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  1. That does not look like scs either, looks like a folded corner to me. Also the pages or cover looks fanned, likely a bad press job. This comic is a 9.2 or maybe a 9.4 on a good day. No clue how it got a 9.6. I bet the owner knows it also. Buy the comic not just the grade people. It sold for 900, someone is going to be pissed.
  2. Something looks off with the lower right hand corner in the picture. It may be an illusion, but it may be part if it. It also has a few spine ticks. It is kinda a weak 9.6.
  3. Pressing has taken on a life of its own. When it has becomes worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you can get a few grades higher, everyone thinks you have to play the game. Flippers and dealers will view people as "stupid" for potentially giving away significant profits because they did not spend an extra $15 dollars to potentially realize an extra $500. So more and more people play the game, I will admit to having played the game. Additionally, once you sell that book any potential damage from pressing is no longer your problem, it achieved the goal of making the book (possibly t
  4. I think another factor driving all collectable prices up also has to do with the fear of inflation. When investors grow worried about hyper inflation, which some people view as a risk with the amount of money that has been printed in the past year, they look for hard assets to buy. This is part of the reason trading cards, real estate, gold, etc. are skyrocketing. It is not just comics. It is a way to protect against inflation, and diversify holdings.
  5. Yes it is. As for the logic as to why CGC does not deduct for pressing, they say graders can not reliably detect if it has been done, and if done correctly is does not damage the book. Therefor, no deductions.
  6. For more common books for years, I have focused more on 9.6's as opposed to 9.8's for my personal collection. I am now seriously considering lowering that to include 9.4's. Really the differences between 9.4 up are so miniscule. I personally only start to see obvious flaws starting at 9.2 and lower.
  7. Moon Knight is in reported development for a Disney + show.
  8. I think all modern books will have significantly lower % slabbed. Unlike GA, SA, and some BA books, this group is only viewed as slab worthy if it is a 9.6 or 9.8, after that the value plummets. Really modern slabbers are chasing 9.8's. I would bet only 30% to 35% of these books when they hit the store shelves even had a chance to be high grade. So instantly 65% of any given print run is not worth it to slab. Add to this, that people in the 90's and 2000's were not searching copies on shelves for the best looking copies.
  9. I paid $3600 FOR MY 9.4 2 1/2 years ago, and questioned my sanity with that purchase. My GPA analysis collection tracker is way off on values because the record sales are far outpacing the rolling average refresh rte the program uses for assessing book value.
  10. I meant good bye. No I am not selling. Just makes me think.
  11. My XM 1 is my grail. I finally pulled the trigger 3 1/2 years ago. Now, I look at these numbers and part of my brain says at what point do you say good buy. I would probably always regret it, but there is a number for everything.
  12. Wow CLink starting on 3/11 is going the be very interesting for GSXM. Seven of them across the full grade range are coming up.
  13. Yeah, that looks like two bidders that put in stupid high auto bids right before the end thinking nobody else would do the exact same thing.
  14. I think that this being an outlier is likely, but still 20k for XM94 is eye watering. But the 15k gap with the 9.4 makes me seriously question the hammer price. I could see maybe a 3k to 4k premium as the 9.6's an up tend to go wonky especially on books that are very hard to find in top grades (stupid black covers). I agree this is odd though.
  15. This is a musing more than anything else, what percentage of high value comics are slabbed? I know there is no way to get a clear answer, but wanted to know what others think. For this, I am talking about the key high value books. Things like AF15, XM 1, Avengers 1, Batman 1, etc. I think markets have shown that investors (not saying all collectors) like the grades and plastic. Has this driven most of thr big books to be graded?