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  1. No worries. If you know me, I'm a GA or CDN guy so it will probably be not be in my possession for very long.
  2. Too good a deal to pass up, so yes a bit of an impulse I suppose......
  3. It does not. Unique to the book. The outside is different as well. I've been looking for a tec 38 BC for a couple years.
  4. Thought I'd pass some IG news along as I didn't see a topic on this. Really sucks!
  5. Looking for a pre Robin Tec (28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 37) up to $20k. Will pay GPA+. Also have a Punch Comics 12 (CGC 4.0) I would be willing to add to the deal if interested. PM me if you are looking to move a copy, Cheers Mike
  6. No HOS or PL. Will ship to Canada or US at exact cost, either Fedex or USPS - your choice. Returns ok within 7 days of receipt of books. Please contact me 1st. Paypal, EFT, check. money order. Payment must clear before shipping. Any questions, offers, etc please feel free to PM me! Marvel Spotlight 6 CGC 9.4 $185 Ghost Rider 3 CGC 9.4 $140 Ghost Rider 3 CGC 9.4 $140 Creepy 26 CGC 9.6 (cracked slab) $145 Creepy 37 CGC 9.8 (cracked slab) $120 Giant Size Super Villain Team Up CGC 9.8 $ 225 Iron Fist 1 CGC 9.4 (Old label) $250 Punch Comics 12 CGC 4.0 $12000
  7. Epic is almost an understatement. Congrats!!!
  8. Agree on the grade 7.0-7.5 Great looking copy. Most of the Canadian books are tough to find in higher grade as the paper and print quality was generally lower.
  9. True. When I pulled it out to take pics and change the bag I was like......hope that top piece doesn't fall off. I agree about the pressing, I'm sure at least a couple pieces would be gone after the process. Surprisingly when handling it the cover doesn't feel real brittle. Thanks for the comments all.
  10. Thanks. Covers have fairly bad tanning but the book presents very well with no other major issues.