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  1. 100% Couldn't agree with you more Just trying to make the comparisons a little more balanced. -bc
  2. This is well worth repeating. To me, liquidity, even if it requires a penalty, is a pretty important factor as well as the annual return. Not sure if I want to deal with 1000 books ever again tho -bc
  3. Cool discussion. Think there are some comparisons being used that aren't necessarily equivalents. Sure investing in traditional financial tools like IRAs, 401Ks and Index Funds may offer only a modest increase over a 10 year period. But that comparison to a specific book's increase in a specific grade over the same period (like AF15 CGC5.0) isn't really a fair comparison. Investing in a specific stock (let's say Netflix) 10 years ago would have provided a 35% Average Annual Return. Nvidia provided nearly a 40% Average Annual Return. Don't think we've ever seen any specific
  4. Of all the so-called "prototypes" attributed to PHM books, I can actually sort of buy into this one. Have the same names - check (minus the Parker surname) Look the same - check (although I sill think Ditko (& Kirby) had several "stock body styles" and these two are prime examples) Care for a teenager with issues - check Sorry that I can't be my usual raving lunatic about this prototype -bc
  5. FYI - a TTA2 in 7.5 went for $1,400 last night on Clink. Appears our little genre is on some other parties radar as well (which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it ) -bc
  6. Go for it! I keep saying the same thing about my TTA1 (along with my Yellow Claw 1) but just never get around to it. Now that I'm planning on moving in the next few months & the postal delays here in Ohio, probably won't happen anytime soon. Good Luck with the Slabbing! -bc
  7. That's a pretty short list. And you're right 1 & 13 will be the most expensive - I set a price limit on #13 and bought what I could find in that range. Luckily, my TTA1 I bought 20+ years ago off feeBay. The others aren't that bad of hunt - will try and keep my eyes open for ya! -bc
  8. I've accumulated three TOS11s (all raw) and this is the best of the bunch: Crazy tough book to find in grade - guess it was a well-loved issue! -bc
  9. Great haul man! Can we get a better pic of the TOS 11? As kj mentioned - it's one of the toughest issues of the title to find a nice copy. Grats! -bc
  10. Beautiful copy of a tough book! GLWTS! -bc