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    This guy!

    Wow all the haters here! So many street vermin and God! Smells like a sewer in here. (Where's the Lysol.........). The comic community is a LOVING community? Full of tolerance and respect for one person's opinion? Give me a break.......not in here. Oh we are such "experts" in here on this forum, arent we....look at us...such a vast wealth of knowledge.....more like a vast wealth of street mess.......every person in here that is filled with such hate and spews forth poison that sucks up the air around them that nobody can breath.
  2. Well its not "inconsistent" of a statement, it was only an observation that I had. Ultimately, I want to preserve its health. But you're right, I could sell it later on, and then buy one that is in better shape. I plan to do that......."when I save up the money"! But right now I would like a CRACKED #1. Well thanks for the advice of everyone above! I really appreciate it.....and happy collecting!!
  3. Exactly, and thanks DIVAD for the emphasis being said again. I really dont care WHAT CGC says about it, and the grade they give me. I am more concerned about any future damage and am focused on conservation and preventing further damage from the rusted staples. That being said, remember guys (and gals).....these are YOUR comics, and meant to be enjoyed by YOU, not CGC. You cant enjoy them if all you're worried about is the big bad CGC and what they're gonna say about it. They dont own them, and they are not in control of your comics. There will eventually come a time when you, and you alone, must decide how to handle situations like these. So dont be afraid of what CGC is going to do.
  4. I am so glad that I came across this information. I used it, and I am sending some issues to be signed, and I did exactly as you suggested and it now looks nice. I am sure that it will be appreciated that I did this for them. Thank you!
  5. I have read from the website of the restoration people that they will replace the staples with vintage staples. So they have some, and they use them.
  6. Yes.....that is what I am working on......only the #1's. Is it possible? Yes but it will take some time. I have my list of the magazines I need and I add to the list whenever I see another parody issue.
  7. I think Stan Lee signs far more items than what really ends up in the hands of a third-party grading company, ebay, etc. It has to be an extremely high number overall.
  8. I have some comic magazines that I am going to submit, with signature from Stan lee on the cover. Are these ok? "Monster Madness", "Snafu", "You Dont Say", and "Monsters to Laugh With" Again, these are going to be signed by Stan Lee and they are his comics that he did in the early days.
  9. I have a MAD #1 and I am trying to build my collection of all the other parody magazines....with the very first issue of each magazine. I dont have CRACKED #1 yet but it is on my list. So far....I have 1. Crazy #1 2. Get lost #1 3. Mad #1 4. Monster Madness #1 5. Monsters to laugh with #1 6. Not brand ECHH #1 7. Plop #1 8. Snafu #1 9. Wacko #1 10. You dont say #1 I know there are more out there. I have made my own list of parody magazines, and so far I think I have seen or read about almost 50 different titles!
  10. OK thanks to both you and Phil. I will do it!
  11. Hello out there! I am wanting any kind of feedback, comments and advice that I can get. I have a MAD #1 and it has been graded by CGC at a 1.8 and part of that is because of excessive rust on both top and bottom staples. The rust from the staples will continue to damage the paper. My question is should I, through a highly professional restoration company, replace the staples? If that was the ONLY thing I was going to do, Should I do it? If I ONLY replace the staples, at least that will get rid of the problem from the source. Yes, yes I know about getting a restored label from CGC but Im not at all concerned about that. Im just wanting to stop the damage. I think also that it could increase a little bit the grade of the issue because of new staples.