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  1. loganparker

    MOSTLY (but not all) Hardback GN/Trades

    I agree. That’s what I thought originally. Was hoping everything was fine on his end. The first PM I sent I addressed that. The fact that my PMs are being read but no responded to is disheartening.
  2. We share the same birthday. How could I pass on this!
  3. loganparker

    MOSTLY (but not all) Hardback GN/Trades

    Nope. I’ve filed a claim with PayPal. I’d suggest everyone else do the same.
  4. loganparker

    MOSTLY (but not all) Hardback GN/Trades

    Has anyone been able to reach this seller or received their books? I’ve tried multiple times to reach out after paying over 3 weeks ago but haven’t gotten a response even though the PMs are being read? Has anyone else had issues with their order? Thanks
  5. loganparker

    Express drop off ( caution )

    I’ve submitted around 200 comics to CGC and all have been in person at cons. I’ve never shipped a comic to CGC. I always watch how they’re handeled and have never had any complaints . Never had any issues with post drop off damage either. To me, hand delivering them is the safest and cheapest.
  6. loganparker

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

  7. loganparker

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

    ASM 35
  8. loganparker

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

    stabbity bunny