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  1. Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 CGC 9.4 - $55 - SOLD
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.6, Gambit, Secret Wars, Batman, etc. I'll be listing a few CGC graded Copper/Modern Age books for sale. Here are some guidelines: 1.) Shipping is $10 for U.S. customers ($20 for Canada). I can ship oversees based on the USPS calculated postage fee. No extra shipping fee for multiple books won. 2.) You can purchase the books either via PM or an in this thread. First come first serve. Contact me via PM if you want to negotiate on price. Please note that an in this thread trumps the PM if I haven't responded to the lower offer yet. 3.) Paypal or payment via check is acceptable. I can also do time payments or allow a few weeks before first payment is required. I'm flexible depending on when funds become available, especially with all the various auctions going on. 4.) Good luck.
  3. Nice! Never knew this book was so difficult in semi-HG when I purchased my copy shortly after discovering GGA about 13/14 years ago. I think I got lucky there, especially when considering how long it took me to get a decent copy of Seven Seas #4.
  4. I hear ya. I never understood why small water stains are hammered so much harder by CGC than those ugly fox stains. Let's hope it comes back at least a 7.0.
  5. Great books posted by everyone! It's a tough call, but I'd probably go with these 5:
  6. Thanks for the info. I sent mine via Economy (not fast track) about 11 weeks ago (Invoice dated 11/3/2016). It's still within the estimated time frame of 10-12 weeks, but I'm a bit surprised with the 4 month estimate since this is the time of year they usually catch up (last year it only took 2 months). For instance, I noticed that CGC's turnaround time for economies has gone down from 50 to 33 business days. Hopefully, I can still take advantage of that 6 week turnaround before the convention season starts. Oh well.
  7. What are the current turnaround times at CCS? Have they improved from a couple of months ago?
  8. Definitely not ideal to be burned alive by a creepy looking dude.
  9. Been storing my books in a bank safe deposit box for over 10 years without any problems. I've also had a couple of books pressed and regraded by CGC and they've all come back with the same page quality and no grader comments that raised any flags. I pay around $150 per year to store about 20 books. It's definitely a tight squeeze in the box, so I'm not exactly sure if it actually helps or hurts the books.