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  1. You may also come across the term "mechanical cover" at some point and it is essentially the same thing. Whether calling it Production Art or a Mechanical cover, it basically just means that it is assembled with copies/stats of the original art, but it is not actually original art as it is not hand drawn. So either is just a large copy of the original art with additional elements added, such as titles, logos, etc.
  2. Joe Chiodo has recently been selling his color guides to all the great early Image titles through Joe Mendoza at Joe's site is full of Chiodo's color guides to the early days of Image Comics when Joe colored for both Wildstorm and Top Cow at Image and at Marvel during the Heroes Reborn that Jim and Company did for Marvel. So these are Joe's hand painted colors over copies of the line art by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, J Scott Campbell, Whilce Portacio, Adam Hughes, Arthur Adams, Humberto Ramos, Brett Booth, Dale Keown, and so many more. What is nice about Chiodo's color guides is that he used cardstock instead of flimsy copy paper and he didn't write the color codes all over the piece so it is still nice looking art. I've bought quite a few myself and Joe Mendoza is a good guy, so I wanted to point people at him in case others are interested as well.
  3. Oh, and lots of people looked into everything on the COA last time and none of that exists. It is entirely fictional. My guess is they keep tracing something by Todd, maybe. It looks like they are all the same sketch image and only the signature moves.
  4. Definitely a fake. He has sold this one (or variations thereof) several times using the same bunk COA. There were discussions in FB groups when they sold before and I save everything. See images below.
  5. This seller got on my radar today for dubious "Bill Watterson Calving and Hobbes" sketches. They also have a Stan Lee with quickie Spider-man sketch. Last week they sold this Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes sketch for only $51, so others thought it was dubious as well. It's disappointing so many of these sellers keep popping up on eBay.
  6. He's had it back since last week. The excuse from the con man was as silly as expected, but Ryan did get the art back.
  7. I can't believe that was what he really said. (or thereabouts) I literally told my buddy that would be this guy's excuse, if he did return it, and I would put money on it. I'm laughing so hard right now. Clearly his motivation is damage control for his rep, and not remorse for what he did or anything else. He's destroyed his own reputation in this hobby. But if you choose to make that bed you have to sleep in it!
  8. I got the impression that he would give a story like "my cousin/friend/employee must have switched it out for the copy and I didn't know. I honestly thought I was the victim. When they came clean I immediately told you" type of excuse. If that is in fact what he said, he is clearly lying because that is the ONLY story that can possibly make it sound like he didn't just run a scam and got caught. Even though it is statistically impossible for all that to fall into place. But I guess as long as you got the part and we all know his name and who to avoid ever dealing with, I guess that's all we could hope for.
  9. @RS88 Like others, I would also like to know more details, even if convoluted, because this is a scam most of us have never heard of and we are all now pretty invested in this tale. How he came to admit he had it and his explanation is important to us to know. I hope you'll share the details as the community is entitled to know after their support and he certainly DOES NOT warrant the protection.
  10. Paypal Personal implies that you know them as a friend or family member so there is no way for them to get a refund. It is essentially the same as check or MO or sending it via Western Union in that it puts all the power in the seller's hands so there is no way to dispute or get a refund. Many people in the hobby use it when they can to save on fees.
  11. These are all still available and the prices are somewhat negotiable, so best offers are definitely considered. If anyone wants something, shoot me an offer!
  12. Last call! These end in just over 4 hours and with no reserve they will definitely be sold. Now is the time to bid if you want some Jim Lee pages.
  13. I have just set up a gallery on my CAF just for consignment art I will be selling for friends. Currently up for sale there are 4 pieces, with 2 by Jim lee and 2 by Jason Pearson. First is the end page from X-men #8 by Jim Lee & Art Thibert featuring Ghost Rider for $6500, and it comes custom framed, as it has been since the '90s. Next is the manga comic Eat-Man tpb cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams for $4k. Then there are 2 Jason Pearson pieces featuring his pinup from Prophet #1 back in 1993, and his cover to Xena #9. Both are $1500 each. At this time my friend is really only looking for cash for these pieces. Trade is not something he is into but it may be considered if you have any Wildstorm covers, pinups, or card art by Michael Golden, Arthur Adams, Adam Hughes, or Jason Pearson. Check or MO is preferred, but Paypal is acceptable is you pay the 3% for fees. Best offers will be considered as well. I can be reached through CAF mail, PM here, or through my personal email madman1138 at yahoo dot com. Thanks for looking!
  14. Bump. Now less than 2 days left on this 2-page lot! (see what I did there lol) Get your bids in now for these nice pages for cheap!