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  1. Now that you have seen it, how much better would BOP have done if they went for the PG13 and targeted tween and teen girls harder? Just you oppinion.
  2. Plus, the current cartoon has a much more balanced cast, and to some extent better known characters. But the heart of the show, which from reviews seems to be missing from the movie, is this is HQ's family and her friends. She relies on them and each character despite their faults gets some great moments. All the characters have strengths, and flaws. HQ has a ton of flaws in the show, yet comes across as strong and ultimately likeable. There is a genuine heart to the show, despite being way over the top at times. Finally, the dynamic and relationship between HQ and Ivy is outstanding, and makes everything else work. I would even go as far as saying Ivy is the best character in the current cartoon. She is the absolute perfect foil that keeps HQ somewhat grounded. From the looks of it the movie could have learn a lot from what the cartoon is doing.
  3. That could go down as one of the dumbest most desperate moves in movie history.
  4. The 53% being men is more telling then any other statistic. It shows that despite being targeted to women, it is not attracting women. The comic audience is majority men, regardless of branding, marketing, messaging etc.
  5. If their are lots of people praising the film, why are they not spending more money on it? Either they do not care that much, they are not a group that spends money on this stuff, it is just such a small audience, or from a larger perspective WB missed the target.
  6. Just feel they may have limited the audience too much. I would argue Harley's biggest fan base (besides males from about 25 to 50 who grew up on BTAS) is girls/women from about 8 to 35. By targeting this hard R a very large number of those fans are being cut out. I hate to say go safe, but going safe and getting a PG13 would have helped this film. The other marketing item I question is why the almost competing DC streaming cartoon at the same time. They likely viewed this as complimentary, but is it hard R, and likely giving many of the same fans their Harley fix, and may diminish the need to see the film. It cover many of the same themes. And frankly it is very funny and really well done.
  7. I think an audience for this movie and this type of movie does exist, it is just proving to be small. It is all and good to make a smaller budget movie (although reported 90 million is somewhat more middle budget), but even at that price you are still looking at being 200 to 250 till you really start to make a profit. There has also been some back and forth here stating you can't compair this film to WW or CM, as those were always targeted to be larger budget more mass market films, and maybe that is fair. Unfortunately, for this film it is seen as part of the DCEU, Harely is supposed to be a mass market DC character, and it is looking to be the weakest performer. The media seems to be struggling to find a comparable film, maybe there is not one. So if the trend continues where does the fault lie?
  8. No let them try for the market it is a fair play, but the market needs to be nurtured or pushed harder, or companies have not seemed to find the best way to appeal to that market yet. WW and Captian Marvel were big hits, they both had their girl power elements but still played well with a broad audience. Most other targeted female action flicks have run into a ton of resistance and not faired well. Executives need to start thinking seriously about what has worked vs. not worked and why. And by not fairing well those films have not done well with a large audience as well as performing poorly with the targeted audience. Leads me to think.... 1. They are just not good movies. 2. They are failing to appeal to their targeted audience despite there efforts. 3. Maybe their is a societal resistance. I kinda doubt this one (see WW, CM, Aliens films, etc.), I could be wrong however. 4. Maybe the sizable audience they think is there is not, or is just not one that spends money.
  9. From the reviews I have seen it is an OK to good film. I also realize it is a 90ish million budget film with a R rating, which may affect the marketing budget as well as limiting the target audience. It seems a little odd to me to make an R movie when a good portion of the fanbase is younger girls. Due to all that, the marketing and cast promotion just feels off. Big box office movies need to appeal to as many people as possible, the marketing seems like it may have turned some people off. Even though I am hearing it does not contain nearly the level of stuff certain people seem to fear.
  10. Box Office Mojo has this tracking for the $40 million range given the soft Thursday preview. I am still on the fence about seeing this. Is it just me or has the marketing seemed weak and the Studio seems to lack enthusiasm for the film?
  11. Starting to think we will never get this show.
  12. George Lucas reportedly always wanted to explore the Book of Wills in Detail, which essentially was the mystic side of the force, and likely expanded on the idea of the Father, Son , and Duaghter. I suspect this may have been the driving force behind his 7 to 9 films. This is just speculation on my part.
  13. If this -script is real is seems to draw somewhat from the ideas introduced in the Mortis Arc from the Clone Wars. Where the father was grey, the daughter light, and the son dark. Her we would have essentially the recreation of the father at the sacrifice of the son (Keylo) and the daughter (Rey). Think it would have been at least a different direction to take things as opposed to the mainly retreading we see I ROS. Aslo makes me wish they had just used this trilogy to explore the mystical side from the first film, and perhaps make the Son the bad guy of this entire trilogy. Would have been a new direction to take the entire series, but remain faithful to existing canon.
  14. This movie basically limped it's way to 1 billion. Maybe it has enough legs left for another 50 million, but that is it. ROS has made 95% of what it is going to at this point. Adjusted, it will be the second poorest performing Star Wars film. It is fair to say it is at best a 1 billion dollar disappointment. Hard to say what the profit is on this one. I know the reported budget it 275 million, but that seems low given the budget for TLJ was higher, and the rumors of all the last minute changes and reshoots. So given the double the budget for marketing and a safe bet is TROS likely cost Disney 600 to 700 million. Still nice profit, but it pales to TFA. So much money left on the table with this film.