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  1. My experience is Yes, half cards and half comics. This is a special XL Edition show and before it was two full rooms so a lot more dealers tables. The promoter can definitely tell you more.
  2. We will be setting up at the Newmarket Comic and card show on OCTOBER 26TH. Most notable for sale will be Amazing Spider-man #1,#2 and #3. Also many Golden Age Batman and Detectives such as Detective comics #35, #140 and #187. Some early Batman and JOKER covers for sale. If you are from the Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas please check out our table. Newmarket, Ontario is just North of Toronto and more details can be checked out in the Comic Events section!
  3. Yes it is, I remember being there in the late70’s. At that time the inventory was cool but as I remember nothing keys although unless you asked. Silver snail in the lake 70’s had some decent material. I did purchase my Amazing Spider-Man #129 Im thinking at least a 9.0 or higher for a dollar.
  4. We will be setting up and selling a select # of Golden age and Silver age comics at this show. Some notable books will be Amazing Spider-man #1,2 and #3. Detective comics #35 ,#140 and #187. Also many more Golden age Batman and Detectives both CGC graded and raw. I will also bring some Captain Marvel Canadian Whites. More information about this show has been posted in the Comic Events section advertising the Newmarket Comic and Card show on Saturday October 26th.
  5. I will be setting up at this show just a bit north of Toronto. I have and will bring my Ditko Amazing Spider-man's #1, #2, #3 and many more up to #38. I have a large inventory of Golden Age BATMAN, DETECTIVE and WORLD'S FINEST COMICS. Some notable books I will have displayed and for sale are Detective comics #35 , #140 , #187 and many more from the 1940's and 1950's both RAW and CGC slabbed. Also have early BATMAN again from the 1940's and 1950's both raw and slabbed. If you decide to visit you will see my display stand full of these gems!! Hope to see you there to browse through my inventory and talk comics!
  6. We will be selling multiple copies of CGC Golden Age Joker and Two-Face covers in various grades!!
  7. I will be setting up at this show. If you collect Golden age and Batman and Detectives are your interests then I hope you stop by our table. You may check my old posts to see some of my books! Highlights are Detective Comics #35, #69 CGC 6.5, #140 and #187 just to name a few. Also have Golden age Action comics #101 and up and Golden age World's Finest. If you like Amazing Spider-man, I have #2 through #38,, missing a few of course,, Highlights are #3 CGC 6.5, #15 CGC 9.0 and #20 CGC 9.0. I will have over 150 Golden age and Silver age books both raw and slabbed! If you are interested going to the show I am going under the name "THE GOLDEN AGE", yes the title says it all. I'm sure I will have something you like but browsing and talking comics are encouraged! Please p.m me with any questions. Thanks
  8. I found this back cover many years ago.
  9. Yes I have two copies. You should be able to view them in some old posts! CGC 3.0 and a raw return copy missing half of the front cover.
  10. If anyone is in the Toronto, Ontario area there will be a Comic Book show on July 29th. I will be setting up at this show and have much Golden and Silver-Age comics for sale! Some examples of books are Detective comics #35, #140 and #187 and Batman #73 and #121 just to name a few. I have many other Golden age books such as Action Comics, Sensation, Batman and Tecs for sale both CGC and raw books. Some Amazing Spider-Man are #15 CGC 9.0 and #20 CGC 9.0 and much more. The show is July 29th, 11AM TO 4PM. Edithvale Community Centre 131 FINCH AVE W, TORONTO ,ONTARIO P.M me for more details!! THANKS!
  11. Agreed, so makes me wonder if the Tec 27 coverless, brittle pgs missing centrefold and a page sells for 34,500. What do you think a COMPLETE coverless, brittle pgs copy would bring? I don't think a coverless complete copy has been at auction for a number of years.
  12. I found results for big Tec books all over the place. Some strong prices I thought were Tec #31 1.0 ow pages 33,055. Tec #35 5.5 c/ow pages [some tape interior cover] 59,888. Tec #69 4.5 ow/w pages 17,705. Tec #140 4.5 ow/w pages 8,200. [although GPA reports a sale 4.5 White pgs for 12,999. I don't know the origin of this sale?
  13. Hello Everyone; I will be setting up at this exciting show!! For comic collectors there are many dealer/vendors to visit and have many books to choose from. Some highlights I will be bringing are: Amazing Spider-man #1 CGC 4.5, #9 CGC 8.5, #15 CGC 9.0, #15 CGC 9.0 , and other Ditko's. Batman #73 multiple copies, #121 and many Golden and Silver age. Detective comics #35, #120, #187, #205 and many Golden and silver age. Also lots of Golden Action and Sensation comics. Prices range from a few $ to $1000's. Please check us out as browsing and talking comics are encouraged. Just ask for "The Golden Age" and you will find us. Thanks!