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  1. creaturefan95


    Spears of Fire to Fingers of Fire
  2. creaturefan95

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Did you have to outbid @Straw-Man to get that one, liz?
  3. creaturefan95

    This week in your collection?

    Haven't you had those slabs for 3-4 years?
  4. creaturefan95

    Golden Age War comics

    What grade do you think your War Comics #11 would get if submitted?
  5. creaturefan95

    Golden Age War comics

    Doesn't @1950's war comics have a CGC 6.5 Battlefield #6? Maybe if we ask him nicely he will post it again for us
  6. creaturefan95

    PGM: Battle Cry #8

    It was actually a freebie thrown in to “sweeten the deal” when I bought the Haunt of Fear #12 and the Two-Fisted Tales #27 from that comic dealer friend of mine.
  7. creaturefan95

    old school comic con Buffalo NY 6/24/18

    Last show, I met @BlowUpTheMoon and @bababooey. I hope to meet you on Sunday. This is the shirt I will be wearing:
  8. creaturefan95


    Weird Science-Fantasy to Weird Science-Fantasy and 25 to 26
  9. I would be ecstatic to find Swamp Thing #13 at any store for three bucks! It's one of the four issues needed to complete my set of the first series.
  10. creaturefan95

    PGM: Two-Fisted Tales #27

    FN- it is not
  11. creaturefan95

    PGM: Haunt of Fear #12

    So much for it being GD/VG
  12. creaturefan95

    PGM: Two-Fisted Tales #27

    Should I enter next time even though I have no grading skills?