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  1. Not sure this is the the direct answer...the Atlas Implosion in '57 caused Stan to use Independent News (when they switched from putting "ATLAS" on the cover to "IND") as the distributor. IND was owned by DC and thus limited Stan to 8 books per month from '57 to '63-ish. Think then IND allowed 11 or 12 titles to be distributed per month. Most titles in that '57-'63 period were distributed bi-monthly on what I assume would be a weekly basis based on some data stamps I have seen but that could just be based on geography.
  2. Well, after being layed-off and turned down for dozens of jobs because of being an "overqualified" mid-50 year old, I spent some time helping a startup company get on its feet then I launched my own consulting business with the money I made from the startup. Got a couple of gigs going but unfortunately, one of them is with a firm in Mumbai, India which caused me to burn the midnight oil since I'm in the states. Other than that, needed a break from the boards. Other than this thread and a few in the GA section (and of course your fantastic work with Pence copies & Black Circle variants ) got tired of all the speculation & BS threads. Seemed like it was becoming more about the $$$ and not about the love of the hobby or the history of the medium - so I took a hiatus. Haven't bought anything new, but I did unsuccessfully bid on a few of the sweet PHMs in that last Heritage & CC auction (including that gorgeous Strange Worlds #3 @Rosland posted above). Congrats @mysterio on the awesome early JIM run! Also a shout out to @Sweet Lou 14 on the really nice TTA run you're putting together! I'll try and check in more often - may start adding to the Vault next year if the cash flow situation allows it. Glad to see the gang is still posting -bc ps - no slabs in the stocking this year @KirbyJack BUT Santa brought me 1000 rounds of ammo to keep the ongoing coyote & raccoon invasion under control
  3. Merry Christmas to all my Pre-Hero Brothers! Hope all is well with you & yours! -bc
  4. For some of these books, even finding a 7.0 is tough! and thanks for the warning about windows updates.
  5. So I just got a brand new laptop (to replace my 8 year old brick) with some fancy graphics & display. This is the first comic pic I've seen with it Looks absolutely lovely! Great pickup man! (The laptop has a touchscreen display. That was fun for abut 5 minutes before my shoulders started to feel it. Don't know how those Star Trek people did it for a several hour shift.)
  6. Congrats for doing that! Thats some good karma points there
  7. After I sold off most of 10+ long boxes of SA books in 2001 (I know - too early to make the big $$$$ like today), I've been strictly adhering to a "5 short box" rule. Once the 5 short boxes get full, something needs to go. Know its not for everyone, but it keeps me focused. Never want to move an SUV sized collection again! Although I might have to up that to six boxes if I ever get close to finishing the whole PHM run with slabbed versions
  8. Great pickup! I was one of the under bidders. I snagged the #7
  9. From the GCD (but I find it a big stretch) According to X-Men: Hidden Years (Marvel, 1999 series) #18 these mutants appear next behind the scenes with more mutants in Amazing Adult Fantasy (Marvel, 1961 series) #14, the mutants of this story are next seen in X-Men: Hidden Years (Marvel, 1999 series) #15.
  10. Not a cover, but something Kirby scripted and drew (his wife Roz is credited with the inks in the GCD) that I recently discovered in Yellow Claw #2 (December 1956 cover date). Scanned for your viewing pleasure. Check out the "mutant" lead story and the awesome 2/3 splash on page 3. Hmmmm, don't think this is the last time that The King will use the "mutant menace" theme in comics.
  11. Newest addition from tonight's CLink auction -congrats to any of the other winners!