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  1. Panelfan1

    E level art

    The request was for an example of mediocre art. This is not that. Ha ha.its cartoony for sure - but not mediocre.
  2. Panelfan1

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    So I am a fan of the Mayhew Vampi covers - but admit that I hadn't read them. My question is 'does vampi do karate/kung fu inside the comic? The way its shown on this cover.
  3. Panelfan1

    E level art

    Can you post an example?
  4. Panelfan1

    E level art

    With all the discussion of A and B art - it's clear not all art is created equal. If Jack Kirby drew this- it may have been B or C level, but without a doubt - this is a piece of art that brings a smile to my face and I am glad to have been able to add to my collection. E is for Elvira. If you got art that you love but is not about to win any popularity contests - feel free to post here. You can see my art and read my comments HERE.
  5. Panelfan1

    B level art

    The recent thread regarding heritage auctions brought up the idea of A level vs B level art and how A level just soared past B level art. It would be great for any here that have knowledge or opinions on the subject to share some examples of what they consider B or C level art. That could be a combination of artist and title. As a starting point -(that is one example only) feel free to argue against this - would folks agree that regardless of artist - all amazing Spider-Man art would be A art, while say marvel team-up is only B or C art depending on the artist? Are there other titles that come to mind? Perhaps A vs B could also be within the same series depending on the stories in a long running title? But in general are there title that are without a doubt B list. I am thing as an example here - guardian of the galaxy - the movie was a hit - but the comic was never a huge hit. And while there was a bit more interest in the art after the movies - it's still all B run material? Again - my hope in starting this thread is to identify what (in your opinions) is B list art. I think many of us instinctively know what is A art -but with rising prices it's become harder to define what is B art.