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  1. I recently had a conversation with some collectors and I mentioned I like Mike Deodato art - but they told me he switched in recent times to all digital. His covers sell for 1-3k range -so was shocked to hear that he went all digital. thats a huge income loss. Especially for an established artist who clearly has no difficulty drawing traditionally.
  2. Panelfan1

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    finally arrived. Johnny Quest by Doug Wildey. Missed this item at Clink a few years back. Ha was more successful. Price was down too. Clearly fans of this stuff are not growing, unless something changes. At any rate - Loved it then, love it now. If you are a fan of the old show - No one is better at depicting Quest and the gang than Wildey, although Steve Rude does a nice job. If you have other artists to recommend for JQ, would love to know. link TO ART HERE. if you wish to comment.
  3. Panelfan1

    Vernon Greene

    thanks. damn there are so many Vernon's to keep track of!
  4. Panelfan1

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    Just to add to it.. He said he did this tracing process because it was rhe inliway for him to get that gritty style you like so much.
  5. Panelfan1

    Vernon Greene

    The only other vernon geeen art I ever came across was a rice crispies painting on ebay. If you like historical stuff and the price is right go for it. Why would someone fake this?
  6. Panelfan1

    Black Hole Collections

    As a little kid - I loved this movie. Especially the robots! As a side note - many years later I watched Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown. The Bailbondsman guy was very likeable. At least that's how I felt - but didn't know why I felt familiar with him. More years pass by and I re-watch black Hole with my kids. Hey - the bail guy was the captain dude in Black Hole. The mystery was solved. Btw - if you haven't seen it, Jackie Brown is a worthwhile movie. The actor was Robert Forester.
  7. Panelfan1

    Posting on CAF too soon

    Caf does have a favorites gallery you can 'follow' art in other collections. I use that function and might be a good way to keep track of art that is not in your collection.
  8. Panelfan1

    Posting on CAF too soon

    Is that guy who's art also shows up on romitaman site simultaneously? Name eludes me.
  9. Panelfan1

    November HA OA auction

    Deleted. Duplicate.
  10. Panelfan1

    November HA OA auction

    Not a fan of the prices - but found 2 pieces that I enjoy.
  11. Panelfan1

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    Sounds like 'ya nut allergic?'
  12. Panelfan1

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    so in another thread - folks were beating up on Greg Land for photo reference work. Tim Bradstreets method is to TRACE photographs. to the best of my knowledge he takes the photos - but he traces them to get this look. If someone knows otherwise, feel free to chime in. That's the story as I recall him saying so at a convention many years back.
  13. Panelfan1

    Best of 2018 is coming next month

    I think this was discussed last year - but you should break it down further - either by era or by value. Comparing a $1000 item to a $10000 item etc.. is not a great comparison. Or comparing a silver age page to a modern age page, etc..
  14. Panelfan1

    Posting on CAF too soon

    I haven't seen that. Just ask them to change your shipping status to hold all items and not ship until you ask. Then when you amass enough - ask for shipping.