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  1. I took a look for the following set and couldn't find it, but I'd love to see it on the registry: Marvel Minus One Flashback Month Issues (1997) Issues in the set would be: Alpha Flight v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Cable v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Daredevil v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Deadpool v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Elektra v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Excalibur v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Generation X #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Ghost Rider v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Journey Into Mystery #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Ka-Zar v3 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Peter Parker, Spider-Man #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Silver Surfer v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) The Amazing Spider-Man v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) The Incredible Hulk v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) The Sensational Spider-Man v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) The Uncanny X-Men v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) The X-Men v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Thunderbolts #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Venom – The Seeds Of Darkness #-1 (Flashback) (1997) What If… v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Wolverine v2 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) X-Factor v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) X-Force v1 #-1 (Flashback) (1997) X-Man #-1 (Flashback) (1997) Thank you for the consideration!
  2. and be prepared to...... Yeah, despite my post count this isn't my first rodeo and I thought long and hard before I posted. If I were that interested in the piece, I would have kept my mouth shut, snapped it up on eBay and hoped for the best or asked for info while I was still within the refund period for PayPal. I was more in a "maybe interested, but at that price I want to know more" stage and if the price gets jacked up, so be it. There are other pieces that I can put the money towards that I have just as much (if not more) sentimental attachment to. BTW great gif!
  3. The things that prompted me to consider buying this piece at this moment is that I saw the listing on eBay, but have been admiring it on their website, CAF, and Comiclink for ages. Quite frankly, I would prefer buying through eBay for the eBay bucks and additional protection via PayPal and eBay. I emailed awhile ago asking about the piece in general terms (condition, asking for a picture instead of a black and white scan, price, etc), and never got a response from either brother. The eBay listing helped me get an idea of the price they were looking for, and like I said it is in my range, but there were a couple of red flags that prevented me from pulling the trigger before the listing ended. I remembered that someone on the Coollines thread mentioned this specific piece and figured that it was worth it to wait and get informed rather than spending a good chunk of money on something that has been significantly altered.
  4. Hello, Long time listener and first time caller. Long story short: I'm thinking of buying the Starman #1,000,000 cover from the Coollines. I did a lot of research on how to work with the DonnellysCoollines, including reading multiple archive threads on this website. I know that the cover is at the higher end of what I want to pay, but the issue has some sentimental value that I think makes up for the price. In my research, I noticed that someone made a reference to this cover when discussing how the Donnellys like to alter their artwork with false stats, etc and was hoping that someone who knew the specifics regarding this piece could let me know some of the history and provenance and let me know what I should be aware of before completing the transaction. Again, I know the Coollines tends to be both shady and overpriced, so this doesn't need to be a Donnelly hate thread. I would prefer to support almost anyone else, but as I said the piece has some sentimental value that I am willing to pay up for as long as the alterations (if any) haven't damaged the piece. Thank you!