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  1. The title was changed 3 times but it’s all the same run. looking for raw mid-grade copies of the Josie run for fair market value. Lots would be great too. I have issue 1,45 and I’ve really just started
  2. Price reduced - $4500 obo. Don’t be shy to make an offer if this is a book you are after!
  3. Jackpot 4 cgc 2.5 - Was $5000 Now $4500 OBO SOLD!!!! First Archie image on a cover. notes say “cover detached. Tape on cover, interior cover and interior”
  4. First the rules... - No bad people (HOS or those on probation) - first trumps any negotiations via private message - payment by check or USPS money order. Check must clear before shipment - Shipping is FREE (and only to) the US and Canada - since this is a graded book, no returns please. - I have references here and can provide them if needed. I know this is a big book and want you to feel secure before you send payment.
  5. I will also entertain trades for Archie related books of the same value. Can be one book or a bundle. Also interested in original Archie art by Montana, Lucey, Freese, DeCarlo, etc.
  6. Here are the rules.... 1. First “I’ll take it” or any variation in the thread trumps any negotiations via private messages. 2. Payment is by PayPal only please. 3. Shipping will be free via USPS priority mail. 4. Please no people on any of the bad lists. 5. I will entertain best offers but please refer to rule 1. 6. If you need references I can provide them. I’ve bought/sold/traded with several people on the boards who will vouch for me. 7. You may return the book within 7 days of receiving it if not satisfied. And here’s the book.... Pep 36. 1st Archie cover in Pep. $800 The book is coverless - boo. It comes with a very nice color Xerox cover. The interior is complete and original and in very nice shape. The single staple appears to have been replaced. Very difficult book to get in any condition. Only selling because I now have a complete copy. I can send more pics to potential buyers. Thanks!
  7. Looking for Dan DeCarlo work on Archie titles...especially Betty and Veronica artwork.
  8. Will pay up to $100 for a nice raw copy. Only graded copy to sell according to gpa is a 3.0. I would be interested in it as well Or any graded copy for that matter.
  9. Archie 68. 2.0 range. Tape on interior cover. 2” split at the top. Small pieces missing. Ow/w pages. Cover and centerfold are attached. This is a VERY difficult issue to find. They don’t come up very often. SOLD
  10. Archie 48. 2.5 - infamous spoon cover. One of my favorite Betty images. I up graded recently so I’m letting this one go. $250