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  1. Hi, I’ve wanted this for a while, ideally with the pinup, and don’t have a huge budget. I managed to get this for £90, and have now spotted a couple of things which were not obviously apparent from the pictures or description. There are a couple of small tears on the pages and back cover, which I new about, but it’s the pin up I’m more concerned about. It has staple holes next to the staples, so it’s either come from another book, or became detached in the past and has had a poor attempt at reattaching it. It also appears to have been trimmed on one side due to the misaligned attachment, and it’s detached at the bottom staple. I just wanted some opinions of whether or not I paid around the right price. Apologies for the picture quality, I don’t have a scanner.
  2. I think it would make sense for her first solo should be a prequel to the Sucide Squad, maybe something along the lines of the Batman: Harley Quinn GN... A lot of people who are HQ fans on the back of the Suicide Squad film probably have no idea about her origin.
  3. Since when is a NM not allowed to have a spine tick ? It was about 5mm and broke colour, and It wasnt present in the photos, which is why I contacted the seller. That's still a NM book.. A single spine tick? Def a 9.4, or did they advertise as NM/M? Ok, I checked the purchase confirmation email, it was indeed described as NM/M.
  4. Since when is a NM not allowed to have a spine tick ? It was about 5mm and broke colour, and It wasnt present in the photos, which is why I contacted the seller.
  5. I won an auction on the Hughes variant at a great price, was advertised as NM, but arrived with a quite visible spine tick, I wrote to the seller, mentioned the spine tick, they said they sent me the wrong one, and offered a swap. I sent it back, and never heard back from them, eBay gave me a refund. But I am still gutted. I think they saw another opportunity to get a better price. This is a cover I love, but will probably be a cover I will never own, as I can't afford to be a high value collector. I really like the Artgerm variants... And the Comic Con Box virgin cover...
  6. Did anyone read the new Deathstroke Rebirth? I'm not great at reviews, but I felt it was on par with Wolfmans original version of Deathstroke, far better than the pants that was churned out it in the last 2 series. I think Priest has done well, and I have high hope for this series
  7. I have only been reading comics for the past year, so I don't know too much about the characters. But for me, I felt that the Joker/Harley relationship was too even, I always got the impression in the comics that Harley is more obsessed and love struck, and Joker just uses and abuses her... I get the PG13, but it didn't seem right. There are stories online that there were scenes that reflected this, but they were cut. I thought the CGI was a little pants, especially at certain points with Enchantress, as well as the voice over. I will have to watch it again though, as I think some of my views on the film are based on a slight disappointment that...
  8. May skip these ones then, can't purchase directly being in the uk, don't like the cover enough to pay the premium. All the other variants keep the original characters on the front, not sure how I feel about it Just featuring the evolution of Harley.
  9. Does anybody know what variants these are, there seems to be a regular and foil cover. I want to get them, but was hoping to avoid eBay resale prices.
  10. Hi Batmeister, Unfortunately not. Oddly enough I measured my Captain Britain comic the other day for this purpose, but its shorter in length than A4.
  11. I've ordered a few of the Noto variants, just because I collect Kylo Ren related bits, and he features on that particular cover. Hopefully I will get one signed by Driver in the future I am surprised that this hasn't been brought up sooner though, I thought there maybe a few people after them.
  12. Just saw this on Instagram... Looks amazing...
  13. If it's a key book to me, then I just buy the highest grade that I can afford from my disposable income Otherwise I just get high grade raws