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  1. Looking for raw or graded copy - anywhere from 1.5-4.0. Will pay at or above gpa - right now the book seems to be selling for around $1000 a point in lower grades. So...a 2.0 I'll pay in the neighborhood of $2000 3.0 - $3000...and so on, so forth. Willing to pay more for nice presenting copies with above average page quality (ow/w to w) Thanks!
  2. Did you say Betty and Veronica at some point? I may have dreamed that....
  3. Love this book and character. She is really on the rise in value with the Netflix show...seasons 3 and 4 have already been green-lighted! I saw a 15cent variant sell on Comiclink recently. It's still up if you search "Archie" - a 5.5 example I believe. Here's mine...standard 12 center
  4. Price lowered...and I do accept offers - don’t be shy
  5. Thanks Todd! Ditto for you my friend. And I've got something in the works that I'll tell you about later once this sells.
  6. The rules first: * No bad list people * Payment is by paypal only. * Shipping to the US and Canada only on this one. * Shipping will be $25 for USPS priority fully insured. For Canadian shipping, I will get you a quote. * No returns since this is a graded book * trumps any discussions via pm. * References are available if needed. A 6.5 copy sold recently on Comiclink for $4000. It had cream/ow pages. This one has lily white pages and nice centering. closed
  7. still looking UPDATE: Copy has been found. Thread is closed.
  8. Looking to pay fair market value based upon 90 day gpa. Anywhere from $825-1150 depending upon grade, presentation, page quality, etc.
  9. Been looking for a nice copy of this.
  10. Looking for a nice presenting IH 2 cgc in the 2.5-3.5 range. Needs to have ow, ow/w, or white page quality. Thanks! COPY HAS BEEN FOUND - THREAD IS CLOSED. THANKS
  11. Upgraded my 7 and added 9 & 10. Makes my 1-10 run complete!