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  1. By "$!99" you meant a price of $199, right?
  2. Description says "Battlefront 24" but Battle Action #24 is pictured
  3. Someone in the CFTBL Facebook group I'm in posted a rare still from their collection, this original black and white press photo, which was later colorized and airbrushed for the May 1954 Mechanix Illustrated cover:
  4. It was a birthday present from my parents this year after I found one on Amazon for $22.98 shipped. Do you recommend 2 MIL or 4 MIL?
  5. Not a pulp, but it has similar dimensions to one and, because of this, is too thick for my BCW Golden Age bags. It is currently in an archival sleeve and backed with a magazine board that keeps sliding out. Can anyone here please suggest an ideal solution to protect this Creature from the Black Lagoon photo cover?
  6. @HouseofComics.Com Is it "Detour" from Sgt. Rock #346?
  7. I like to think he is just taking a nap... @1950's war comics Where is your copy?