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  1. Difficult to say. The white is washed out possibly obscuring some defects. I will say 9.2.
  2. I don't understand this thread. So much negativity.
  3. I think if you are a reader of stories and still enjoy them as a medium, right now is the best time to be reading. For so long the gatekeepers of the industry, Diamond Distribution, Marvel, DC etc. have iced out independent books for the most part. There are more independent quality books than ever before. Also a lot of c r a p, but that can be said about Marvel, DC too. Kickstarter/Indigogo bypasses those gatekeepers and goes direct to the consumer. If Comic stores would put forth an effort to stock independent books I think it would do gangbusters.
  4. I am still working on my Iron Man run. Once I am done there I will start on TOS. I did get this one though at a great price.
  5. Anytime the word Fairness comes up in government someone is in trouble lol.
  6. you just have to train your eye. Obviously a color breaking crease cannot be fixed with pressing. So yes, non color breaking bends. If there is some puckering on the spine. A slight spine roll. Some people are more skilled than others at it too. Joey_post on this board does it professionally and is very good.
  7. I find some people think every book needs pressed which isn't the case. The age of the book seems irreverent more so than are there perusable defects. As far as separating your order I have no idea.
  8. I don’t go in on the 9.9 books but those look pretty sweet next to each other. Gratz!
  9. The problem lies more with our legislature. They Spend more than they bring in. That is a problem.
  10. IDK but I bet it would take 10k given the overall price increases of late. There is a 9.6 newsie on ebay for a asking price of $4000 with 67 watchers.
  11. Respect your collectors OCD. It will always bug you.
  12. Price is kind of irrelevant to me. I have 2 9.8's one direct and one newsstand but I can never see myself selling them. I do have a SS 9.6 that I can see myself selling but that's because it is the only SS in my collection and is out of my collecting focus. I would not be happy if I was in the market of buying one these days. It is one of my favorite covers and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them when they came out.
  13. Whole lot of awesomeness. I remember chatting these guys up in Chicago in 94 I think. I always loved the character. I bought there 1st issue but haven’t seen it in years. Good luck with your search.
  14. I stack mine. I have had no issues with different versions of CGC slabs stacking. I also have CBCS slabs too and they seem to intermingle with the CGC ones just fine.
  15. Are you taking the Newsstand premium into account here? What are directs selling for?
  16. I don’t mind a little white or back cover image peaking on the front. It does have to be constantly even all the way down the spine for me though. Sometimes the whole run is jacked up. ASM 361 comes to mind with a lot of cover wonkiness.
  17. I had my eye on that IM 100. It got to be more than I was wanting to pay given my other purchases. Maybe next time.
  18. 252 definitely sold out on the newsstand I bought from.
  19. I am more of a long term contrarian. I could never go in on Gamestop. I like my gambles to be of a educated nature. That stuff is bananas.