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    Sold first CGC book on eBay, & all I got was this stinking title

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  1. Man I hope this sells. I'm not holding my breath however.
  2. Hope everyone found some things they liked. Thanks to all who looked and bought - my biggest sales thread in a long time. I will get final invoices out tonight and tomorrow and will ship as soon as possible.
  3. and the last book for tonight and the last book in the thread. CGC 9.8/White copy of Hulk 1, 2008 series. *NOTE* THE LABEL IS INCORRECT - it is listed as the 2017 series, it is NOT, it is the 2008 series by Loeb. $250
  4. CGC 9.8/White copy of Detective Comics 881. Last issue of the title. $80
  5. NM copy of Marvel Tales 235. Todd McFarlane X-Men cover. If you press the very small non-color breaking crease at the top staple this is a $200 CGC book. Sold! to aznfevr
  6. NM/M copy of Adventures of Superman 465. First Hank Henshaw. Sold! to Gsims718
  7. NM/M copy of Sensational She-Hulk 14. Bolland cover. Sold! to Gsims718