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  1. Paying GPA or more (based on page color, presentation, centering, etc.). The grades I’m looking for are as follows: Captain America 100 9.2-9.6 ASM 35 8.0-9.2 Marvel Team- Up 65 9.6-9.8
  2. Thank you all for the insight. I feel a little silly now not having taken a pic of the signature. I’ll reach out to CGC and see if anything can be done at this point to get the notation on the label. Otherwise I’ll either keep it sealed with a note to myself or maybe crack it and keep it raw depending on the grade. Thanks again all!
  3. I don’t. I bought the book off the boards here some time back and it wasn’t advertised or sold to me as a “Kirby” signed book. I actually didn’t even notice the signature until a few months ago when I was preparing it to submit to CGC. I really don’t collect signed books and don’t ever plan on parting with it but thought it would be nice to have the documentation on the label so I don’t forget. I’ll probably reach out to Brittani at CGC and see what she suggests. If all else fail I’ll just stick a post it note on the holder so I don’t forget !
  4. I submitted a Mister Miracle 1 to CGC for grading yesterday at the Fan Expo in Dallas. The first page of the book has Jack Kirby’s signature at the bottom. I’m assuming it will get a blue label with a note stating “Jack Kirby written in pen on the bottom of the first page.” My question is do I need to inform CGC the signature is there to 1) let them know it’s there (although I’m sure they will see it) and 2) let them know who’s signature it is (although it’s pretty obvious.) I’m aware it won’t get a yellow label, just wasn’t sure if I should have made a note about the signature since I’d like it mentioned on the label or will they make note of it without me requesting? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if you have a Friday ticket with access to the “Special Preview” at 2:00, does that give you access to the showroom floor where the dealers are?