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  1. Yes - there's my stuff and "inventory" - and "Inventory" is just fungible stuff that comes and goes in and out. I'm a small fish but I know that's the same with lots of other people.
  2. There's the stuff that is fungible and movable and is now worth 10x what I paid for it because of laziness and ennui and I haven't flipped them fast enough and I'm really happy that because of my slothfulness I've now made a higher multiplier on smoething. Then there are things I have that have gone up in value at multiples that are insane but those are things that are MINE and I don't want to move them. Its not a comic book, but I bought a first printing 1977 Bill James Baseball Abstract years ago and paid a pretty penny. I wonder what that would go for now? There are only 75 of them.
  3. I did - based on what my son wanted I bought some stuff which has now blown up. I realize of course that my accuracy in forecasting things that are blowing up right now - Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam Wing - is a direct result of having 12 year old son in 2007, so that helped. I have a bunch of unopened boxes that have just gathered dust for years.
  4. You bought then. You shouldn't have. You should have bought in 2000 when no one wanted the stuff.
  5. The Rule of 25 ALWAYS applies. You're misunderstanding what it is. The Rule of 25 says that there will be a collectible 25 years from now from what 12-17 year old boys want right now. It does not mean that every thing that a 12-17 year old boy wants right now will become collectible. The gamble is to find it and be right but not spend a lot of money doing it. My son was 12 in 2007, you can be assured that everything he bought and wanted from 2007-2012 was bought twice in my house. I would argue that Beanie Babies were NOT wanted by 12-17 year old boys in 1995. They were wanted by people looking to make fast bucks, present company included.
  6. I have a really nice set of Watchmen that something that you'd be interested in? I might be able to source a 1.
  7. Original owner collection, same as the ASM 129 down below.
  8. They're already exploding - prices have tripled (quadrupled?) in the past eight months. If you want to invest in one - I think it is a great speculative play - make sure absolutely sure that you are getting an MFC-000 one from 2003.
  9. And Yu-Gi-Oh. The Rule of 25 is always accurate. If anything, the pandemic is accelerating this - prices on everything are spiking. I thought there would be another couple of years on Yu-Gi-Oh but they've already blown up
  10. Original owner book, just found out of Washington state along with a bunch of other stuff.
  11. What more specifically are you looking for?