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  1. My first comic was a Brave and the Bold, but pre-superhero. I can't remember anything about it except that there was a Silent Knight story. I was a sucker for anything with knights or dinosaurs. I think my second comic was a Classics Illustrated: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Dinosaurs), and I liked Turok, too (Dinosaurs again!).
  2. I'm usually in the LA/OC area in June and July - I'll swing by and take a look!
  3. Telerites, Thanks for the link to James Payette; I make purchases from him at least once a year. I actually work in Thailand at Nakorn Payap International School, and before that was at the Chiang Mai International School for 21 years. But we're as underpaid over here as public schoolteachers in the US! I should be retired (I'm 67), but I'm not done teaching yet! -ElJay
  4. For the last 2 years, middle school General Science. Before that I was teaching high school Biology, AP Biology, and Environmental Science.
  5. I haven't checked this thread at all this month - I'm a schoolteacher and have been kept hopping! So... bump for Sept/October!
  6. Supersnipe has a few - I got these pics from the internet.