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  1. Eric was great to deal with! The communication was prompt, he paid on the same day that we agreed on the deal, and was overall a pleasure to work with. Hope to deal again soon!
  2. Just sold a couple books to Bobby via PM negotiations on my claim thread. Couldn't have asked for better communication, or quicker payment, thanks very much!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a seasoned eBay seller with over 1200+ positive feedback (username upon request), and I've recently dipped my toes into selling here on the boards. I'm starting this kudos thread for myself for any buyers and sellers here as well, for anyone that would like some peace of mind. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Jimmy
  4. @Yosemite You got it! Remaining Venom 26 9.8, Strange Academy 1 Momoko 9.8, and Spawn 9 9.8 are yours.
  5. BATMAN #92 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 1:25 Jorge Jimenez Design variant, Punchline appearance DC Comics 6/2020 (Item #3339) $150 removed from thread
  6. BLACK PANTHER #2 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 1st Killmonger Symbiote Marvel Comics 6/2018 (Item #2196) $125 removed from thread
  7. SIEGE #3 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, Gabriele Dell'otto variant cover Marvel Comics 5/2010 (Item #361) $200 removed from thread
  8. THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #1 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 1st Old King Thor Marvel Comics 12/2012 (Item #3137) $125 removed from thread
  9. VENOM #2 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 3rd Cameo Knull Marvel Comics 6/2018 (Item #2203) $50 removed from thread
  10. That's it for tonight! I will try to post a couple more slabs tomorrow, and some raw books as well, thanks for looking.
  11. THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #5 CGC 9.6 WHITE Pages, Origin of Gorr Marvel Comics 4/2013 (Item #3141) $65 removed from thread
  12. STRANGE ACADEMY #1 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 2nd printing Marvel Comics 7/2020 (Item #3468) $100 $85 (1 other copy available as well)
  13. DARK NIGHTS DEATH METAL LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHTS #1 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages, 1st app Robin King DC Comics 8/2020 (Item #3499) $65 removed from thread