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  1. Taking a spin on the topic .worst artist on a character (but if it matters I think he inked himself?) My least favorite artist on Punisher was Dillon. The writing was beyond good.. but that did not help me appreciate the art.
  2. Had my eye on it too. A real memorable piece. The duo shade adds a lot to the art. Great pose too. One of the 'problems' for me was the large size. I know some folks like oversized art.. but when it comes to comic related art 11x17 or 12x18 is my preferred size. I got Larger pieces - but for the most part try and avoid that. The price was more than I expected too - but I think it was super nostalgic. The only alien pieces I liked as much from the period are the Dennis Beauvais covers from the color series that followed the original Nelson mini.
  3. Image below is savage sword of conan 175 cover by Dorian Vallejo - Boris 's son. The whole family is actually very talented.
  4. First off - Outstanding pick up. Well done sir! 2nd - wondering if the donnelly's ever had this because the overlay instantly makes me think of them.
  5. Glad to see this topic raised. Was going to do so myself. Interestingly to Felix's point - there is another cover for sale at the same time and personally I like it much better. Less iconic for sure - but a more interesting image/composition. Link What are the estimated for the #1? 10k?15k? 20k? More. I truly have no idea how to judge this even though I used to own the comics. Ha ha.
  6. First off let me SAY I love this cover by Scott I left a comment on Caf and was blown away by it when I first saw it in the marvel previews. What I ask below is only inspired by this thread- not intended to knock on the absolutely fantastic art day that this piece represents. The question this thread raises in my mind is - can a GRAIL be a brand new piece of art? I always thought that a grail had to be either from a key book or from a nostalgia period (say a piece of art from your childhood.) Perhaps any piece of art you like or any piece of art over a given price point is a grail? Would love to hear opinions.
  7. Hey Glenn, Not sure who is putting on the show - but as you posted about it - wanted to ask a question about vendors. Anyone who knows - feel free to post a response. Given the constant negative feedback collectors give about coollines- why are they allowed to participate in these events. They alter artwork, have shady pricing practices and are known to have misrepresented art as well. Most seasoned collectors view any art held by them as if it were burned in a fire. Just a thought.
  8. It's been a while since I posted a topic but lately I have been examining my own collecting and realized that I am in a new phase. So I have been actively collecting for the past 4 years or so and 2018 was my biggest acquisition year to date. During this phase I was constantly looking for new art and excited to add to the collection. I had made friends in the hobby that while still in it and still enjoying looking at art were not adding too much new stuff. I didnt understand why or how they could control their desire to pick up new stuff. Especially when there has been so much cool stuff at auction. Not sure if anyone else has felt the same way? Well about 5 months ago - something changed for me. I still love looking at new art online and talking to friends. I still like following auctions - but the desire to add or buy new stuff has subsided. It was the case that prior to this time - I was excited and interested in all good art. Now I see a lot of art as interchangeable. A good superhero cover for example (pick your character) is nice - but not any more desirable than any other equally good piece. Perhaps I was able to get a majority of my want list items - but when I look at a new piece at auction - I ask myself - is this going to fill any need/want that isn't already met by what I have? And the desire to bid goes away. This feeling - made me think of something Gene wrote here on the boards about collecting only art from a very specific period. And being able to let go of other stuff. Similarly my other collecting pals who buy sparingly - seem to also have a greater focus. I suspect that the unbridled enthusiasm for ownership of any cool art goes away at this 2nd phase of collecting. So far this year nothing has come up for sale that is in my budget and that I feel strongly enough to bid on. I suspect when a piece with strong nostalgia hits - that desire will come back. Until then I am kind of enjoying this slower paced new phase of collecting. Wrote this post to hopefully hear about how others have felt at different times/phases of their collecting.
  9. Just buy the comic and make a print from the comic at your local print shop. It's not a monoprint - but it's a savemoneyprint.
  10. Just added several pieces for sale. See them all RIGHT HERE. Thanks for looking. Images of actual art in the link.
  11. Hey Felix! Hope things are well. Any news regarding a new episode of the podcast?