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  1. Picked this one up from his dealer a couple of years ago...
  2. Since I'm a big Tim Sale fan I'd like to see this thread keep going! I picked up this head sketch this year, it's part of a bigger Spider-man Jam I'm working on.
  3. I loved Superman for All Seasons, here is my Clark Kent...
  4. Got this one at ECCC 2018, if you pick up his 2019 sketchbook you will see it in there!
  5. I hung my Declan Shalvey Flash Gordon #3 cover in the guest room. It surprisingly fit in a standard sized frame (11 x 17).
  6. Thanks for the comment. Long story short, I know someone who is friends with her, she actually took about 5 sketches total late last year and finished mine up recently. I think she does random shows every now and then as well.
  7. Some recent pickups... Stan Sakai Leonardo Sophie Campbell Donatello
  8. I have a couple of pencil sketches I've picked up over the years, here are two of them.
  9. Savage Dragon issue #2 page 9 by Erik Larsen As a teenager I loved Savage Dragon, and thought this was a fun issue because I also loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  10. Yeah, I wasn't sure about that either. I changed it to Unpublished even though the finished published cover is identical.
  11. I somehow found myself occasionally buying them at conventions, maybe because it was a nice gesture to the artist or an inexpensive way to collect my favorite artists’ work. I now have about 40 or so, and they are all collected on a bookshelf in my spare bedroom. They are fun to flip through every now and then, but like you said it’s really fun when you get a sketch and then it appears in a future sketchbook which has happened to me once or twice!