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  1. There was an unopened box of Marvel Legends at Target today. An employee was nice enough to open it.
  2. Sorry, man, but I don’t follow the lines that closely. What’s coming out?
  3. new Legends Wolverine. The only other figure from the new line left on the pegs was Magneto.
  4. Thanks, man! I’ve always got my eyes open for some vintage Primes. Most of these were thrift shop rescues.
  5. Slowly chipping away at an Incredibles homage to X-Men #270
  6. Merida from Brave and Flik from Bugs Life strike the Hawkeye and Antman pose.
  7. Thanks! I appreciate that! I got about 95% of it done between mid December and late January. Got off my duff this past week and wrapped it up.
  8. I'll go middle of the road as a solid 4.0. Lovely book!