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  1. These six were a buck each at my favorite store when I went there on April 3:
  2. I ordered the above copy of War Adventures #4 from The Million Year Picnic's Etsy shop. They could not find the book that I paid for but made it up to me by offering one similar Atlas war comic freebie of my choice along with a full refund! This is what I chose:
  3. I went 147 days without buying any comics! My last purchase was the above six books on November 7, 2020 from a local comic dealer friend of mine for $90. On April 3, I broke that streak with these for a buck each at my favorite store:
  4. After visiting my favorite store on April 3, I have now reached a new personal collecting milestone: 100 out of 124 Weird War Tales issues found in the wild!
  5. On April 3, I found this at my favorite store for a buck: