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  1. wow! I had no idea so few members were premium. I support the site because I want it to survive. Hopefully the advertising does the rest.
  2. These were some of the inconsistencies. Again wasn't sure if the line quality in the printed page was a effected by printing standards?
  3. what's your opinion? many lines seem off to me -but I am not an expert on this one. ebay link
  4. I would always buy the best example I could cant choose what art shows up when - but as I try and not hoard - I go for the best example I can. Quality o error quantity. Page or cover doesn't matter.
  5. Yes. It was either Art Droids or Brit comics or something like that. They had prices on individual pages but said to email form a price on the whole thing. Trying to recall pricing - I think pages ranged 9-17k per page depending on the page if anyone here has a clearer memory - feel free to post.
  6. I have bought digital pencil with traditional inks by 1 artist - but it's not optimal. I generally am old school and value such art far less than if it were 100%o paper. If all the great artists of the past and some of today's top guys can do it straight on paper - there is no reason why any current artist couldn't do so too if they wanted to. If an artist wants to use tricks on the computer (rely on digital tools/shortcuts)- I get it, but to me that makes it worth less as a piece of art. Maybe publishers dont care - but as a collector I see it as a negative relative to value placed on it. My 2 cents.
  7. I think you forgot - Sal is top 5. Plus the last Sal cover at HA went sky high. No doubt incentivized someone to put this one up for auction.. Re:clutter- I think it's well composed. The eye moves around the page without much effort. Love the classic poses too.
  8. I wonder if this thread ended in 2005 because folks started to use the new this week thread instead. Too bad none of the images from back then dont work. Crazy you dug this up Camd
  9. You can pay higher values with cc if you are ok to pay a cc fee. (2-3%? I cant recall exact amount. Perhaps someone here knows)
  10. Didnt realize the ebay was you - but was shocked on when I saw it. My guess would have been $300-500 of so. I watched the cartoon as a kid - so have a fondness - but only certain strip art runs those prices and heathcliff is not one of them. If someone ponies up - let us know and teach us a lesson on heathcliff value.
  11. Had a conversation with another art collector recently and they mentioned they also collect slabbed comics (as well as raw copies) and the slabbed copies represented their OCD for having high grade copies. Then I got thinking that I am totally not OCD when it occured to me that - is being a collector (of stuff) in general - the very definition of OCD as collecting is not a rational behaviour? Finally in writing this - had rememberedthe umpteen threads here where collectors were 'picky'on things such as blue line vs all art, altering art, signatures on art, etc.. so does that mean we (collectors) are all OCD? Any thoughts?
  12. So it's not exactly the same thing - but its a similar enough topic that it's worth mentioning it here. This past san diego I met another collector who had his own personal artist edition printed. An 11x17 hardcover book featuring all his new art from the past year. It looked great and he mentioned he did this as a way to' take the art around' and share at a public space like the sdcc without any worry of loss. He doesn't sell these - but has given a couple copies away. To me this seemed like a brilliant idea - and had thought to make one as a tradeable object with any other collector that made one of their collection (or part of). Not sure the thoughts on this - here on the boards.