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  1. Looking for a 2nd opinion on this one. Tape on spine and 2 pieces right cover edge. Small detached triangle botton right corner. As always any insight is appreciated. Any questions please ask. Thank you!!
  2. I need about 30 more issues to finish my 2-100 run so I most likely will be moving my doubles (18/28/31/32/48) to fill so more holes.
  3. Been buying books from a guy locally for 4-5 years. About 6 months ago he contacted me that he was ready to move the last/best of his Bat books. I had to sell off some big books but was worth it IMO. He worked at a shop in Montreal back in the day.
  4. Thanks! This is actually the lower grade of the 2 #31s in a collection I just picked up. Beauty books.
  5. Hi all. Thanks in advance for any input! Any questions please ask.
  6. I've been buying books from a local collector who's been selling off his stuff for the last couple years. About 6 months ago he decided to let go the rest of his Batman collection. Last week I was finally able to complete the deal. He saved the best until last for sure. Some real nice high grade stuff. Said he bought a lot from Harley at the Montreal comic cons over the years. He threw in the Overstreet