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  1. The following books have now sold per PM: Blade Runner #1 & 2 House of Mystery #193 House of Mystery #200 House of Mystery #204
  2. Kid Colt Outlaw #153.0 GD/VG (1 5/8" split at bottom of spine)$30
  3. Kid Colt Outlaw #143.5 VG- (staples rusted with tears but everything still attached)$40
  4. Kid Colt Outlaw #103.0 GD/VG (approx. 1.5" square piece missing in bottom left corner of back cover)$45
  5. Jungle Action #117.0 F/VF (Qualified - Weird book to grade; looks nicer, but there is a stained area with some tearing at bottom of page 17/letters page. Readability is preserved.)FREE w/next purchase, post to claim
  6. Journey into Unknown Worlds #424.0 VG (Qualified - 1/6 of back cover missing)$20
  7. House of Secrets #93 Wrightson cover4.5 VG+$12
  8. House of Mystery #204 Wrightson cover/art6.0 F$15
  9. House of Mystery #200 Kaluta cover/art6.5 F+$18
  10. House of Mystery #193 Wrightson cover5.0 VG/F$12