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    Sold first CGC book on eBay, & all I got was this stinking title

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  1. Support your LCS during coronavirus panics so you have a LCS after coronavirus panics!
  2. Speaking from unfortunate experience, the price jump from 9.6 to 9.8 is crazy, especially on the hardcore Bronze Age stuff. There simply aren't enough of them for demand.
  3. It isn't easy, let me tell you. I've been putting this set together for 15 years and has been difficult. What is your grade cutoff? Metropolis has a 187 in 9.6 for $108, which isn't too terrible.
  4. BTW what were the odds that no 9.8/w 179s come up for sale for - literally - 10 years and then two in a week.
  5. @greggy sold an Amazing Spider-Man 101 in CGC 9.8 with a perfectly placed date stamp in the white SMACK box on the cover. Maybe he still has an image?