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  1. Black Hole - where is all the artwork

    Another thought for where it might have gone is the "Wall Street Investor types" that started coming into the hobby only to build an "investment portfolio" of art like stocks and bonds and aren't interested in showing off what they have. I believe Art Rep & dealer Spencer Beck announced a couple years ago that he was managing just such an endeavor for investors, IIRC. He announced it on the Comicart-L list I believe, and maybe here? So some of the really prime stuff might just be in a safe or vault somewhere like bond certificates or something. Sad thought, but seems likely. Also, I believe these types of "investors" are a contributing factor in the prices soaring so much in recent years. And then like others mention, security concerns are a factor for the bigger collectors. I know a few who only put up so much of their collection for various reasons, but wanting to avoid drawing too much attention is a common reason I have been given.
  2. help to estimate 2 pages

    That is the Art Adams FF line up, but definitely not drawn by Art Adams. The signature is too blurry for me to see clearly in your photo, but I know people mix up Art Adams and Art Nichols often and it kind of looks like his sig. I am attaching a pic of an Art Nichols sig I have on a piece of art for you to compare. But if you take a close up and clear pic of the sig on your page, that would help. I don't know anything about the Ovi page. Good luck on that one.
  3. new SketchCard blog

    Really great blog! I really enjoyed it and read through it all tonight. Well done and very informative. I love sketch cards myself, and find them to be a fun counterpart to OA collecting.
  4. Rolled the dice at a local auction

    What a haul! Always wanted a McFarlane Spawn sketch myself, but near impossible these days. Congrats! Great pick ups!
  5. Thanks! I was really surprised that I won, but so very happy that I did. Can't wait to see it in person!
  6. Good luck with the comic! I bid on some of your auctions and won the Adams cover piece. Looking forward to getting that one in hand! Love Adams.
  7. The Fairchild swimsuit pinup by Joe Phillips and Jim Lee (above) has now sold. I will leave the "Premium Art for sale" gallery open through the weekend and then deactivate it. So the 3 paintings above are still available for offers until then, and then they are off the block and back on the walls. The remaining art for sale on my CAF will remain for sale, with no end on those being available. It's the 3 paintings left above and in the "Premium gallery" only that are available for a limited time. Thanks to all who have inquired or bought something!
  8. Too damn big?

    When I was still pretty green in the hobby, I had some issues with storing larger art and sold a lot of it off before I just found better ways to store large pieces. I remember selling things like a McFarlane Infinity Inc twice up page just because it didn't fit in my portfolios, and every time I see that page on CAF I kick myself. I even sold a bunch of my DPS's for the same reason. I couldn't appreciate them properly in portfolios. But now it doesn't bother me at all, art comes in all sizes and I have adapted to be able to store anything. Pros like Erik Larsen and Adam Hughes prefer to draw big and use larger paper these days, about twice up size, so we just have to learn to deal with it lol. Like others have said I like my ink art 11x17 or DPS size generally, and prefer that size but I have some smaller pieces too, and am actually a sketch card junkie as well, so I don't shy away from small at all. But with my paintings I love them to be big. My largest framed painting is 30"x40", so I don't shy away from bigger art anymore.
  9. I got in right away and have to say, Nick posts more creator content than most Patreon artists. I have supported several over the years, but think I will really enjoy his insights. And the art of course.
  10. Howdy all! I have been moving art to my regular "For Sale" galleries for the past few days with some nice covers, paintings, and trading card art. Some of it is stuff I have had up already and some I have never offered for sale before. There are 2 Stormwatch covers by Scott Clark and Renato Arlem, as well as several Stormwatch pages by Arlem. There are 4 Evil Ernie covers from Joyce Chin, Stephen Segovia, and Nei Ruffino! A few nice paintings from Joe Chiodo, Mielan Zebrowski, Bo Hampton! And lastly there are several pieces of '90s Chaos trading card art and some other various pages, covers, and pinups. Lots of stuff for all budgets! I also set up a special temporary gallery where I have made available 4 pieces from my "Permanent Collection" for a limited time to try to raise a large sum quickly. These include 3 paintings off my walls by Simone Bianchi (Thor cover painting), Simon Bisley (She Hulk painting), Greg Staples (Mars Attacks painting) as well as a stunning pencil and ink swimsuit pinup by Joe Phillips and Jim Lee. The paintings are all framed and matted, and will be removed from frames for shipping if sold, but matting can be kept if desired. These pieces are shown below for convenience but here's a link to the Premium Gallery direct so you can see them framed as well. I'd be happier to sell several of the smaller pieces, but will sell one or 2 of the premium pieces if the right offer comes through. Everything is priced very fairly but I will accept best offers as well. Here is a link to my main CAF page, and the For Sale galleries are all in red on the upper left side. Thanks for looking! Dave K
  11. I have a good friend in the hobby who isn't on these boards, but he has been looking for the perfect Michael Golden cover for a few years now and I recently offered to help him get the word out. He is well aware of the all the currently available ones on the dealer sites and CAF, but is hoping someone has one that they may be looking to sell or trade that isn't posted for sale somewhere already. So many great '90s Golden covers aren't posted to CAF or anywhere else, so we are hoping to shake something loose from offline. He's primarily looking for Image/Wildstorm covers or possibly Marvel covers (basically '90s stuff), so if you have something we'd love to hear from you. You can post in this thread, PM me here, or email me at madman1138 "at" Thanks!
  12. Anyone know this artist?

    Here's a sketch from CAF that I found that is similar enough to seem to confirm it. Not my piece tho.
  13. Anyone know this artist?

    I think it might be Steve Skroce.
  14. Swimsuit and Other Risque OA~

    Hahahaha! Plot was never a major part of the Swimsuit Specials. But yeah, that sounds about right lol. Tan lines suck!
  15. Swimsuit and Other Risque OA~

    Good news, I found it! It is a DPS (pages 7 & 8) from Secret Files #2 from 1996, from Angel Entertainment. Credits are listed as "Alex Jubran, Al Rio, & Friends" as the artists. Looks like Al Rio to me, around the time he was doing a more J Scott Campbell vibe, which led to him drawing Gen13 at Image shortly after this. I would swear it is by Al, but Terry would know best, I guess. But here is the published cover, title page, and DPS. Hope it helps!