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  1. Getting close to graded, here are my timelines: 25 Modern Prescreen Signed for by CGC: 6/5/2020 CGC Received: 6/10/2020 Scheduled for Grading: 7/15/2020 Grading/Quality Control: 7/16/2020 Credit card charged: 7/17/2020 Finalized / Imaged / Shipped: 7/20/2020
  2. If you find yourself in the West Village, check out the Mysterious Time machine. I'm ashamed to say that I've never been as a New Yorker, but I always hear great things about the places, and there are bins galore to dig through:
  3. That's odd...i clicked through on my Sales history and I see his account.
  4. Good point, I may just go that route going forward. The eBay Concierge desk member that I spoke to suggested that I keep the return policy, in case someone really wanted to return the item and would lie about the item being incorrect or defective to force a return. So, either way, unsavory buyers have the upper hand on eBay!
  5. Here they are, eBay ID is tropix101, I've already added them to my blocked bidder list.
  6. Haha agreed...should I go ahead and name them here then?
  7. What's the consensus on eBay buyers requesting a return on CGC graded books because they "Found a better price" and "needed to return this because i got something else"? I do have a 14 day remorse return period, which I was told, by eBay, negates any specific mentions in the listing to no CGC returns.
  8. Modern Slow Track Prescreen Mailed: 9/24/2018 Received: 9/28/2018 Scheduled for Grading: 11/1/2018 Graded: 11/5/2018 Quick Press + Modern Slow Track Prescreen Mailed: 7/18/2018 Received: 7/23/218 Received-CCS: 8/2/2018 CCS Credit Card Charge: 8/14/2018 Received: 9/19/2018 Verified: 10/12/2018 Scheduled for grading: 10/18/2018 Graded: 10/23/2018 Grading/Quality Control: 10/25/2018 Shipped/Safe: 10/26/2018 Delivered: 10/30/2018 23 9.8s, 1 9.6, and one that didn't pass the 9.6 prescreen Full Press Slow Track + Modern Slow Track Prescreen Mailed: 7/18/2018 Received: 7/23/218 Received-CCS: 8/29/2018 CCS Credit Card Charge: 9/4/2018 Received: 9/16/2018
  9. A somewhat related question...when does CCS/CGC charge your credit card on a CCS press + CGC modern submission w/prescreen? I've submitted moderns with prescreen directly to CGC before, and my credit card was charged a a couple weeks before the books were graded, as opposed to almost immediately upon verification without prescreen. I'm hoping that the pressing and grading fees are also charged much later with the prescreen option.
  10. Midtown Comics' midtown location is relatively close to your hotel as well, over on 40th street and 7th ave, it's about a 10 to 15 walk. I personally think the Top of the Rock (the top of Rockefeller Center) has the best views in the city, as you can see Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the World Trade Center, but I hear that the WTC has a very cool elevator ride up.
  11. @adampasz, I believe you only get charged the $5 prescreening fee if the book doesn't pass, so the cost in your scenario should be (20 * $5) + (80 * $17) = $100 + $1360 = $1460.