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  1. The following books have all SOLD per PM: Doctor Strange, 170-175, 177-181, Annual #1 Strange Tales 140, 149 & 155 Superman 188
  2. The following books have SOLD per PM: House of Secrets #100 Phantom Stranger #17 Superman #236 Superman #249 Tomahawk #129
  3. Looks like that’s a wrap! I will be posting a recap tomorrow. As always, please PM with questions or offers. Everything is negotiable, so just let me know if you see anything of interest. Thanks!
  4. I have two treasuries left. One is on hold for a potential sale, but here is the other: Marvel Treasury Edition #59.2 NM- $35
  5. Tarzan Sealed Whitman Multi-Pack Contains issues #27-29Books appear to be in 9.2 NM- condition$20