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  1. When will we know the time of the Jim Lee experience signing?
  2. Will there be signings at the DC booth?
  3. I think it's already on their website.
  4. Will the sketch really be as shown on the website or will it be just a headshot?
  5. Will there be any packages for the comics guest?
  6. Will there be another wave of guest @Kevin Boyd??
  7. When comic guests are signing in the signing area, do they charge as well for their autographs or is it only when they are at their table?
  8. Will Marvel or DC have a booth at Fan Expo?
  9. Just for curiosity, which established artists do commissions with this method? I was not aware some commissions were done with digital prelim.
  10. Is there any other packages in the work? Still hoping to get Steve Mcniven
  11. Any chance for a sketch package with Steve Mcniven?