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  1. Biggest animated movie opening of all time $180. Congratulations, well deserved.
  2. drotto

    Batman 50 variants

    The other thing is there is somewhat of a difference between an official variant and a store variant. To me the official variant has the potential to have added value, as it is 100% a product of the publisher. These store variants are a very different story most of the time. Both DC and Marvel are happy to put whatever cover you want on a book as long as you are willing to buy X number of copies. The publisher does have the right to say yes or no as to what cover is used, but it is not truly their official product. Furthermore, there store covers are specifically created to be "collectibles" and that market is by nature artificial. The publisher copies are purchased by fans to be read and collected. Store copies are only purchased for the cover, and "exclusiveness".
  3. drotto

    What is happening to WD #1 value?!?!

    Rick and Maggie are leaving the show, and a character not even in the comics is basically taking over. The show is for all intensive purposes done. The comics are reflecting that.
  4. drotto

    Batman 50 variants

    I know I started this mess, but in reality I wanted a collection of what was coming. There are a few I want because I just like them, I have sold books, but I have never flipped books. When I buy variants I buy knowing I will be stuck with them. I have not pulled the trigger on any of these, because the prices have gotten stupud.
  5. What have you seen? What do you want?
  6. Well seeming like this was a setup for a Solo sequel, there is a very good chance the story will not get told. Unless, it feeds into a different Star Wars story.
  7. Saw this. This movie is crashing hard. The Box Office is going to make Justice League look like a gold mine.
  8. I wonder if the movie was "small scale" until they went off the rails with reshoots. Say the budget was 175 million then they spent 100 million more to "fix" the film. If they had tried to salvage the film with what they had shot and made 450 million Disney would have made money. Instead, Disney bought into this idea that the film was destined to make massive bucks because all the other movies had. But they needed to fix it first, and fixing it worked with Rogue One. An extra 100 million is peanuts if it gives you a chance to break 1 billion again. To them Star Wars seemed bulletproof, so why not go for it. However, if they want to keep making one movie per year, they must dial back expectations and understand that many great movies "only" make 500 million. The MCU gets this 100%. They know some films have much lower earning potential and budget them accordingly.
  9. Half the problem with this movie is what they spent on it. People are making comparisons now with Solo and some of the second and third tier Marvel movies like Ant Man, and the first Thor. Now, this may be a valid comparison until you consider a few big things. 1. Those movies had budgets around $150 million and a total box office around 450 million. Those movies made money. Solo has a reported budget over 250 million. The same numbers are therefore not profitable. 2. Those were b and even c list characters with no general public awareness. Han is part of the Star Wars trinity. There is no comparison with character recognition. 3. Expectations. A c list marvel character making 450 million is at or above expectations. A Disney Star Wars has never made under 1 billion.
  10. Still bad based on what was expected, and I think the drop off next weekend will be massive.
  11. drotto

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Just imagine the scene between Drax and Deadpool.
  12. Weekend estimate (no holiday Monday) is 83,325,000. The Sunday estimate is 23,000,000. I am wondering how that translates to a holiday Monday? Is it going to break 100 million? Is it going to hit the low end 4 day weekend of 105 million?
  13. drotto

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Scheduling is going to severely hurt the gross on this film. Even with Solo underperforming, I would not be surprised if it costs DP2 15 to 20 million in total box office.
  14. I actually thought Chewy and "Han" had good chemistry. But this character is Han Lite. I know Harrison Ford is almost impossibly to follow, but I think it could have been done, but they missed the mark here. If this was the first time I had met the character, I would have had zero issues with what I was given.
  15. Ouch 35 million estimate from Friday. Given the normal fall off it may not clear 100 mil. And 47 million world wide for Friday, just wow.