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  1. Yeah, I got him at NYCC. His line obviously builds up fast. I was there as the conventioned opened on Thursday, and was already about 8th in line. He does take a list basically every day, but it gets shorter each day. I think the full color stuff you can only get the first 2 days (of a 4 day con) He works fast, and did a lot of the quick sketches, he only posted like 4 of the full color copic sketches, so that may have been all he got through. He will also post for sale stuff he sketches in class and for things like Inktober, at his store. They go quick and you can't pick the subject.
  2. Missed seeing your stuff at NYCC this year. Still gave your booth buddy money however.
  3. It may be rather common, but my first comic purchase was the graphic novel for Dark Phoenix Saga. By the end of the summer after reading that I had put together an X-Men run from about 150 to 300 which was caught up at that time.
  4. Almost all the books I ended up getting were either dead on, or even slightly under GPA. It is possible. It may also be just me, but when I am looking for keys and high value books, I do better with the dealers who concentrate on bringing a small number of high value books as opposed to the guys bringing dozens of long boxes, and then have the wall books. Box diving can be fun, and the large stock guys are great for that, but for big books I have better luck with more focused dealers.
  5. The funny one I saw multiple times yesterday was the sticker would say one thing and when I asked to see the book the dealer would lower the price without me even asking. The most extreme was a booked was listed at $4500 I picked it up and instantly heard, just so you know I would let it go for $3500. I know it is supposed to make you feel special or you are getting a deal, but it strikes me as funny. He is either trying to soften me up, profiling me, or just doing the price tag means nothing thing.
  6. I missed the expiration date on this book. My 9.6 peaked at about $750 and is now at $350. Luckily, I only paid $150.
  7. It's also seems more focused on GA and earlier Silver Keys. Like I said at the start most Bronze age was still plentiful even if there seemed to be somewhat fewer copies. Meaning stuff every stall used to have 3 or 4 copies of (looking at you Hulk 181) they now only had 1 or 2 copies.
  8. That is exactly were those are from. They sell you a nice wood frame, and give you a UV plastic sheet that sticks to the front of the slab. They are still available, I purchased a few at the end of last year. The plastic sheet is a bit of a pain, and the ones I got had not been resized to fit the CGC case redesign of a few years ago. The new case has a extwrior spine that runs across under the information lable, the old ones did not. The sheet therefor is about 1 inch to long and needs to be cut.
  9. They have been in the past, they seemed much more scarce this year and I noticed, and a few people were having the same feeling. This is just a sample.of NYCC 2019, wanted to know if it was an isolated event to this con, personal bias (Murphy's Law that you can't find what you have decided you want), or something wider.
  10. I always try to haggle a bit, I see it as part of the game. Most dealers are willing to move some, that is why I always ask. Dealers I have used on multiple occasions will usually throw me a small bone, even if the price is dead on.
  11. No, if you want to try and quick flip, that is your business and the risk you elected to take. I know dealers it is their business to find then sell books. If you are offering a quick flip, I will look at it provided the price is fair and in line with the market. If you buy a book to flip, and pump up the price, I know I am educated enough to avoid that buy. I do think however if too many less informed people bit at something that is "hot" it does inflate the prices for those of us that do want to collects. When I am buying older keys, I personally do not buy with the intention to flip. It is nice to know from the spending money perspective, that I could get most if not make a little if I was forced to sell, but that is more comfort than anything else. It also makes it OK with the wife. Will I hold all my current books till death, not likely, but most should be with me for awhile.
  12. I am very upfront and honest with dealers, with things like GPA and Ebay, it is very easy on "common" keys to find the current prices very quickly as well as trends. I know the dealers are in the same general marketplace, and often deal with similar price constraints to collectors. If a dealer is at or near GPA, we can talk. I know they need to make some money. When I see people offering a book 10%, 20%, or more over the going price (regardless of who you are), it is very hard to even start talking about a deal. It is not worth my time, and I try hard to avoid impulse buys, and convention premiums.
  13. I had managed a few years back to get 3 GA Catwoman covers. Two of them I have seen pop up again rarely, the third I have is the last listed sale for that book in that grade and it was over 3 years ago now. I have no intention of letting the books go at this time, but I have no clue in this market how to value them.