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  1. Morning Jason, Well, I put the request in on July 15th and still no action on any of the requests from that period. I check that thread every week and it doesn't look like anything has been done since the Registry awards went out shortly after that Wondering if they are focusing resources on a trading card registry for their new service offering? I keep hoping that when I logon, I'll see that wonderful notice from Matt -bc
  2. Somewhat surprised that this thread died as quickly as it did....although I suspect that many of us just presume that every book has been pressed already. It appears that CGC does track what book has been worked on by CCS and will provide the information upon individual request. See screen shots from linked thread above: It makes sense since the cert# contains the internal order number which would include info about CCS services requested or performed on the book. Personally, I'd like to see this information incorporated right into the Verification results or (worst case) as part of the graders notes. This is both a competitive advantage and a new value-add to the customers who subscribe to CGC services and purchase their products. If they can do this on an individual request, why not just display it on an automatically generated web page (like the Verification results) instead of having the overhead of an FTE (full time employee)? Could it encourage more CPR? Maybe, but how much is happening already? Maybe I'm the last one here who knew this information was available on request - apologize in advance -bc
  3. Vanishing planet to dying planet -bc
  4. Very nice copy Lou! Registry Set is coming along nicely! -bc
  5. You're right - really nice colors & eye appeal for a 2.0! Grats! -bc
  6. Pressing: "Hey look, this book has already been pressed 4 times and this person is paying for another" Accounting: -bc
  7. It was sort of a rhetorical question. -bc
  8. This is news to me. If they can do this on an as requested basis (as the thread you included demonstrates), they should incorporate this into the general Verification results otherwise I can see a FLOOD of one off inquiries. So if they know a book has already been pressed, would they still take your money to press it again? -bc
  9. I had about 7K books at one time and can't even imagine 16K Sold off most of them and refocused on a specific goal. Now I'm down to 5 short boxes; 4 boxes of slabs, 1 box of raws. Once they fill, something has to go before I add more. Do I wish I would have saved a few that have spiked in value since then? Sure I do, who wouldn't. But for the most part, couldn't be happier about my decision. Good luck man! -bc