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  1. That is a very high grade for this book. What a copy! Not just an all-time classic (psst... better than BCM50) Bernard Baily cover, but an awesome Wolverton interior story, too!
  2. Yow! Fantastic book! Or should I say Terrific? There will be people here who will remember they had a chance on this book here before acquiring a copy of becomes out of reach.
  3. I always preferred MC 1, still do. I realize Cap 1 is a better financial investment.
  4. Yeah it's a face close up, but it's a damned brilliant face close up! What book did this before Mask 1? Context is important.
  5. He did do a bunch of covers with floating heads (Mask 2, Suspense 10, etc.), but I don't think that applies to Mask 1.
  6. I'm thinking Hollywood or Madison Avenue!
  7. Cole was a brilliant designer and visual marketer. I think that he could have been a very successful career in advertising or the magazine industry.
  8. Wow! Killer set of books! These Star books aren't that difficult to find in VG, but 7.0 and up, very tough, especially with black covers. Your Terror of the Jungle 17 is the best one I've seen. I passed on so many beaters of that issue.
  9. That offer isn't even close to what the book is worth now. Very wise buy!
  10. I think there's room to go on that auction, and I think that this is a book that is going to explode if it hasn't already. I've always thought that it was one of Cole's best, top 5 likely. What's the top census copy? I just zoomed in on the auction photo.... damn! Look at the that copy! White spine, super bright colors, super flat and clean. I have a nice copy, but this one is brilliant.
  11. I'd love to see the Church Suspense 8 since I've never seen one with a really nice spine. Is there a Church Mask #1 also? If not, I thought that I recalled a big pedigree having one.... or maybe I'm just confusing it with Suspense 8.
  12. I believe it, too. The spines on the Continental books are an issue. Very difficult to find one with a cover that isn't chipping and without a fragile spine.
  13. I love bound volumes. I wish I could have runs of my favorite series already bound, but I wouldn't do it to good books today. What a find!