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  1. I simply stopped using CCS. I don't like the price, and the wait...and then had a GA book damaged. Bitter experience and knowing it was not isolated, cost them this customer. Edit: of the 100+ books graded over the last 6 months, I only had 20 pressed ( and those were all done by other non-CCS source). I'm not a huge volume guy.
  2. Okay guys, not to hijack the thread, but earlier someone was asking about, and wondering about the possibility / authenticity of a Bettie Page signature on a Dave Stevens art card. Here's a *fantastic* article detailing some of their relationship, in a specific context. I picked this article up from Geof Darrow's FB page, where he mentioned actually being in this car with Dave Stevens, and the actress Yvette Vickers. It's a fun read, even if you're not into cars and hot rods - it's a glimpse back to that era!
  3. Submitted numerous Value books...broken into 3 groups. They are marked RECEIVED Sept 17th.... 2 of the 3 groups were moved to SCHEDULED today Dec 19th. So...90 days? Another ECONOMY group marked RECEIVED Nov. 14 were moved to SCHEDULED on DEC 16th? So that's 32 days.
  4. I had a very mixed bag in terms of results. I'm tied up getting ready for a party tomorrow so I haven't had time to do a full run down, but my Am Spiderman 129 in Voldy 9.0 verified Stan Lee sig (not witnessed) that I've owned for 4 years....went for just over $1200. With recent ebay listings of 9.0 going for 1475, and GPA 9.0 at 1800 ish... I feel like pulling a Charlie Brown. AUUUGGHH!
  5. Took a chance and sold in the Hakes auction that ended tonight. Had done Comiclink and Heritage before... anyone else have experience with Hakes ?
  6. Might be real pissed .... just backed off a raw Cinderella Love 27
  7. I have 4's and 5's that would KILL to look as good as this book.
  8. I didnn't see the crease either, (before I submitted), until i titlted the book away from me, and took a flash picture. It doesn't break color at all.You can pick it up in the pic with the AYERS signature - it touches the line that shows where the arm starts / armpit on the left. Thanks for the responses guys. I figured 5-ish when I sent it off. Maybe 5.5 due to age etc. But the reason I posted the grade I got back: 3.0 I have a HUGE problem with that grade, and these notes, for the book above: Oh, Tan to off-white pages. Grader Notes: heavy cover tanning to cover heavy creasing to cover moderate bends to cover moderate spine stress lines to cover moderate staining to cover moderate tears to cover
  9. Trick question, as the book has already been graded. No pressing. I only saw a crease after the graders notes mentioned it. It runs from the bottomleft corner through the chins of both of the blue Native Americans on the front. More apparent is the creasing that parallels the spine. issues: cover tanning , heavy creasing to cover, bends to cover, spine stress lines to cover, staining to cover, tears to cover. So, what grade would you assign this...70-year old boo
  10. Thanks for the info. I went from having no doubts about CCS a few years ago, to being a bit gun-shy. Nothing like having a 1st appearance GA book (1947?) in 7.0 being submitted for a press...and having the spine opened all the way to the first staple, and return as a 5.5 - to make the blood boil. I got an email saying it had happened, but such things can happen. Oops, sorry. So, thanks for the alternative source.
  11. This is killing me after my ebay fiasco that is a few hours old. In January I received an email from ebay saying list and sell 5 items for FREE. I asked around on the boards, and they said good deal, go for it. So, I called and verified with eBay over the phone, and over the next few hours (offer ended midnight PACIFIC, and I'm ET) I got my listing set, and put it up for sale, pictures included, by midnight. The book sells, and last week I finally get around to moving some cash around. 730 ET tonight, I get hit with the 10% ebay fee... 5 weeks after the sale ENDED. I spent about 90 minutes on the phone with ebay, and they tell me their records show that the sale listing happened 5:15 AM ET, 5 hours after the offer ended. Considering I was at work at 7 AM and was annoyed that I had finished the listing at midnight the night before and was only going to get 5+ hours of sleep, I was pretty surprised at this. BUT I have no screenshots, and nothing I can point to that disputes their timestamp, except my recollection, and the emails I have with the screenshots from my phone, that I sent to my PC to then uploda on the sale listing, all timestapmed before midnight ET. Ebay has said the best they can do, and all that they will do, is refund HALF of the listing fee that should have been free. This has ruined my Saturday night, and I'm sitting here STILL absolutely LIVID. Screenshots, people.
  12. Mmmm.... my worst experience was picking up a Batman #5 along with about 8 or 10 other books about 5 years ago. The Bats was not the most expensive book....but was the only one that had any issues. Came back as a .5 due to 1/4 to 1/2 of a page missing, 'does not affect story'. = I did manage to pick up a coverless but complete copy last year or so. Still have to decide which way to marry them for a green label....estimated at a 4-5.
  13. Well, I do recall seeing a few panels a long time back that showed him shaving by using his own heat vision against stubble via mirror. Or maybe some occult character has some ensorcelled scissors?