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  1. I have thought this season has been kinda to this point. The Sons of liberty and a lot of the alien stuff fall into that heavy handed catagory. Often, making a point or social commentary distract from the central plot in this show. Plus, the Martian Manhunter story has at times been off so far this season. Just too many predictable or slow episodes, for me, it has been a weak season, and I had been considering dropping the show. The last two episodes and how they handle the remainder of the season could redeem it.
  2. I have seen a lot of episodes of this show that were painful, and hard to get through. They do two episodes light on message (which is often like a sledge hammer on this show), and lacking the feels somewhat, and the show is so much better. I really liked the past two episodes, they may be the best the show has done. Either that or they a killing it with Lex. Just needed an old fashion, comic, baddie.
  3. Lex is the best thing to happen to this show in 2 1/2 years. His scenes and portrayal were actually very good.
  4. I agree. Movies determine price bumps, which usually are temporary, but do not usually go back to baseline. Keys in my mind have value idependant of spikes caused by other media.
  5. I agree Ms Marvel is somewhat pupular, but her book just got rebooted for the third if not fourth time. Plus, the previous was selling in the 12k to 13k region. The character is around, I am not sure if she is building to be very popular with a larger audience, but acknowledge she has her fans. I think Miles and Spider Gwen seem to have more stature then MM at this moment, and not just because of the movie. Like some many very recent characters then people buying the books is very small, and they need other media to bump up their perception. But realistically, how does being in one or a few movies translate into sustained key status?
  6. Great point. I think this also limits the ability of creator owned properties of becoming mega keys. The reason the legacy characters are so known, important, and valuable is they are perpetual. With the creator owned stuff, if the creator decides to stop and the property is not a movie IP or the like, do those eventually fade away. I think that is already happening to a degree with Walking Dead. I doubt it will ever reach the highs it was at 5 or 6 yes ago again.
  7. All true, but they also became keys when top levels books were selling sever hundred thousand copies. So even if they did not catch on people had at least seen the characters. Now a new character is likely in a book that sells, if the publisher is lucky, 20k copies. So with the books sitting in so few people's hands does it really leave room for them to catch on? Sure some people low prints runs are good for value, but only if there is demand. Plus when new characters catch is because the publisher sees a bump in sales or publicity. That causes them to put that character in as a guess star, and again would see a sales bump. Then they would say we may have something here. It even has worked that way more recently with Harely, Deadpool, and even Spider Gwen. So the publisher grew the character based on response and data. Now with sales so low data is very limited, so they have no idea which characters to pursue.
  8. Anyone know how often they do the 10% stuff. I had one a few weeks ago, but did not end up using it.
  9. Damn something pricey I want, but did not get the coupon.
  10. Do you have the coupon code for the promo, or is it being sent individually?
  11. Looking at the decline in comic sales, and the decline of print media in general, will we ever see a new true key comic? Modern comics for the most part are littered with speculation. Seeming based more on cover art than content. So many new characters have been pushed the last 10 years or so, and not many have cought on. Yes we have a handful, like Harley, Deadpool, X-23, and a handful of others, but they are 15 years old or more at this point. Yet collectors still focus on the same characters that have been around for 40 plus years. So is there still the potential for the next Spider Man, Superman, or even Harley, or are those days gone?
  12. Again different tastes. My wife loved WW, and felt Captain Marvel was flat and kinda dull.
  13. I agree. She has a story, not a hero's arc. Iron Man was a flawed, selfish, self centered, alcoholic. He learns to change that. Captian America is all about risking his own life to serve the greater good. Thor suffered from hubris and learns being born a god does not make you better. All are clear, classic hero's journeys. Captian Marvel lacks that. She at no point becomes a better person, she becomes "stronger" which is not the same. Yes she overcomes, but she is not changed at the core level.
  14. Thus, the movie is more about her being oppressed and being kept down as opposed to being weak. I still contend she is never weak in the movie. She must overcome, which is an indication of inherent strength. And yes, I am sick of the Tesseract. It needs to be retired, and should have been left out of this movie.
  15. So you missed Infinity war (yes I known part 2). Or when CA loses Bucky and sacrifices his life, and happiness to win. Or for WW Steve dies. Thor loses his thrown for a time. Etc. There is none of that in Captian Marvel. Captian Marvel would have been far better if Monica had died. It would have shown she can lose. Would have shown the Kree as dangerous. Would have show she can't do it all alone. It would have provided her motivation and justification to leave Earth for 25 years. It would have given her emotional motivation and a stake in the war. I do think th Russo brother are going to give her the beat down moment where initially she does not get up. I predict in her first confrontation with Thonas she is going to go it alone and get beat badly. At which point, most likely Captian America is going to pick her up and say something like even you are not powerful enough to win this one on your own. We need each other, we need this team, the Avengers