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  1. Panelfan1

    November HA OA auction

    Yes - but is it in your budget. I also can't believe how much cool stuff there is. Too much!
  2. Panelfan1

    ruined by a signature

    For my part - I think the Sal signature looks good on this page. It's not covering any important elements. It wouldn't bother me a bit to get art with a signature like this on it
  3. Panelfan1

    ruined by a signature

    People want to see racism in everything these days. The show featured characters of all ethnicities and none of the characters were racist as far as I could tell from watching.
  4. Panelfan1

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    Looks like you might have solved it. 2 images The pencils looking up is not inked. Yours (looking straight ahead was inked ). Unless someone has a photo of the looking up one inked?
  5. Panelfan1

    ruined by a signature

    What?! They cancelled it?! Yeah - I genuinely was interested in seeing what happens next even though the show was weak.
  6. Panelfan1

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    First off - awesome pick up. If you look at the Icon book under the dustacket - it's the pencil art. Ow I could be totally wrong - but I thought AI had seen the pencil only version for sale on a caf about 2 years back. The owner was asking 10k. It's possible it was this inked one- but I genuinely remember that it was pencil as I was considering buying it. Not sure if anyone elserecalls the item as pencils only.
  7. Panelfan1

    Ed Asner Comic Art Charity Auction

    The links didn't work for me. Maybe they work for others. Found it on by searching Asner. Here is that link HERE
  8. Panelfan1

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Great pick up! Love the frame too.
  9. Panelfan1

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    So is it a fact he bought j scott art in any scale?
  10. Panelfan1

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    Wondering if you collect Campbell art? It is a bit aggressive - but a couple cool covers to be had. As a fan who already has a few pieces - nothing here I would jump at . Could see some selling though.
  11. Panelfan1

    New JS Campbell OA on CAF!!!

    Can you elaborate?
  12. Panelfan1

    anyone heard of this artist?

    thanks for all the feedback. great collection Will! many many jems in there.
  13. Saw this on Ebay. LINK the name is samual clarke hawbaker. art reminds me of Bill S. drawing on recent clink auction. anyone here a fan of this artist - and can say more about him or share any art?
  14. Panelfan1

    WTB Marc Silvestri OA

    There is a havoc xmen cover on ebay right now. 13.5k. As well as a couple cyberforce pages.
  15. For some reason- all this focus on muscles- reminds me of a scene that horrified me as a child from the tv show V. Now I am not saying the Cabal are actual lizard people but.. See link at 2:20,second mark it starts.Link. Skip ton2:20 to start