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  1. Are those rust spots on the back near the staples?
  2. Is that a rip on the back by the E or a crease? Right now I'm getting 7.5 vibes from the book.
  3. Been about a year since I've sat down and drawn. I'm thinking of doing a prowrestler series. And I missed a finger. Oops.
  4. Agreed. A solid book with a great upside with a press.
  5. I'm on the 6.5 bandwagon. very cool book! Thanks for sharing.
  6. I went to a Twinkies game with some of my family. I wasn't overly excited as I didn't follow the team, but found out at the start that the Todd McFarlane would be there showing off his baseball collection.
  7. City rabbit. Very dangerous. Just as dangerous if not more so than city deer.
  8. Agreed. That cover is pretty awesome though.
  9. The book has some harsh tanning. while slipping it back into the bag a small chunk fell off (3rd image.) that's why it is not missing from the first picture. There is a boat load of images behind the spoiler. probably won't be shipped to CGC until after the new year.