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  1. 2020 sure was an insane year, but like others I had a pretty great year art-wise. Here are the 5 pieces I have entered in the annual Best Of. Due to my pickups being a bit different than usual, I am entering in some new categories I have never tried before, beside covers and pages, although I have some of those too. PUBLISHED/UNPUBLISHED NON-COMIC COVER, PIN-UPS, ILLUSTRATIONS, GAMING ART: This one is a true grail for me as I have always wanted a Wrightson piece from this era, either a Frankenstein plate or a Stephen King page specifically. With Frankenstein plates no
  2. Good luck, buddy! They are so hard to find and the competition is fierce.
  3. Bummer, I have been there. I hadn't seen your post until today or I would have shared it sooner. Sadly, this hobby is all about missing it by that much. But eventually something else always comes up.
  4. Nostalgia just posted their Cheap Art Wednesdays yesterday with a Doom Patrol page in it. Check that out.
  5. I saw that page sold AFTER it ended. I even tried Mike Collins directly and while he said he'd look he thinks they are all gone. I have only seen the one sell twice after the fact. So I am just hoping someone may know someone at this point.
  6. I have been looking for any pages from Uncanny X-men #266 by Mike Collins and Joe Rubinstein for a while now and haven't been able to find any. So I figured I would try a public post here on the off-chance that someone might have some that are not posted online or maybe knows someone with an offline collection that has one. Depending on the page, (I am looking for one with Gambit on it) I can offer cash or trade or even some of both. Whatever works for you I'm sure will work for me. Thanks everyone in advance!
  7. Agreed, you won't be able to find a private deal for all of it, so ComicLink is your best bet. You would take a bath at Heritage.
  8. It has been a little while since I have posted here or even had an Art Day I wanted to share, but this is a pretty good one. The original Campbell run of Gen 13 is one of my favorite comics from the mid-90s. Last year I was able to score my grail, the cover to Gen 13 #1 and I have been jonesing for another ever since. It has taken me over a year to get another Campbell cover but it was worth the wait. I have added the cover to Gen13 #17 by J Scott Campbell to my ever growing Gen13 collection on my CAF. You can see it on there if interested and you can also read the long story of how
  9. I've had this Julie Bell Gen13 cover painting for a while now. This was for a novel based on the comic book.
  10. Yes, it is the norm now. It does depend on the state you live in though. Here is a link with more info, but all internet sellers are starting to collect the sales tax now.
  11. I've been looking for those for almost 2 decades now myself. I have never seen them come to market or met anyone who had them offline. I loved those posters so much back in the day and had them on the walls for years. But you probably stand a better chance of finding them than me. Good luck!
  12. I have used and recommend Robert Dennis as well.
  13. Link? I don't see it on eBay based on the title.
  14. Good luck, buddy! Those are not easy to find or acquire and competition can get fierce. Patience is key though. I'm sure it'll happen at some point!