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  1. bc

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Thanks to some bad wrapping, here's a 0 cents copy of JIM60
  2. bc

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Well, finally got off my butt and sent in my Cross-Over books - 5 PHM's: TOS 22, 9.0 White ST 88, 8.5 White WOF 16, 9.2 White (showed this a few pages back) TOS 8, 8.0 OW-W ST 66, 6.5 OW-W Will show the results when I get them! -bc
  3. bc

    Superman in Cleveland

    Been there for several years. Still check it out every time I'm there. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2012/10/superman_welcoming_center_open.html
  4. bc

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Same book, old nasty smartphone pic: New scanner @300dpi, full default settings: Does a much better job on floppies compared to slabs since it isn't CCD.
  5. bc

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Had to get a new printer today, went cheap and got an Epson WF-7710 for $125 on sale. It has a legal size scanner bed so I can finally scan some slabs and ditch the bad smartphone. Still playing with the default software and settings, this looks like the best I'll be able to get out of it. Good enough for me for the price! -bc
  6. bc

    what is a CURATOR COPY ?

    There are actually CGC 10 golden age books
  7. Cool game man! From your earlier work, IM1 is the 21st most graded slab with a little over 5,100 submissions http://www.cgcdata.com/cgc/cgctop/ For the next SA book, FF48 is 25th at a little over 4,900. Still less than a 1/3 of ASM300 with over 18K !
  8. my guess would be CGC 6.5 Fantastic Four #48
  9. That's chay's book. Been up there a while now. Think he is hoping it grows into that price.
  10. Think you are correct, just not sure how drastic the difference will be. It's a very nice looking copy. According to GPA, a high grade PLOD sale hasn't been recorded for several years. With blue label 9.0 prices over 30K, even at a 90% discount for the PLOD, it's still likely a $3+K book. Good Luck! -bc
  11. Other than PHM fans, probably very few. As late as the 34th OSPG (2004), the notes for TTA 13 were "Swipes story from Menace #8". No mention of Groot at all. -bc
  12. bc

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    That is an awesome copy of an iconic cover! Where did you get it? -bc
  13. Congratulations! Not only on getting the Dark Horse connection, but also for having the passion to do the Kickstarter campaigns and do all the up front leg work. Think this hobby could really benefit with more material appropriate for a younger crowd like your books. Wishing you the best of luck! -bc