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  2. I'll be listing about 30 CGC graded books for sale. Here's some additional information I'll Take it overrides PM offers. Shipping is $12 via USPS Priority Mail. No additional shipping cost for multiple books won. PayPal, checks or money order are acceptable forms of payment. Returns are acceptable, but cost of return shipping will be paid by buyer (unless book damaged during shipping). Good Luck!
  3. I've been collecting Golden Age books for the past 17 years. The market across various genres seldom goes up on a straight trajectory year after year. What typically happens is that as soon as a key book, title and/or character gets hot, prices go up significantly over a short period of time (usually between 6 months to 2 years). What happens then is that current owners will see the positive trend and decide to sell their books for a nice profit. Once the interest and supply (which is usually fairly small for GA books) dies down a little, prices will usually stagnate for several years before the next jump. The reason for this that a.) collectors move onto to other hot books and b.) the current owners who spent a bundle purchasing a key book are more likely to keep it for several years until they see the next price jump. I remember having a conversation with either Josh (Comiclink) or Vince (Metro) and their advice was to always hold onto a book for at least 5 to 7 years to let it go through this cycle.
  4. It would have to be this one for various reasons.
  5. I think that comic book movies in their current form will likely reach a saturation point in another 10-20 years. However, once 4-D becomes the movie experience norm 20-25 years from, you can basically regurgitate the same old characters and concepts to the next generation of movie goers. Can you imagine sitting in a theater where all the super hero action is happening around you, while getting a kiss from the Black Widow and a kick to the jaw by Daredevil? I hope I'm still around for this experience when I can actually have a small part in the movie.
  6. There are a lot of collectors like myself who at one point in their collecting careers would easily spend 30-50% of their annual incomes on comic books (not to mention existing savings). This is obviously not sustainable, but I did that from 2003 until 2011, when real life hit me in the face (house, marriage, kids). During those 8 years I was able to compete with collectors making 5 to 6 times my salary because I was at a stage in my life where other expenses were super low. I think these type of flash in the pan type collectors will always be present in our hobby, driving up prices along with the deep pocketed individuals.
  7. Unfortunately, I'm down to my last 20 or so GA books and they're all GGA related. If this was top 10 GA covers in general, Fantastic Comics #3 would definitely be up there.