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  1. I don't think it does refresh unfortunately.
  2. Winning bidder never paid! Lucky for me.
  3. mycomicshop has 3 or 4 pages, can't remember which ones though.
  4. My package arrived safe and sound! Thanks @nickwire for the great books and to @HollyJollyOne for organizing. Hope 2020 is a great year for everyone on the boards!!
  5. I know, risky business but I'd really like this book in a 9.6. Graders notes below. Thoughts? Left Bottom Back Cover Bend Left Top Front Cover Bend Spine Stress Lines
  6. Out of town so may have received. Will report in when home. Merry Christmas all!!
  7. Since it's Dec 15th thought I'd share. Happy 53rd birthday!!
  8. Some great books in this thread.