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  1. According to the WWE official website, Wrestlers Triple H, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair and The Miz will all be there signing one day only on August 30!! If you're a wrestling nut like me this is HUGE! Haha
  2. Well looks like i'll be attending after all! Look forward to seeing most of you guys again!
  3. There's still some really nice stuff left! I'l be closing this thread tomorrow and moving the remaining stock to the bay, at much higher prices! Get em while you can.
  4. ALL BOOK STATUS' UPDATED. If its available, it has a price, if its sold it says breaking news, SOLD Thanks everyone again!
  5. OK FOLKS THATS IT. I do still have a few books remaining but they are the ones i'll never part with. they mean something to me! take a look at whats left and i'll start shooting out PM's with totals shortly! THANK YOU ALL!!!
  6. Everything I have left has been listed now sir. I sold quite a few prior to this thread to a good friend. The Dawn supergirl sketch is still available!