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  1. Just seems Bat and Tec collectors want this to fill the run. Glad I have mine because I wouldn’t pay that but some others might.
  2. I think seeing a scan of the book would help. It’s not uncommon for books of that period to have been mis cut during the printing process. Nevertheless there are plenty of experts on this site that might be able to tell from a visual scan. Good luck!
  3. I purchased Detective Comics #106, #110 and #113 all CGC graded. Justin was very accommodating in my requests concerning holding the books after payment for an extended period of time. When it was time to ship the process was fast and packaging was far superior than others I have dealt with. The books were shipped to Canada with an easy going process through customs. Thanks Justin and hope to purchase again!!
  4. The 6.5 Detective #69 has a listed sold price of $28,800. I didn’t think this copy would crack $20,000 because of the small piece missing at the top right corner.
  5. Looks like I was wrong!! This Tec #69 has a listed sold price of $28,800. Not bad at all and is more or less holding consistent valuations.
  6. Nice! Exactly what the marked needed for this book. The piece missing top right corner and staple wear has some concerns though? I know each book is different but my prediction is less than 20k.
  7. Actually the Detective 69 went for $17,703. The last Tec 69 CGC 5.5 OW/W went for $10,911 Dec 2016. So a nice run up during the 3 years or so. But if you compare a sale recorded March 2018 a Tec 69 CGC 4.5 went for $17,705. Just comparing the CGC 4.5 and the current sale of the CGC 5.5 yes it seems the 5.5 was soft , maybe the foxing? who knows? Do these sales justify with the price the Tec 69 CGC 6.5 sold for $29,500 in Sept 2017? Maybe yes since there hasn’t been another sale CGC 6.0 or higher in a very long time. What we need is a 6.0 or higher to come to market to test the price points we are seeing on these books. I’m sure they’re out there but just not being auctioned right now. Time will tell.
  8. Would you know if any vendor tables are available for this event?
  9. We will be setting up at the Newmarket Comic and card show on Saturday OCTOBER 26TH 2019. Most notable for sale will be Detective Comics #35, #140 and Batman #73. Many more Golden-age Batman and Detective comics will be for sale both raw and CGC slabbed. Also Amazing Spider-man #1, #2 and #3 and many more early slabbed issues will be for sale. If you are from the Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas please check out our table. Newmarket, Ontario is just North of Toronto and more details can be checked out in the Comic Events section!
  10. My experience is Yes, half cards and half comics. This is a special XL Edition show and before it was two full rooms so a lot more dealers tables. The promoter can definitely tell you more.