgc 3.0 - $2,750 action comics 242 cgc 4.0 - $1,800 Any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ll attach my kudos below
  6. No marvel chipping no staple rust no foxing or mould let me know what you guys have!
  7. Did a 5 figure cash/trade deal with Joe. The transaction was seamless and would not hesitate with doing another deal with Joe!