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  1. Benno - thanks very much for your reply. I think my confusion lies in the way Scott described the scenario with Frank being upset about some pieces being sold and him no longer being involved. Maybe I misunderstood but since Scott was selling at the 1987 SDCC and the CBG ad was in early 1988, there was a long period of time where he was still selling FM DK art. I had a sub for the CBG since 1986. That ad listed in late Jan/Early Feb 1988. There was no lengthy delay for my delivery - of that I am certain. Maybe I'll give a listen through the podcast again in case I missed something. I guess it's not very important but I was curious of the timeline. Does anybody have un-inked Dark Knight pages? I don't ever recall seeing any. I thought there were: 1. FM/Janson pages -- 2. pages totally redrawn by Frank -- 3. panels that were drawn by Frank that were used over existing panels. My partial page is scenario number 3. It would create quite a stir if it turns out there are separate FM pencils and Janson inked pages. I am certainly no expert but again, I don't ever recall seeing full un-inked FM pages other than in print. I believe the Dark Knight Absolute volume shows a bunch of them but I assumed they were stats from before inking. Thanks as well for your reply, Felix.
  2. HAHA -- Hey Sean, all is well thanks. I do follow a lot of threads here but I rarely post. I could talk all day about comics and art but sitting and typing always seems like work:) I do have strong opinions about many of the topics -- I'll look to get into more conversations with you. I hope all is well with you. See you soon. As an addendum, to the post above, after I chose the page from Scott, I told my buddy Bill about the unpublished page. He passed on it and regrets it to this day. I do remind him occasionally
  3. My Brush with Scott Free and a Small Mystery. Thanks very much for the interview. I answered and bought a partial DK page through the one time CBG ad and wondered for a long time who Scott Free really was. My story – Like many of you, I was totally blown away by the Dark Knight and when I saw that ad, I jumped at the chance and called right away. I was not really an art collector but I had a few pieces and was already an FM fan. I called as soon as I saw it and spoke to Scott. I recall the conversation and he asked me how much I was looking to spend. I told him that I was looking for a page with Batman on it. He offered me 2 choices, 1 that was published with Batman, Robin, and Supes -- and one that FM did not use but was similar to the published piece and was almost fully inked with Batman, Robin and Alfred. I chose the published piece and we closed the deal. I asked if he could have FM sign it and he said no problem. I mailed the check and a couple weeks later I got the page. I loved it then and still love it today. Knowing nothing about the split between FM and Klaus and having no idea of duplicate pages, I took the page a few years later to a show for Klaus to sign it. I asked and he took a quick look at it and said “That’s a Frank page.” I asked him that he meant Frank inked it and he said yes. I never thought at that time to dig deeper. I wish I had because it was many years later when I learned of all the issues. Also some years later, I asked FM at a show who Scot Free was and he just kind of shrugged and blew it off. He was nice about it but I just assumed it had been many years and he didn’t recall the details. Again I wish I pressed for more details. Now the mystery. I still have the cancelled check. It was dated 2/19/1988 and cashed on the 25th. That means the ad could not have run before the 1987 SDCC. If I dated it the 19th, I can promise you that it was only a day or two after I spoke with Scott. So I imagine that ad ran in a CBG the first 2 weeks of that month. So is Benno’s picture of the 1988 SDCC? Or did Scott just mis-remember and this was run with leftover DK stock in 1988? Neither seems right but after listening to the podcast, I would love to know the correct timeline. It was 30 years ago -- I surely don't remember all the details but I have the check. Thanks again for the podcast. It was a blast from the past to hear this story from Scott.
  4. Just a heads up: Hermes did offer a Signed version of this book to comic book stores. You can check with them if you want a signed version of the book. I realize the SDCC version will be a little more limited but if you can't get a hook up for that, there is another signed version that should be readily available. Hope it helps.
  5. Robert -- Missed your initial posting. Would you mind telling me how much the FM Marvel Fanfare page was listed for? Thanks -- Lou
  6. Thanks guys. I saw how much fun you were having here and felt left out!! Anybody looking to sell any FM art?
  7. Mitch is excellent to deal with. I strongly recommend it. Did me right earlier this year. I look forward to continue dealing with him.