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  1. I’ve got a half-bath with a Disney theme. These are going above the shi**er!
  2. Picked this up raw from my LCS and submitted it.
  3. Great transaction with Robert. Shipped quickly with bulletproof packaging. Looking forward to our next transaction. Thanks!
  4. -Grading/QC 4/29/2020 -F/I/S 4/30/2020
  5. -Looking for graded or ungraded copies in 5.0 or better. -Paying GPA prices any maybe more based on presentation and page color.
  6. Standard - 6 Books -Delivered 4/17/2020 -Received 4/21/2020 -Scheduled for grading 4/23/2020
  7. Fast Track Value - 21 Books -Delivered 4/17/2020 -Received 4/21/2020 -Scheduled for grading 4/22/2020