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  1. Great research and information, Scrooge - and great examples from each publisher/category (well, except Charlton, of course....)! ....and kaculler - now I know who beat me out on the Dale Evans lot recently!
  2. Just received the two comics I bought recently. It was an all-around pleasant experience- the comics were in great shape, the packaging was very nice and they were shipped super-fast. Thanks a lot!
  3. Received a package from Robot Man - packed well and shipped quickly. Bob always provides great service, excellent comics and very reasonable prices. Highest recommendation!
  4. There was a 17 issue Monkees series from Dell in the late 60s - they are on all of those. I believe they also appeared on the cover of Teen Beat from DC (not entirely a comic, but comic-sized at least).
  5. Looks like the Thor above Rom is this one, dated February 83: ...but above that is Blade Runner 1 (October 82), and in the next column over it looks like Thor 372 (October 86). According to IMDB filming was done 6 August 1986 - 8 November 1986, so that would make sense. Looks like just random early-mid 80s issues were used.
  6. I felt the same way - my high bid was around the same place as yours. These early Charlton romances seem to be a little tough to find, especially in such nice shape, but that final amount blew my mind. Hopefully I'll stumble across a nice, lowly 2.0 copy for a fraction of the price somewhere along the way....
  7. I believe that last comic is Boy Loves Girl 39 - it is cover dated October, 1953, so it would fit the timeline!
  8. I don't do a lot of commenting here, but I couldn't let this one slip by... Love Tales 50 was the first romance comic I ever bought! When I was growing up in the 1980s my local, small-town comic shop didn't get many back issues older than the mid-60s (if they did, the owner usually kept them for himself), but this showed up in their bins one day for $2.75. Even though I didn't think I was interested in romance comics I picked it up, as I did any 10c comics that became available. This story - and this exact page in particular! - are what made me thing "Gee, maybe I've been wrong about these romance comics all along....". I have been picking them up and enjoying them ever since - I now have over 3000 romance comics. Not all of them have given me the same "wow!" experience as this issue, but I keep 'chasing the dragon' all the same! It was great seeing this page again, what a nice surprise! You never forget your first - especially when they are as great as this one!
  9. I'll take it - and the copy of Don Fortune 5 too, if both are still available.... Thanks!