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  1. Purple Another one makes it thru the system -bc
  2. If you're just looking for the story - Marvel Greatest Comics #36 is a direct reprint of FF#49 and likely much less expensive. Good luck! -bc
  3. And Welcome to the Boards! -bc
  4. That's because he is using one of these I also doubt that this book has been swapped. -bc
  5. Jaraven7/ICan'tDoThisAllDay replied to me with this in the BTTF thread : "Back to the future is the Best film in the 80s early 90s that was ever made during that period. There comicbooks first apperance I have said is the free promotional giveaway that was handed out at universal studios in 1991. "There is an advert that says before the cartoon came out in september 1991", before issue #1 that came out in november 1991 this comic should be worth a'lot of money because the movie was iconic it was so. conic during that period it was considered better than Starwars . #FACT" The rest, as they say, is history.... And yes, both dogs and cats can participate. Stay conic! -bc