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  1. UNSEEN SHADOWS - Jim Steranko (Supergraphics, 1978) This scarce book details Steranko's multi-year odyssey to illustrate the 27 different painted covers that he created for the Shadow paperback series between 1975 and 1978. Completely written, designed, illustrated and published by Steranko in 1978. This is a seldom seen gem. Unseen Shadows contains 50 pages of pencilled prelims for each cover, some paintings have multiple prelims. Not reprinted in any other volume! A beautiful book for a fan of Steranko's amazing Shadow paintings. Full color covers with b&w interiors. Includes text by Jim about the Shadow paperback paintings... didn't include photos of the text pages here. Cardstock cover with tanning on inside of rear cover (typical of this book due to paper quality). Pages are in excellent condition and are not tanned at all. Only the slightest edge wear and very slight crease at bottom front cover corner. Like many of the copies of this book that were released, this is a single-staple copy. Cover colors are beautiful. VFNM condition. Killer book! $95 REDUCED to $88 postpaid to U.S. address
  2. Killer book! And a contender for the greatest Marvel Silver Age comic. Really tough book in high grade.
  3. FINAL REDUCTION TO $109 postpaid to U.S. address (if overseas, please PM me first)
  4. REDUCED AGAIN TO $119 postpaid to U.S. address (if overseas, please PM me first)
  5. REDUCED TO $129 postpaid to U.S. address (if overseas, please PM me first)
  6. STERANKO: ARTE NOIR, published in 2002 by Vanguard Productions (Steranko's agent and publisher). In the publisher's own words "STERANKO: ARTE NOIR is the largest and most comprehensive collection of the controversial creator's work ever published, packed with classic, new, and rare art, including hundreds of color and B&W images spanning the full range of his career-from comics to book covers, trading cards to limited-edition prints, film production illustrations to movie posters-many never before compiled in book form. The hefty 8 x 10" volume features 200 pages of Steranko visual magic in a high-quality, perfect-bound deluxe format, printed on 80-pound coated matte stock with a heavy, full-color, laminated card stock cover with flaps, and housed in a hard-surfaced leatherette, crimson-foil embossed slipcase. Each copy has been personally autographed by Steranko." _________ Of course, this copy is autographed as you can see in the photo I have included below. This book was printed in Spain and included both Spanish and English text. Only 3000 copies of this book were printed and they are long sold out. This is a solid NM copy, with only very minor nicks to the slipcase and very very minor wear on the book due to being pulled out of the slipcase. All copies of this book that were printed had minor wear straight from the factory, as acknowledged by the publisher. Includes unpublished work (Dracula concept paintings, Dante's Inferno page, complete and unedited paintings) and fantastic reproductions of published work, including portions of Outland and his Superman 400 story and the entire Chandler: Red Tide graphic novel reproduced in stunning black & white. $139 FINAL REDUCTION TO $109 postpaid to U.S. address (if overseas, please PM me first)
  7. Thanks... I know... There are so many instances in the Golden Age where the splash pages would have been better choices as covers.
  8. This is a fine copy of Navy Heroes #1, Copyright 1945 by A.S. Curtis. Published by Almanac Publishing Co. Includes a fantastic Pearl Harbor opening splash page and a closing splash page showing an air invasion of Japan. Very vibrant color covers, gloss intact. No writing and no loose pages. 1cm split at top of spine and top of spine slightly bumped. Cream pages. Light crease at lower front cover, lower rear cover and last page. Two pages have 1cm tear at top edge. Slight staple pulls, due to offset staples. Very attractive book with a bright cover. Book is signed by writer/publisher Arthur S. Curtis at bottom of opening splash page. $120 postpaid to U.S. address, takes it. No probies or scallywags.
  9. When Your OA Smells like Tobacco Smoke

    I had a smelly book from the mid-1880s that I needed to deal with. I bought the Bad Air Sponge (available on Amazon) and a MOSO Natural Purifying Bag (bamboo charcoal, I believe) and put them in a sealed box with the book for a few weeks. I rotated and flipped the book a couple times during that period. The result was a book that had no smoke smell at all, only the very faintest fresh smell of the Bad Air Sponge. Consider giving this a try... you could do it with an inexpensive item first as a test.
  10. I have here a fine copy of the scarce and sought after POCKET GUIDE TO CHINA which contains an 11 page mini-comic by Milton Caniff (creator of Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates) titled "HOW TO SPOT A JAP". Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1942 for the War and Navy Departments. Story is focused on determining the difference between Japanese and Chinese when experienced in the field of battle. Controversial and ridden with stereotypes. These were intended for use by servicemen/personnel overseas, not for domestic use. 75 pages total. Pages are in excellent condition. Only some rubs to front and back covers. Front cover has a very light top right corner crease. Discoloration on inside rear cover. No writing, no tears, no loose pages. takes it. No probies or HOSers. Please contact me if purchasing outside the U.S. $110 REDUCED to $95 postpaid to U.S. address