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  1. Sold for $1450 CAD. Tough condition and very few photos. Was it real or a reprint? https://maxsold.maxsold.com/auction/24041/item/assorted-comics-2254156/
  2. The tanning on 6 is really tough. Even for a 2.0. I’ll take 13 and 14 and leave 6 if it’s ok.
  3. And I’ll take ASM 13 pending scans.
  4. I’ll take ASM 6 and ASM 14 2.0 pending scans.
  5. Please only cgc graded blue label books. No raw or restored please.
  6. I am looking for low grade cgc 2.5 or less but complete copies of amazing spider man keys. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Please reply with books and pricing.