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  1. Let me know when you have a price for Rick Moranis. Thanks
  2. Is it $80 per Bella, or $80 for both?
  3. If I remember correctly, Shawn Michaels autograph tickets were live already. I think it was $144 for two autographs.
  4. Here's my list, Steve Austin Shawn Michaels Adam Copeland
  5. Would also be interested in submitting books for this show.
  6. Show is close, still have a couple books ready to send if anyone is facilitating this show
  7. Also need a facilitator for this show, i have aleast 4 books for this show.. Thanks
  8. Would love to see your Stargate collection, just started mine, only have Richard Dean Anderson and Jason Momoa for now
  9. Got all these goodies in, all thanks to Torrey (Kevlar).
  10. Any witnesses/facilitator attending Comicpalooza in Houston TX, Chick Norris They just announced Chuck Norris, and I absolutely need that signature. Anyone doing this show? Comicpalooza in Houston TX..