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  1. Wow, I got an ounce of respect from Bosco685!!!
  2. Issue is a pure Snyder version likely does not exist. The film was not done when he left, an any scenes that had not made the short list for a final cut are likely incomplete and do not have effects. With BvS I suspect the uncut version was more or less done before the theatrical edition was made, since Snyder was still in control with that movie. To finish say a 90% done movie like you are proposing would be expensive, and I am not sure if there is a massive financial upside for WB doing it. It would likely be much more like the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2 which was scraped together from incomplete and even practice scenes that really were never intended for release. And yeah that took 30 years.
  3. In have previewed the first three episodes. Story and powers seem close to the original run, and I have heard it is supposed to be very faithful to the original run. At this point it seems like a slower buildup than the books, and has added a lot of content to the parents which was not in the comics.
  4. This is a story that has been going back and forth almost daily. Would like more solid news.
  5. Not much, but Loki has been a true breakout. He has almost run his course at this point however. Thanos could end up very generic, and most of the Marvel villains have been. I do think Hela has potential, but mainly on the strength of Kate Blanchet as oppsed to being original.
  6. I will give you Deadshot maybe has potential. Harley is possibly the most bankable villain in pop culture period at this point. Handle her character right with Margo Robbie and you can basically print money. I forget her name from MOS is ok but somewhat forgettable. Not sure how she fits in longer term with Zod dead. Deathstrike is a wildcard at this point. One cutsceen and rumors are not enough to go on.
  7. With the whole mustache thing. I fully realize that it was in the Mission Impossible 6 contract that Cavill was not allowed to shave it. Did anyone at WB think that maybe if they gave the MI people 1 or 2 million bucks and made sure they got a top notched makeup artist that nobody would have noticed as opposed to how much time and money WB spent to cover the thing up? Maybe I am being too reasonable here and nobody wants to do anything that may make their product suffer, but there had to be a way to make it work.
  8. You can make good movies for a lot less. Deadpool production budget was 58 million, and It's budget was 35 million. Granted they may be nowhere near as heavy with CGI, and the names may be smaller, but it can be done.
  9. Some thoughts on the cover of X-Men 1

    Thanks though I had seen it at some point. This makes Marvel Girl's pose make a lot more sense. Frankly, I think it is a better cover this way. Even if the change is subtly it takes away the field of white effect in the published cover.
  10. I agree this is exactly what happened. There is no way WB influenced what RT did. RT did what they felt was best for the RT brand, and I would not be surprised if most at WB were completely oblivious to what they were doing. You know, with WB being very focused on how their big money picture was being rolled out and received, and what the box office was looking like. RT is reveling in how important they have become in the movie world. You could argue that they should have been aware of what the optics of withholding the score and reviews were, and how their self promotion could potential hurt someone else's bottom line. But regardless of financial stakes, their new show's success potentially effects their bottom line and that took precedence. Lets see what people say when they withhold Star Wars. I do not think RT is going to change their approach on this, but could see them doing it on the day the embargo lifts or possibly on Monday as opposed to last minute at midnight EST.
  11. Some thoughts on the cover of X-Men 1

    I have heard this also, as well as a rumor that the "full" cover did appear in a promotional ad at some point, but I have yet to see that picture, or had the time to track it down.
  12. The Magicians

    Yeah. Someone else actually watches this. See Bosco685 you can’t totally hate me.
  13. I was giving a very optimistic hold and calling it a 5 day weekend as opposed to 3 days. So the 50 is the Wednesday to Sunday number. But again. It all speculation, I was trying to give the movie the benefit of the doubt.
  14. That is my point exactly. People's feelings and reviews here, heck even the critics reviews are irrelevant now, and my comments have been mostly directed at critical reception vs crowd response vs box office. Not critquing the movie but commenting on the general chatter and what are the implications of that chatter. We are all seeing the same press, and if we remove our fellings from the equation what does that press mean? Ultimately, all that matters now is how much it cost and how much it makes. JL could prove to have legs, we do not know yet. It is safe to assume that it is going to have a very hard time fending off Coco, which is projected at $65 to $70 million this coming weekend. Wonder I expect to hold well and get another $15. If JL has a typical drop off adjusted up some for the holiday weekend I could see $50 million. Then the next 3 weeks to Star Wars is very weak, and the number one spot is up for grabs. But would be shocked if any movie clears $35 million till then. So JL could cost along and do ok during that stretch getting an average of $15 to $20 million per weekend. But that is just speculation.
  15. I have been arguing in this thread for several days, if not longer, that the CGC site is not an accurate place to gauge what everyone else thinks. We are so invested in the comic culture and anything that relates to it, that we just get so excited to just see this stuff on screen. At times, I think we become somewhat blind to what may be overblown, but legitimate complaints about these films. Also it is human nature to seek out reviews and comment that support our bias. So if we walk out of a movie and most people are quiet or even somewhat negative, but we see that one super pumped person, that is the one we will remember, but anecdotal stories are not proof. Furthermore, people posting positive or negative reviews online is not accurate. Anyone that deals with the internet is well aware that only the very positive or very negative tend to post. The silent majority says nothing. Likewise, just as many have posted positive reviews here for each positive review I could post two negative. Again we seek out that which support our argument. The only true gauge we have if people did or did not like JL in the wider sense is to look at the numbers 3 or 4 weeks form now.