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  1. Around Xmas I got the bug again and finally got around to finishing my Xmen run from 1 to around 215. I stopped collecting in the mid 80s when I went to college. Always meant to finish but life and lack of $ always got in the way. Good luck with your quest.
  2. Admin told me to post here, unless of course I put it in the wrong place. Anyway I am dealing with cc company now so for now the purpose of this thread is over. I had hoped the seller would have been a little more standup by now but that didn't happen. I guess once things are resolved I can nominate them for PL if needed. I appreciate the knowledge and viewpoints provided to me within.
  3. bababooey, Thanks for giving me some things to think about. As for the rules of the board if I made a mistake it was unintentional. I definitely agree with what you are saying. Let me try to clarify some things though: As for what $ amounts we talked about, the seller offered vague "a little money", as in no actual cash offer to start. I shot back with asking for $75 total. to cover the reholder and the two way shipping to cgc. I recognize that this number might be a little bit over but I figured it was a good starting point if the seller wanted to actually hit me up with a real number. The way things had been going to this point I didn't want to start at actual and have to haggle even more. However, getting cash back is out the window now. People here made a lot of good point that I had not considered, as in, what if cgc sees the book and say I have to regrade it, then theres extra charges and the potential for lost value which muddies the waters even more. I muddied the waters by even considering a partial credit, That was my mistake. Regardless I am just handling with my credit card company right now. If the seller had been stand up right from the start, accepted that maybe they didn't package the book as well, and actually apologized for the hassle would have gone a long way to making me feel better about this. As for the time factor, being left hanging isn't a good feeling, even if it was something simple like "Hey I see there's an issue, I will get back to you after I look into it with the post office", that was all I needed. Maybe I am oversensitive but if you have the time to log into the forum, you should have the time to respond to your messages, and the seller was online several times between Tuesday and Saturday. So my plan is to get a refund AND return the book to the seller properly packed. I will likely have to eat return shipping but that isn't a big deal in as much as the learning experience of having dealt with this situation should help me moving forward. I don't want to keep anything that I didn't pay for.
  4. The seller finally responded to me yesterday. They offered for me to handle the postal insurance claim or they would offer me a little money to account for having the book reslabbed. You guys make a good point the book may need a regrade. The seller refuses to acknowledge the poor packing job. I am just going to do a cc charge back and be done with this. To expect me to have to handle the claim is another ridiculous matter. That burden should definitely not be on me. I just don't think they get it. This isn't how you handle something when it goes sideways. Disappointing from my end but to be honest given their hesitancy to engage in conversation I'm not surprised. Thanks all for the advice.
  5. Its been 48 hrs since I notified the seller there was a problem, he has been online in the meantime and he seems to be ignoring me. How patient should I be with the seller here? The book was listed as case in mint condition and the item was promised to be well packaged with bubble wrap, the pictures below show what I received and the extent of the packing materials in the box. There was a little bit of bubble wrap in clumps, a couple bubbles and some useless paper wadded up. The book was taped on 3 sides between 2 pieces of cardboard but the whole thing was too loose in the box to prevent damage. The outer box looks like it took a good shot but I have received books in boxes that looked similar that had ample bubble wrap and there was no issue. I reached out via email and messaging to the seller immediately while I was at the post office Tuesday evening. To this point I have no response, and having watched the sellers profile, the seller has been online in the meantime, so basically I am getting the silent treatment/ignored. I want to hope he will contact me to do the right thing, I really don't want to go down the paypal dispute road but I am starting to get that sinking feeling. Again I am not looking to flame the seller. Edit 4/28 Sent the seller a message through paypal resolution center. In the meantime I notice the seller has been online again on the forums without contacting me.
  6. Ygpm and emails. I received the book Tuesday and there are issues. Please contact me. Started a thread in the probation subforum at the advice of the moderator.
  7. Bought a nice copy of FF 48 from Mike, a good deal and a pleasure to deal with.