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  1. Marvel's Falling Sales

    I agree Marvel was very diverse before it was PC to be diverse. All the characters you mentioned are great, and prime examples of characters that were created to be great characters. The told great stories about them, and they just had their race or ethnicity as part of the larger person, not as the sole reason for their creation. I also think the replacement of characters that they deem are not diverse enough, with new verions is a massive part of the current problem. Use the characters you already have, create new characters. Do not blow up everything that came before.
  2. Marvel's Falling Sales

    I agree with you, I do not think Superan is immune, but I have always found the character kinda dull. But I do think Batman is somewhat immune, but not because of the Batman character, but because of his villians. The Batman family struck gold when it made the bad guys the most interesting part of Batmen. It is inharently easier to keep a story fresh (or fresher at least), when you can continuously bring in new antagonists and therefor ideas to an extent. It is the same reason a team book like Avengers or X-Men is inharently easier to keep fresh than a single character series like Spider-Man. If things get dull the team can rotate. The point is there are ways to keep stories contanting both new and old characters fesh and interesting. The part where Marvel is currently failing is that most of the new characters feel forced. They have been created to fill a very small nitch, or to fill some gap. Not to say more diverse characters are not welcome, but when the focous is on what the characters is and not how they can be used to create a good story, that new characters is doomed. This approach then seems to severly limit the stories that either can be told, or that editorial wants to tell. It is used to capture headlines. Once the novelty and Buzz subsides, writers seem to be left to ask, what the hell do we do with these characters now? Even if Marvel can right itself (and I honestly believe tha it can), the days of paper are dying. Comics will survive, but the need to adapt to remain relative.
  3. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    The thing that all dealers have to know is a I will not a bad deal, I may pay a little extra for instant gr gratification ( but usually not), and I approach all deals willing to walk away. Plus even at cons, I have my mamaghic internet connects so prices van be very easily checked. I do not mean this to offend any dealers. In today's world gettgettikng accurate prices is so easy that inflating prices will be notice by many very quickly. I know I started this thread, and am not sure it really has answered my initial question, but it is still fun. I plan on going to the con, money in hand, do my due diligence and take it from there.
  4. THE HULK #181 CLUB

    Hard to say without seeing the back, but that easy looks 8.5 or higher.
  5. Ms. Marvel 1's I assume. Like I said I think they are about 18 months from peaking, not that they were not heading up.
  6. Some more slabs went up tonight. Take a look!!!
  7. Marvel's Falling Sales

    I also learned something this week about the variant cover sales differences between DC and Marvel. My LCS owner said on initial order DC allows him to order any cover at whatever ratio he wants. He usually orders 50/50 for two covers but will change that if he feels one cover is going to be hot. Technically one cover is considered the main and the other the variant with DC. If he needs to re-order he can only re-order the number one cover. So DC gives him a lot of leway on the initial order. Marvel is all the incentive cover game, which he hates. So Marvel is also angering the owners who are trying to keep their orders tight and therfor profits up.
  8. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    I have been trying to learn to spot restoration. I have picked up color touch in the past on eBay photos (at least people here agreed with me), and am familiar with tecniques I need to watch for. I have purchased a few high value books, and not gotten burned....... yet. But when I am considering branching into getting books worth several thousand it becomes more of an issue.
  9. I am going to NYCC in a few weeks, and was considering spending my stockpiled comic buying funds on some key books. For the most part I am looking to pick up recognized, established keys mainly Silver or Bronze age books. I am a decent grader and willing to haggle and even trade. I am worried about getting into these more sought after books and missing things like restoration, etc. Is it generally better at shows to by slabbed issues vs. raw books? What are the pros ans cons of getting raw vs. slabbed in that setting?
  10. BA X-Men.

    I would say the Key X-Books in this time frame are Giant 1, 94, 101, 121, 129, 130, and 141. But any of the early Cockrum and Byrne books are in high demand. I am looking to assemble the traditional Dark Pheonix Saga in 9.6 grade as well as 141. That year of X-Men is my favorite run of all time.
  11. PGM AF15

    I am going for a 7.0 What I see 1. some Spine roll (pressing should help) 2. Color break of some type under the price 3. tear to spine on lower left 4. Bottom edge looks a little rough including a small tear or fold on the back bottom Very solid and nice book.
  12. Modern slab fun on eBay I am selling a bunch of modern slabs on eBay. Many SS so blue label. Personally trying to switch my focous onto Silver and Bronze age Keys. Please take a look. I have a few more that should go up tomorrow, and I am also considering adding a few pieces of Original Art, but finding that stuff much harder to part with. If you have any questions PM me on the CGC site. Books include.. Hughes Catwomans Harley Quinns Batman Alias
  13. Everything I currently have on sale on eBay!! Please take a look. I am currently selling a number of CGC blue and yellow label books on eBay. Most of these are books I bought new and later had signed and slabbed. I am refocusing my collecting, and selling off a lot of good stuff to raise founds. Books include... Hughes Catwomans Harley Quinns Batmans I am also going to be listing some additional items over the next several days, and I am considering putting up some original art also. Any question do not hesitate to PM me.
  14. Marvel 1 is about 18 months from peaking, and have seen 18 going up recently, but not sure why. Mystique is not new at this point, and there are rumors will not be in the next X-Men movie. I gambled on a raw #1 off eBay about 1 year ago, and paid $150. Managed to get a 9.6 on it and the average for those is about $325 to $375 right now.
  15. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Where do people think the Millar "universe" characters are going to go after the recent Netflix news?