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  1. Battle Cry #5 is also reminiscent of Two-Fisted Tales #28.
  2. I would prefer a raw 3.5, but the one auctioned off by Infinity Comics, which ended an hour and thirty-nine minutes after winning my slab, went for $107.50!
  3. I looked up their ebay win-- they got a heck of a good deal- especially for a graded book. With only ten seconds remaining in the auction, I placed my max bid and was so surprised to have won it for $52!
  4. It was a great place to dig back in 2015, but he has since pulled out of there.
  5. Oh, yeah. Forgot I said that. Answer time! 1. The Original Human Torch first appeared in FF annual 4. 1/2. Janus, the Nega-Man from FF 108. Fantastic Four Annual #4 was Jim Hammond's first Silver Age appearance, but he originally debuted way back in Marvel Comics #1! Also, how could you forget about poor Quasimodo?