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  1. International shipping is expensive.You can't ship first class because there is no Insurance so USPS Priority Flat Rate is solid but requires you to use extra forms. as for the ebay questions.Many people use their phones these days so...
  2. No it was not graded as Yellow ...actually it had minor front cover color restoration and came back purple....
  3. So...HaHa on me, geeeeze and Whoops!? I was at ECCC 2019 and went with a very nice CGC rep to get two comics signed by Neal Adams for CGC SIGNATURE GRADING.(Green Lantern #79 and Batman #200). All four of us there at Neal's table were all chatting about this and that and Neal took the books from me.(I usually take them out of the bags myself for a signer.) I got my books back and the Green Lantern #79 was unsigned! I had paid the signature fee to Neal for a CGC book and paid the CGC Signature fee. It was definitely the same book. What happened??...After several hours of thinking I realized that I had the comic in three bags and ol' Neal accidentally signed on a very clear bag ,Not on the comic! I had it sent for fast track pressing so the bag was lost there...So that's my sad tale...My Batman #200 came back great!....I'm not blaming anyone,maybe a partial credit? Laughing and sighing..I wonder where that signed bag ended up..LOL...Right?
  4. It is confusing.I brought it to their attention a while back and I got them to add the note about the 2009 origin. A lot of people thought they were original 4th printings from 1986 that were short printed in Canada(not the case). A major comic dealer listed it this way on their website.(Probably by accident) And we all went along for the "grail" ride. I do not blame CGC at all on this. This one is very hard to find because it was DC DIRECT. Probably only really collectible to DARK KNIGHT RETURNS fanatics(like myself) When I was first trying to find one I called and emailed every toy dealer I could find and no one coull find one to sell me one. I was ready to pay as much as 5-600 for an unopened one. Now I have seen some come up on ebay and 9.8 s usually sell for 4-550 on ebay. It is a rare variant. maybe it should say Variant instead of 1986? But I don't really care either way. Mine are still in their boxes sealed with the action figures.(worth more that way in my opinion)...
  5. It's very hard to tell how people will react. Sometimes we all take things the wrong way. I would consider messaging the seller when you saw it go up to 140 and asking if you can buy it for 100 at a BIN ? Make a real offers instead of criticizing a seller or asking "will you take less" or " what's the lowest you'll go"
  6. Ah...I think they are also sales taxing the shipping charges...that's where the variations are occurring.
  7. I'm in Washington State. I purchased 3 books recently and the new sales tax collected by ebay varied from roughly 10% to 12%. So it's not the same every time...weird
  8. I'm now paying an extra 10% Sales Tax on every comic I buy on Ebay. Seems lame... Your opinions? Has it stalled sales for anyone?
  9. The Ebay Comic Book home page is currently set to Best match instead of live auctions ending. And the homepage has a couple pages of ads to scroll through before you even see listings. This is a death sentence to live actions right now. Gotta stick to Buy it Now till this is fixed.(again) . Lame Ebay...Lame
  10. I wish I had a signed stan lee item.I purchased two over the last decaade but I re-sold them long ago because I was not fully happy with the items....A signed stan lee doll (mint but missing one piece) and a cgc book I was not interested in...I cant even remember the title now...Ha...
  11. Many years ago... 1) When Ebay compiled Stores(buy it now) listings into the same listing space as "Auctions" It hurt the live bidding market. 2)Several Mega-Supersize-Comic stores fill so much of the live auction space with total mess that the really good stuff is often passed over. 3)Scammers who have been able to constantly re-invent themselves have struck on the selling and buying line. For new customers this is similar to getting bad food at a restaurant...doubtful they will return. 4) Ebay needs to spend less time on Fixing the auction process and less time on marketing commercials. 5) Also Ebay removed the live auction page from the Comic Books homepage for awhile(fixed now) .That was really hurtful. As to your mention of overpricing...It can be? Depends on the item. There should me lots more lots that start at .99 and sell for whatever instead of COMIC MASTER listing every issue of every 90's-2000's comic every week. Try looking at the prime weekend auction times...swamped with mess. I love Ebay..but since you asked...
  12. I got the book back...It had defects that could not be fixed by pressing. So the 9.0 was justified. I was confused by the grading notes I read online before I got it back. Thanks,