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  1. Just my 2 cents but I bought one raw book from this seller (FF 55) a couple years ago, sent it to Cgc and the grade came back as advertised....a 9.2 blue label.
  2. How's this for a nice looking 5.5? https://www.comiclink.com/itemdetail.asp?back=%2Fsearch.asp%3Fwhere%3Dsell%26title%3Dhulk%2B1%26GO2%3DGO%26ItemType%3DCB&id=1378004
  3. Looking to upgrade my ow/w 4.5 Hulk 1 ow/w to a 6.0. Would consider a 5.5 or 6.5 depending on book and asking price. Would be all books ideally but will consider cash. OW or better, no chipping, no writing and using GPA values.
  4. There was a bunch of books on heritage that didn’t do well including this one https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/superhero/the-incredible-hulk-1-marvel-1962-cgc-fn-65-off-white-to-white-pages/a/7212-92266.s?ic16=ViewItem-Inventory-BuyNowFromOwner-PreviousPricesHeritage-081514
  5. Looking for a hulk 1 in a 6.0 but will consider a 6.5 or 7.0. Ow pq or better and no chipping. Looking to trade ideally around gpa. W
  6. Great looking 1.0 but methinks it looks like a 1.5 from here.
  7. I’m in the 2.0-2.5 range. Could see a 3.0 before a 1.8. Nice book and Gluck
  8. And then there's beauty on CC https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=848306
  9. How is that book only a 5.5??? It looked alot better than the grade. Especially considering a 4.5 with minor chipping sold ofr $16k the day before the 5.5? I love white pages but there should've been more than $6k between them.
  10. +1. I believe CCS screening only costs $50 if declined.