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  1. Not that I have them but no FF52, TTA27 or X4?
  2. That’s a really nice looking book...give other boardies a shot....this book should find a buyer in no time
  3. There’s also the Clink exchange to consider....you can put the books up on consignment without having to send them in until they’re sold.
  4. Man that sucks...Such a good guy. He was always trying to help the rest of us (especially noobs like myself) and had so much information to share. I knew he wasn’t doing well and this was coming but I’d kinda hoped he’d just pop up again. The boards just got a little darker, RIP Bob.
  5. 1. Can I/we see pics of the TOS39 and do you have an ask price in mind? 2. Clink will take 10% of the proceeds. HA will take 30%. Not sure how it makes any sense to consider anything other than Clink except for..... 3. Try the boards - doesn’t always work but you can save on fees if you get your price
  6. Congrats on the house and right call about happy wife buuuuuuuut did she let you keep anything?
  7. I checked with the seller on that 85K Ebay sale and it was legit
  8. bump - book is still available should anyone consider a swap
  9. Nice centering also and great first post
  10. I hope CGC popped those staples on purpose....Karma is a “Dylan”
  11. FF1 1.8 X1 3.5 Hulk 1 1.0 Fantastic Four 5 5.0 Journey into Mystery 83 4.0
  12. Such a sweet looking book - you don’t get to see all of the the “M” in Magneto often Congrats on a beaut -