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  1. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    is that anything like a ditko spidey? in terms of era and importance of creator and character.
  2. the thing is - for the items I am usually after - the prices seem to double, triple or quadripple on auction night - so when the prices are are high this early - it becomes worrisome.
  3. Favorite Memories of the Comic Art Hobby

    the new restaurant he chose this past year was excellent.
  4. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    So is the auction today - just comics? Or is there art today too? Seems of ge items I am gollowing it all starts tomorrow.
  5. When you overpay - does it need to be a grail?

    yeah - talking real money. not sure how you all feel - but after collecting art - a lot of everyday items/things seem like a bargain. $1000 for a sofa? $2000 for a fridge? etc.. etc.. it all seems cheap compared to a thin piece of paper with some ink on it. so yeah $25 item at $100 is not a conversation. again - the question was personal (in the sense that we all collect stuff for ourselves)- so when I say grail - I mean a personal grail. something that is important to you with nostalgia attached? and overpaying is either hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on your level of collecting. question arose -this way - lets say I spend 10k on grail or $10k on a non-grail. in both cases I am spending 10k. lets assume again that both items are overpriced - I personally can feel better spending the same amount, and in fact overpaying if I am getting a nostalgic 'grail'.
  6. The other day - I had a great email exchange with a fellow collector - regarding the possible purchase of a piece of art. The price he wanted for the piece was more than I think it was worth (possibly double or triple) -but I could have managed by selling off a bunch of other art. As part of the discussion - I came to realize that while I loved the image - it was not a real grail for me. It had excellent art by an artist I liked with characters I adore - but for me a grail (personal grail) needs to have nostalgia. I have overpaid on many occasions over the years -usually because of lack of knowledge. The times I overpaid knowingly and with no regrets was when I found a nostalgic grail. A piece of art that I loved when I saw/read the comic back in the day -and now had a chance to own the original. All this is to ask the question - when you knowingly overpay - does it need to be a grail?
  7. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    So are you hoping to get something for yourself? Or just window shopping? No need to get specific - was just curious. You think the asm 100 can triple?
  8. Your 1 Grail

    You should post the image.
  9. Batman Hush Covers - The Poll

    I was thinking the same thing. For one item however it may have been that max bid Gene put in.
  10. Too damn big?

    The composition and rendering is definately more to my taste on the 11x17. Sometimes a winter's day in Saskatchewan is better represented in a quaint size. Or not.
  11. Too damn big?

    Just posted a new addition on CAF. Its a Marvel Team-Up portfolio illustration by Kerry Gammill. It was originally on sale on by a fellow CAF member - but I passed on it due to its size 24"x24". Just an unusual shape for my collection. For the past year I have been getting rid of many of my larger pieces - as I wasn't looking at them as much due to awkward storage on large pieces. At any rate - the item came up for auction- and I had a change of heart. I previously missed out on the Zeck ASM index cover with Spidey and Punisher - that had a similar feel. So I went for it and glad I did. (Still looking for that Zeck if you got it to sell.) Now that its posted - I can enjoy the art more often in the virtual CAF museum. Art Can be seen here.
  12. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    Thats subjective. A lot of modern stuff is all headshots and without dialog - not to exciting.
  13. Lithograph / Poster : Question

    I had these as a teen - they came from 'first team press' if i recall correctly. there were other cool prints by : curt swan, kaluta, jim lee, bob kane and others. the Vess black cat ones are really pretty. the vess signatures should be real. the images attached - looks like it had a stan lee signature added - but my prints are in storage so can't say for sure if that was added later or it came with them all.
  14. Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    Nicely done! Love the matting. Very slick.
  15. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    So you feel the market is at a peak right now? If so - I guess you are not a buyer - waiting for the drop? I have no insider knowledge - but the fact that some folks are selling art privately - doesn't mean the market highs are all met. We are all collectors but most of us have real lives too. Selling stuff direct outside auctions may indicate that the sellers want to keep it private or want the funds faster or think they can get a good price without paying fees. Heck - auctions for this stuff weren't always around.