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  1. Tough call - If I had to pick one I'd lean towards the GSX1
  2. Fantastic Four Annual 6 $150 - Last GPA sale was $197
  3. MSH12 $400 - Last GPA sale was $575 and 90 day is $505 - book has been pressed SOLD
  4. Xmen 2 5.5 - 6.0 $500 - slight spine tear otherwise this book grades much higher SOLD
  5. Feel free to pm me with an offer if you’d like. Sorry no trades. Usual rules apply. In thread trumps any ongoing negotiations. payment via cheque or money order preferred but will consider Paypal. Cheque must clear before the book will be sent out. May consider other payment options but please pm me to clear it first. Shipping is $25 for 1-4 slabbed books, $10 for raw books if in the States or Canada. Anywhere else please contact me first. Insurance is on me. No returns on slabs
  6. +1 - X1 all day and I’m a wolverine fan first
  7. About a year ago I nearly bid up a silver age 7.0 in which the top staple was rusted. Very small but clearly visible from scans. It took a very keen eye from a fellow boardie to point it out to me. I pulled notes and there was no mention of rust. I try to be diligent as possible when buying from pictures but wouldn't rely on grader notes alone.