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  1. I recently put a ton of art on eBay in an attempt to thin out the portfolios and also raise money toward post-Christmas recovery lol. I listed 75 no reserve, 7-day auctions in two waves that started Wed and Thursday evenings. All artwork from the '90s to present, and all starting at super low prices. Mostly non-Marvel and DC indie art and early Image stuff. Highlights include Stormwatch covers by Scott Clark and Renato Arlem, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 cover by Georges Jeanty, several Burn Notice covers by Tony Shasteen, Army of Darkness cover by Marat Mychaels, a BWS book illo from Opus II, an Adam Hughes Indiana Jones sketch card and sexy blueline Vampirella pinup inked by Victor Olazaba, some trading card art by Joe Benitez and Bo Hampton, and so much more! There are 14 covers (most under $100 to start and many under $50 even!), some great splashes and double pagers, interior pages, Encyclopedia Brown Book Illustrations, pinups, some trading card art, a bunch of sketch cards, some signed or remarked limited prints, and a couple old sketches too. I may add another wave tonight as well for even more stuff! Super affordable art by Barry Windsor Smith, Adam Hughes, Scott Clark, Simon Bisley, Renato Arlem, Marat Mychaels, Georges Jeanty, Bo Hampton, Joe Benitez, Tony Shasteen, Steven Russell Black, Jonboy Meyers, Ben Dunn, Dan Brereton, James O'Barr, Steve Ellis, Eduardo Francisco, Joe Chiodo, John Lakey, and more. Thanks for looking! Dave K
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am having a holiday sale from now through the end of December on everything in my Comic Art Shop! 20% off the listed prices on anything through New Years Day! I have been moving things over to for sale galleries on my CAF over the past weeks including lots of covers as well as splashes, interiors, trading card art, sketch cards, book illustrations, etc. So there is a wide variety of art and prices from $10 to low hundreds so it is all very affordable, especially during the sale. I may add more art in coming weeks as well, so check back periodically. Artists include Barry Windsor Smith, Adam Hughes, Joe Benitez, Simon Bisley, Scott Clark, Steve Ellis, Bo Hampton, James O'Barr, Mielan Zebrowski, Jonboy Meyers, Nei Rufino, Marat Mychaels, Steven Russell Black, Tony Shasteen, and many more! Just contact me through the Comic Art Shop email or PM me here to make a purchase. Paypal accepted and US shipping is $3 for sketch cards and $13 for regular sized 11x17 art via USPS. I will ship Internationally but please contact for cost as it all depends where it goes to. Thanks for looking!
  3. All you Image fans.. Check out the history!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing the link!
  4. This is the Comic Art Marketplace forum, for selling art. Maybe try posting this to the Original Comic Art forum, where it may get more eyes? This is definitely outside my wheelhouse and I can't help. Good luck!
  5. How cheap are OA collectors?

    Not sure on the comments, but I remember that Bill changed the CAF settings some years back to only allow one view per IP address, so constantly refreshing the page wouldn't add to people's view counts. (Some people were abusing it to get their amateur art onto the main page for top viewed art) So now the view counts are more accurate, which does give the appearance of less views.
  6. Sketchbook stolen

    That's awesome that it was found! Always love to hear happy endings like this.
  7. Your best bet is usually friends in the hobby that are attending the show to pick up, as it is a lot to ask for something like this, especially when it's Cho, Campbell, AH!, etc. But without the personal connections, I'd recommend you use someone like who specifically do these kind of pickups for a fee. Doug is good people and I believe he gets good access to Frank's sketch covers. But as mentioned above Frank's sketch covers are very pricey. But just reach out to Doug and he'll take care of you. Good luck!
  8. I am also leery of bidding on private auctions. It seems most of the forgery sellers use that method on their listings so you can't look up their past items when checking their feedback. I can't even think of another reason you'd want to do a private listing otherwise. I don't see how it protects bidders, like the sellers that use them say. Since eBay started blanking out the bidder IDs years ago there is less chance of warning potential bidders and it only makes it harder to catch shill bidding and forgery sellers that fly under the radar.
  9. When you comment on CAF -what is the threshold?

    For me it depends how I came to the piece. If I am searching for art by a certain artist and check out other people's incredible pieces by that artist, I almost always comment. Same with clicking on the email links in the CAF Premium newsletters, because those are all keyword pieces for me. And of course I comment on my friends pieces, whether I would want the piece or not because I have very eclectic tastes and can appreciate art of all kinds even if I wouldn't care to own it myself. But honestly, I don't really need a reason to comment and just leave one when I feel moved to do so, which can be often. It costs us nothing and you are there anyways, plus it makes people feel good about their collections to get comments. It's all about community, after all.
  10. question about a Piece I have

    Bruce uses a blue pencil to sketch his stuff out and uses animation paper usually, which is thinner than artboards. But sometimes he uses cardstock and sometime vellum, like this sounds like. But they are all usually 8 1/2 x 11. I have a similar piece that is full figure, blue pencil & inks on vellum (tracing paper) that you can see here. But yours looks totally legit to me, and it's a nice piece. I hope that helps!
  11. You are a good man, Scott! I hope it does really well!
  12. You are a good man, Scott! I hope it does really well!
  13. Seriously, wtf?

    Who on earth would pay $95 for a $50 gift card!?!?!? That's the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time! The descriptions are contradictory as all heck too. She starts with "My husband won this "Peanuts" comic strip as a boy in 1980" but later says "This is original, not a printed copy. A printed credit line: "1988 United Features Syndicate, Inc." is pasted vertically in the first panel." So he must have won it 8 years before it was published. Wow.....
  14. I reported some of them but nothing will probably happen. eBay doesn't really do much to keep these crooks off there because they make them money. It's sad that this is the people are trying now. They aren't even remotely similar to these artists styles and are all clearly fake, but some newbie might buy them thinking they're real. I miss the days when you could see the bidders ID's and contact them if needed. Ebay has just gone all to hell over the past decade or so. I still buy stuff on there from time to time, but it's glory days for art collecting are long past at this point.