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  1. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    Is this your copy?
  2. Karloff, Dell, TV horror and more.....

    While the above novel is not real, this one is (not mine): Marvel adapted it in these two issues of Doc Savage (not mine):
  3. EC/DC: Air, Sea, and Land

    Oh, in that case, I agree that it's quite the haunting image.
  4. The Official Darkhawk Appreciation Thread

    I'm still trying to find Darkhawk #49 in the wild
  5. Infinite Bronze Horror Thread

    Can we please see the other seven pages?
  6. Is this place deader than ever?

    Ever heard of a drop bear?
  7. Batman and Detective Comics

    I have loved this issue ever since my grandma got it for me at a garage sale:
  8. What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    Finally found Morbius: The Living Vampire #31 in the wild on Sunday at @DACW but it was part of a set of issues 20-32!