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  1. Add: plumbsafe = won an auction for a BTTF #1 3rd print variant CGC 9.6 and never paid. Didn't reply my message, of course. sha.ssh.jtmzudn = won 4 different auctions in two weeks and never paid! After the first auction he said that the payment would be made soon. He disappeared. bsavagehenry = This lad has been my client from a long time. Had received two damaged slabs, obviously damaged by the courier, and has accused me of dispatching damaged books... without collaborating with me for opening a claim with the shipping company, (I've asked pics of the damaged box, he said the box wasn't damaged and never sent me pics of it), he had opened a claim against me on PayPal. Returned the items, that have not been delivered yet cause I'm in U.K. and he is Poland, left me negative feedbacks on eBay, (first time it happens to me in nearly 3 years), "damaged items". Of course, even if I don't have any fault, after I'll receive the slabs I'll issue a refund, so he has just been childish and unreasonable.
  2. Gosh, sent him a £150 slab two days ago, hope he will not make some bad jokes...
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look. I'll have to buy one from the United States, I can't find it in U.K., I would like to get a new one, anyway, don't really trust refurbished, especially from abroad.
  4. Hiya, I want to buy a scanner for my CGC slabs, but really need help to decide which one! I've always taken pictures of the slabs but it requires a lot of time, the quality is not always good and let's say it, it looks really unprofessional for a seller There is an old post from January 2018 on our forum, where everyone has good words for HP SCANJET 8300, so I wonder if this model could still be a good choice nowadays or if there is something better at the same price. Found it on Amazon: Help please!
  5. The eBay policies suck! That's a fact! Buyers are frequently childish, they blame the seller if an item gets actually destroyed by the couriers, it doesn't make sense! eBay always back the buyers, no matter what, the sellers are always wrong, always seen as criminals whom try to steal money from the buyer. It doesn't matter what the sellers do or say, eBay, always backed by PayPal, has the right to hack your PayPal account and refund the buyer. Are you a seller with 1K positive feedback vs a buyer with 0 feedback? It doesn't matter! The seller is always dead wrong. In a recent friendly chat with eBay customer service, I've been told that the seller his responsible for the item until it is delivered to the buyer. Me: "Am I a courier? Should I deliver my items door 2 door?". The lovely eBay support team member: "the seller has to guarantee to item to be delivered safely to the buyer" (or like these) Honestly I use eBay because it allows me to be viewed by potential customers worldwide, but that's it! Their policies are unreasonable. I'm setting up my own website and taking all my habitual customers away from eBay. If all of us will do it, eBay will shut down and their very supportive customer service team members will loose their helpful job Would you like to talk about people whom bid at auctions and never pay? I've sold items by "buy it now" and never received any money! I've also received direct offers, accepted them, and never been paid! If one does the same in a real auction house, one is forced to pay, or one lost his deposit, because professional auctioneers don't like to waste time and to lose fees on sales, but eBay never force a buyer to pay, it always forces a seller to refund!
  6. I really want to thank everybody! All of you have been nice to reply and very helpful, I'll definitely go for it! Cheers
  7. Hello everyone, Did you buy original art from splashpageart? It looks like a real professional dealer for me, but I've never purchased from them before and I would like to avoid paying $3K for a photocopy... Thanks everyone.
  8. Alright! Thanks for considering my message and good luck
  9. Hiya, I own a 3.0, if you wouldn't be able to find a higher grade just gimme a voice. Cheers
  10. Hiya, for sale is DAREDEVIL #600 1:1000 REMASTERED SKETCH EDITION CGC SS 9.8 3xSIGNED BY STAN LEE, FRANK MILLER & CHARLES SOULE = $1250 (or equivalent in GBP or EUR) + shipping. Shipping method: United Kingdom: Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, cover up to £1000 for loss or damage = £12.50 Rest of the World: Parcelforce Worldwide Global Priority, usually delivered in 4 days, cover up to £1000 for loss or damage = Ask for a quote PayPal only. No returns. No probies or hosers. First smashes all PMs. Thanks for looking.