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  1. X-MEN #1 club

    Wow this book is hot. Just got my 4.5 at NYCC and paid 3600, now the last three sales at that grade have cleared 4400.
  2. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    I paid 1500 for a raw copy 1 year ago that recvieved a 7.5. The last GPA sale was 2075 for that grade. A 25% return in one year is impressive for any investment type item.
  3. My issue with the episode was the resolution was completely implausible. Michael trusting the completely untrustworthy Klingon, who would never have blown up her home, and somehow she was persuasive and fast enough to get all the waring faction to withdraw from an attack that was starting any second. Just the timeline is impossible, and the factions not following through impossible. The magic bomb McGuffin, just again was out of nowhere. Also, there is no way the federation would have backed down from a basically fullproof plan to win the war, because a traitor suddenly finds her humanity. Even the most principled people would pick a final solution over a very risky last minute change. Self preservation would override morality, especially when you are within days of being destroyed. The other option is just too much of a hail mary. I liked the second half of the season a lot. This episode was just so disappointing.
  4. Saw this also. The sources also reports that different people said that the Snyder working cut seen by executives in early 2017 was unwatchable. He is also reporting that Snyder was gone for 2 or 3 months before it was announced. The studio used his family tragedy as a way to give him an understandable and more graceful exit. Make me wonder if the movie was then in limbo for that period? Was Whedon secretly working on it? Or did they use the time to really look at what they had then decide how to move forward? Seems to me they should have used Snyder's family tragedy as a way to delay the film not just replace him.
  5. Last episode all felt anti-climatic. Wrapped up way too easily, and too cleanly.
  6. The Magicians

    I think that season three at this point looks to be possibly the best, the episodes have been very consistant.
  7. The Magicians

    Are you kinda sad you caught up? Can't bing watch more right now.😃 Seriously a great show that does not get enough attention.
  8. The Magicians

    The writing and acting this season have been great. Despite the highly serialized nature of the show, each episode manages to somehow stand out with its own character. Usually a character I take less notice of, but Katie was a big standout this week. The scenes with her in the hospital were gut wrenching. Margo as always with the wedding plot. Her blood spattered faces and reactions to that incident were spot on. Taking the sometimes uneasy pairing of Quinten and Elliot to that extend really shows how deep their friendship and indeed the friendships of the main cast have become. But I did like some of the unusual pairing this episode also.
  9. Westworld 2016

    Think this is the show I am most excited for in the next few months.
  10. The Magicians

    I liked the Margo "I always thought we were going to bang. " What the show does so amazingly well is jumping from silly and weird like Penny attempting to tackle someone in the beginning, then later the near OD scene with Katie. Or the humor of Elliott's father showing up and then the very dark way he used that appearance.
  11. The Magicians

    Episode 4 was great. Very interesting to see everything from Penny's viewpoint, and creative storytelling. Margo still rules.
  12. Honestly, for the long term health of comic movies a reduction in the number of films is probably good. I am not saying the reduction in film studios is a good thing. Revat, I see no reason why justice would block this. I was just pointing out that people are treating these films as Disney films already, when in reality they are for now separate companies. There are many steps before the acquisition is complete.
  13. My bet is Disney will slow down, and do 3 or 4 comic movies per year. Three of the comic movies listed above are not Disney movies, they are still Fox. At this point Disney does not own fox, since the deal has not been formally approved and has not finish governmental review.
  14. It was an interesting read, and I fully understand where the author is coming from, but I think there are a few points that could be added to what he is saying and have lead to the disconnect. First concerns the idea of stretching deconstruction over essentially 3. Maybe I am stupid, but to me this approach was not obvious. It was not readily apparent that Snyder was deconstructing the characters, and what was intended to stress these points ended up coming across as awkward , nonsensical, or strange. I am not sure exactly where that basic failure occurred, it may have been writing, but likely more had to do with the often choppy editing, and the seeming lack of flow that the movies had. The films presented to us at times seemed to lack the narrative pieces required to tell us what the director's intentions were. So, I can appreciate what Snyder was attempting, but I am not sure the audience was given the tools to reach those conclusions. To that when you create a movie that really pushes ideas and intentionally goes against expectations you are inherently taking a big gamble. It then becomes essential to give people the pieces they need to get it. Defying expectations with a known property requires almost flawless execution. To me it came across as Snyder was being different for the sake of being different, and an over reaching arc or point was not there. This caused me to dislike the approach because the characters presented strayed too far from my expectations. Pulling off a deconstructed theme over such a long time period requires a lot of faith and patience from the viewer. So stretch this concept over three films and 5 years requires the audience to have retained many finer plot points, and to be emotionally invested in the next film. So you get MoS which was greeted with mixed reviews and reception. So for a portion of the audience, they either did not get what Syder was doing, or did not like it. They failed to acquire the emotional connections needed to want them to see the next step. So those people are already set up to be harder to win over. Then you give them a film that pushes deconstruction further and it drives away those that were on the fence. Those moments that seem like obvious imported plot beats to those who like the directors vision, now become cringe worthy moments for those who don't. We saw the final culmination of this with JL where those people did not come back. The entire idea of deconstruction seems to be reaching its end in popularity in general. This can be seen in other media, and was not necessarily the case in 2013 for MoS but had started by 2016 for BvS. You see this clearly in comics books where everyone was doing the deconstructed thing in the early 2000's and to an extent people still are today, although it seems to be fading. So many fans reactions are just to say, get along with the damn story. Do not take 6 issues to do a main plot which could be done in 3 issues. I think this tiring of deconstruction can also be seen in some long running TV shows at this point also. The Walking Dead seems to take this long road slow approach at times, leading audiences to dislike "slow" episodes, criticizing that the show does not seem to be moving forward, and declining ratings. While streaming shows doing 8 to 10 episodes seasons are booming in number and popularity. Those shows using shorter seasons are forced to be more concise, and move things along. So the DCEU movies missed the window of deconstruction popularity as a story telling devise. So maybe this just proves I am exactly the audience the Forbes writer to talking about. Oh, well.