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  1. Just looking at GPA for these two issues: TTA 1 - CGC 3.0 = $1,076 TOS 1 - CGC 3.0 = $1,020 So you can take your pick -bc PS - ST 1 in CGC 3.0 is about double that at $2.040 and JIM 1 is CGC 3.0 is triple at $3,227.
  2. As far as the later issues go, TTA 22 is definitely tough in higher grades. This is the best copy I've found in my quest:
  3. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! Simply gorgeous copy M ! Feel free to show that off anytime -bc
  4. Great book mysterio ! Very sorry to hear about the lost item, hoping everything turns out fine for you
  5. Great copy ! This one has eluded me in any grade above Fine. In fact, I think the best copy I have came from KirbyJack's liquidation sale. What's the last one you need?
  6. Blackie Norris and the Seven Bald Green Dwarfs
  7. Very cool sir! I actually learned a little a Spanish using those two covers -bc
  8. Morning Guys (or at least its morning here), I agree with your earlier post that the "first printing" is one of the key points to establish. I do like the "UK Priced Variant" text description. I'd really like to be able to check those barcodes above to see the difference in the CGC system. As far as I can tell, the 12th to 14th digit sequence for REPRINTS is "174". Now to brew some more tea....
  9. So after a few pints thinking about this, if the only issue is the currency on the cover that warrants this "variant" or "Edition" connotation/classification, do we say that a Pound is a variant/Edition of the US Dollar or a Canadian Loonie is a variant/Edition of the US Dollar, etc.? No, each has a unique name, value, classification and definition. Just chucking some mental octane on the pyre.....
  10. There is already one: https://discordservers.com/server/208281927084539904