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  1. split the $150k into 4 and get the nicest copy/grade I could for $37,500 of the following: hulk 1(6.5’ish) AF15(5.0’ish) FF1(6.5’ish) X1(7.5 maybe 8.0)
  2. I’ve experienced delays but books have eventually arrived. As well as delays with USPS I’m also up in Canada and our postal service has also had issues. Super frustrating but try not to stress.
  3. - not how I meant but that too
  4. Just completed another big transaction with Tyler. Super fast shipping and smooth deal. He’s a beaut.
  5. I’m sitting at 7.0....it’s a bit hit and miss right now but I can see this getting a 7.5 before it gets a 6.5 Really nice looking book though
  6. Same book is listed on the exchange asking $125k and turned down $80k. Any idea what the last 9.9 sold for at auction?
  7. Looking to pay $1500 or around GPA for a regular CGC 9.8, $2500 for a newsstand but have a strong preference for a Canadian variant and will pay considerably more for a Canadian Newsstand
  8. I’ll put the over/under at $75k
  9. Nice 3.0 in the for sale section..
  10. Give it another 45 years and today’s prices will look just as crazy