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    Sold first CGC book on eBay, & all I got was this stinking title

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  1. Yeah - that was my thought as well. Those totes are nice to have and you got a bunch of them. The comics are a bonus.
  2. Hey there - and @KirbyJack sorry for the thread swipe. I'd be interested in that Shock 6.
  3. What gets me is when people are threatening to send ME a neg. Dude. What am I supposed to do?
  4. Block this guy. fo_310416. Abusive terrible buyer. Just block him.
  5. Or - and hear me out here - there's color touch on it.
  6. To answer the original poster's questions, because your book has color touch on it.
  7. Isn't that the whole point of the Cheesecake Factory - that the portions are the size for a family of four?
  8. I've been to Gaithersburg. Your package probably had a relatively good time. There's a nice Cheesecake Factory up there.
  9. Just printed this label. Item going to Ashburn, Virginia, from my house. Estimated delivery date for USPS Priority Mail January 7. If I left now, I could drop it off by 1, have lunch, and be back at my house before dark. Walking.
  10. One book tonight - Fight Comics 52. F/VF. Classic inverted bondage cover. $225 shipped. Paypal strongly preferred, returns within 14 days, etc. etc. Will go right out.
  11. First appearance of the Peacemaker. Will be played by John Cena in the Suicide Squad 2 movie and then will have an HBO Max show. I make no judgement, I just report.
  12. As a public service, here's what it looks like, for those who are box diving. What amuses me to no end is that this was a trash book for 50 years and suddenly it is worth a gazillion dollars.