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  1. *paull*

    Norm Breyfogle In Memoriam

    Rest In Peace, Norm. Norm was my favorite artist during his Detective run, which I jumped on at Tec 589 and is one of my all-time favorites. His art was dynamic and energetic while remaining loose and nimble. He and Alan Grant captured the detective-aspect and athleticism of the character without going “grim and gritty”. One of the most underrated teams in the history of comics. When I read their stories, I often said to myself “this is what a superhero comic book should be!” I met Norm once.... finally.... around 2005 in New York and he was super friendly and generous. I was so excited to meet him since I had been a fan for twenty years. I was heartbroken to hear about his struggles following his stroke, and even more so now. Brilliant artist and good person... I offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  2. Looking for a 1st print Steranko SHIELD artist edition by IDW new in box, with the red cover:
  3. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    Even though it looks like it may not have enough detail, have you tried louping the calendars on the wall on the left of the tobacco store photograph? I've been able to determine locations that way.
  4. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    I have a few Chicago-area photographs in my collection, but my focus is more rural living and storefronts in the 1870s - 1920. That's great that you have a photograph of your grandfather working the railroad. As you know, photographs like that aren't very common, so it must be a real treat to have one of a family member. What's the date of that one?
  5. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    Wow, that's some fantastic stuff! Yes, you and I have very similar taste! Any information about the location of the tobacco store or railroad workers?
  6. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    I'll second that! What a killer find!
  7. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    I'd love to see what you have! I'll try to scan a few from my personal collection.
  8. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    Thanks! I also collect photographs of store interiors, advertising and signage. I never find good stuff like this cheap at flea markets... only piles and piles of unidentified CDV and cabinet card portraits. I attend multiple photograph and paper ephemera shows each year looking for material. The above photographs are my for-sale inventory... I haven't yet scanned my own collection.
  9. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    Original mounted/cabinet photographs from 1870 - 1910. American occupational and storefront photographs have been a big interest of mine over the past few years. Pardon the silly watermarks... I put them on there when I show photos in other forums or sell photos so that unscrupulous thieves don't lift the images to sell on eBay.
  10. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    Set of Japanese posters (1972 - 1974) ... three from the Female Convict Scorpion series and the fourth from Lady Snowblood. I have half-sheets as well.
  11. *paull*

    What else do you collect??

    1950s "exotica"-themed LPs. I started collecting these in the mid-90s. Love the music and the covers.
  12. Looking for low-grade (around VG) of Strange Tales 167, 168 and Nick Fury 1, 2, 3, 5 and Cap 110,111,113 and Tower of Shadows 1. Looking for complete with covers and no writing. Cheap is the name of the game... I have nice copies, I just need readers for someone else. All the Marvel reprints are garbage. Thanks! Paul