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  1. I'll be listing several CGC Graded Marvel books from the 90's. - Total shipping cost is $12 for one or multiple books won (U.S. Cust.omer Only). Additional shipping will be calculated for foreign customers - First person to post in the thread or via PM wins the book. - Paypal and Personal checks accepted as payment. Good luck!
  2. Two Jungle Covers I like (#85 is my favorite though):
  3. Some amazing books listed in this thread. Just wow.!!!
  4. This is a very interesting question. It would be easy for me to say that I'll keep my favorite covers like Phantom Lady #17 or Seven Seas #4 until the very end, but chances are that if the right offer comes along during a time where raising funds is important (kids' college tuition, new home, etc.), I'll probably take it. That being said, if I can only keep one book in my collection for the next 30 years or so (I'm 45 now), it would have to be the highest graded Edgar Church copy of a cover I love. It was a tough decision, but I'd probably go with Rusty #14 since it's one of my top 5 favorite teen humor GGA type covers, and will likely never command the same resale value as the more sought after Junior covers in my collection. Even back 10 years ago when I purchased this book off Ebay I paid around $1,200 after the owner had only spent $750 a few months prior. I had to have it!
  5. As others have mentioned, for me it all comes down to owning a book I like in a condition that very few people have in their collections. For instance, the idea of holding an Edgar Church book graded at 9.4 with the next copy in the census graded at 4.5, is very appealing to me. Sure, someone can spend thousands of dollars finding and purchasing the only 9.9 graded copy of an ASM book, but is the eye appeal of that book really that much better than a 9.8, 9.6 or even a 9.4 copy? We're talking about a minor invisible stress mark in most cases. Also, like others, I have owned semi-HG copies of most SA Marvel keys. However, if someone made me an offer of 10 to 20% more than the FMV for these books, I haven't hesitated in the slightest to sell them...........knowing I can get a similar copy later. With GA it's a different story. It's very difficult to part with a book (even at 2 or 3 times FMV) if you know you'll likely never find a similar copy in HG. Sometimes I've gotten offers via Heritage for GA books I've purchased through their website, but have responded that the book is already sold just so I don't see the next tempting offer to entice me to sell it. With SA and BA, I'd be wheeling and dealing right away. That being said, the only SA book I still have in my collection is an 8.0 CGC graded copy of ASM #1. The only reason I haven't sold it is because I know my wife will never let me spend $25k to get a similar copy back.
  6. Not a well known book, but it literally took me five years to find a copy after seeing the cover in the Photo Journal. Currently 1 CGC graded copy at 4.5. Mine is 8.0 graded by another company.
  7. I'd take the invisible water stain over a fuggly looking 6.0 any day. The page quality is super nice as well. Congrats!