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  1. So tonight as I was browsing some art online I came across a nice recreation by an artist I like of a cover I like. That was what got me thinking about this topic - so here is the question - and it's totally your personal opinion - if you had a choice to have (at equal cost) 1.a recreation by an artist of a cover they themselves originally drew - that you loved or 2.a brand new commission - of the same level of quality as the recreation by the same artist as above. Which would you prefer to have and which do you think would be a better financial investment? (gi
  2. Just picked up this Ford Vs. Ferrari illustration from late 60s/early 70s. The only car art in my collection. Don't know the artist or the history, but a tag on the back shows it hung in an office at the US army in 1973. I am not a big car enthusiast- but loved the recent film with matt Damon and Christian Bale. Also enjoy looking at classic cars. If anyone has any knowledge on this one - would love to hear from you. Anyone here into classic cars or car art? See the tag and feel free to comment on my CAF HERE
  3. Just added this new pick up. A Sakai Usagi cover. I have been looking at Usagi covers that have been posted for sale by the artist or others (mostly auction) for the past couple of years. Even though I like them all - what I was really after was a Yojimbo that felt like he did in the early issues. Back when I first got introduced to the character. For those who know the comic - you might recall that early Usagi had a simpler head shape. That shape has gotten less geometric and more 'natural' over the years. Basically Sakai stuck to the shape more early on and now the character feels more exp
  4. Its impressive to see how big it was. Seeing it held - really helps us understand the enormaty of the art. Fabulous. It's amazing that Schultz did one of these plus all the dailies each week for so many years. Thanks for the great pick. Finally - and I may be reading into this- but that looks like the pride of a daddy holding his newborn baby on his face. Priceless! Congrats and have a cigar!
  5. It's amazing to see wonder woman gone in this style. Such a departure for DC. Very cool!
  6. The world is not coming to an end. But this does show that people have been thinking about if for some time.
  7. Added a painted cover by Kyle Baker. Bizarro 1. Inspired by Uncle Fester cartoon by Charles Addams. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Baker at sdcc many years back. I asked him if he could draw a small cowboy Wally sketch for me. He said 'sure'. I passed him an 11x17 art board. On it he drew a 2 inch full body image of Wally with his feet touching the bottom edge of the page. I learned the meaning of not to say 'small' sketch ever again. His sense of humour - is why I appreciate Kyle Baker - but I have to add that this piece of art seems to have been done in many layers- but is so sm
  8. It hasn't always been there. But perhaps its been there longer than i I asked for this feature a while back. Either way I think a lot of folks didn't see it. The specific feature that I asked for was published vs. Unpublished. The other sorts may have been there longer.
  9. Ideally looking for painted covers - but panel pages from some of his indy titles would also be cool. As would set he collaborated with Mike Bair on. Thank you.
  10. Looking for 1980s or early 90s Sakai Yojimbo published art from his own series, albedo or critters. Please reach out if you have something from this period to sell. Thank you!
  11. On several occasions I had asked Bill Cox to add a filter to caf so I can filter the art into categories I care about. Today that feature seems to be operating. You can now sort published vs unpublished or see only covers or pages or sketches. Etc.. No need to wade through stuff that you dont care about. The filter function can be found at the top of the new art page. Big improvement!
  12. wow! I had no idea so few members were premium. I support the site because I want it to survive. Hopefully the advertising does the rest.
  13. These were some of the inconsistencies. Again wasn't sure if the line quality in the printed page was a effected by printing standards?
  14. what's your opinion? many lines seem off to me -but I am not an expert on this one. ebay link
  15. I would always buy the best example I could cant choose what art shows up when - but as I try and not hoard - I go for the best example I can. Quality o error quantity. Page or cover doesn't matter.